Zoomer Dino: Our attempt to tame a Dinosaur

Recommended Age:5+
Company Site:spinmaster.com
Notes:Charges via USB cable and requires 3 AAA batteries for remote control
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Zoomer Dino is one of hottest and most wanted toys out there and I am not surprised. A robotic dinosaur that you attempt to control and if not it actually runs around and explores just fine on its own. Who wouldn’t want one!? Spin Master has created another amazing toy that is a must have for the holidays, or birthdays…or any days.

Zoomer Dino from Spin Master is about the most awesome remote controlled (ish) anything I have ever played with….because yes this is as much my toy as the kids! If you play with him just once you will see what I mean. Trying to control him is not impossible but he is sort of like that rebellious tween that you have some control over…but not all the time.

2014-10-14 20.53.25-4 copyOk really it is just me being really bad at remote control anything. I can’t control cars to save my life! Zoomer balances on just two feet with wheels almost better than me thanks to his True Balance Technology™.

I’m not 100% what that means but a robot dinosaur that can zoom around on just two wheeled feet is pretty spectacular.

When you first get him you will need to charge him so hook him up to a USB charger or your computer. Make sure he is off first. Then get batteries (3 AAA) for the controller and after he charges up (his eyes will turn red when he is done) you are good to go.

He is made of hard but smooth plastic and is fairly durable. He falls over sometimes, runs into walls, toys and small children and doesn’t have a scratch. Kids try to run around him screaming like he’s real and have tripped and still he keeps going. Well after he gets back up. Sometimes he falls on his back which he needs help with.

If he falls forward or backwards he can actually get up on his own with the push of a button on the control pod or the one on his back. That was one of those moments where you’re like “what?! seriously?! amazing!” and keep playing. But just wait…he gets even more awesome.

2014-12-07 21.19.41-3 copyThis thing has so many features you forget some of them until they happen again…which makes me giggle. I’ll try to cover as much as I can but his eyes are the key to telling what kind of mood he is in.


His eyes will be Yellow when you are controlling him with the controller. Well as much as you can be in control of him anyway. My son controls him better than my daughter who is 4 but the funnest part of ME is when the kids are playing and I randomly send Zoomer in to scare them. It’s the little things. They also like to set up blocks or small animal toys for him to attack and destroy.

You can attempt to control his movements but I sure can’t. I am really bad at remote control anything but my kids are getting better at it. The control pod has a button to hold down while you use a joystick type control to move him around. There is a button to help him stand up and send him into Angry Mode and he even has a button for chomping! We like to pretend he is chomping on various things…including the kids. Just be careful not to have him chomp something to hard or big so his jaw stays ok.2014-12-07 21.22.13-2 copy


Green eyes means he is in a good mood and are usually this color when left to his own devices. If you put the control down and let him run around he will do exactly that. He will make noises, laugh, roar and sit down sometimes. If you leave him alone for too long he will sit down and turn himself off or go into a sleep mode.

Zoomer likes to dance and might go into a Rave mode where he dances and his eyes change colors rapidly while he makes music type noises. This is fun and we always join in the dancing when he does this.

One of the more amusing things for my kids is when he burps or farts. Yes…he does that. He will burp out a small song or just randomly and he will fart and then laugh about it. My kids get a HUGE kick out of this…and then mimic him afterwards. Not my most favorite feature but there could be worse things.


Zoomer is a very curious Dinosaur and if you stop trying to control him his eyes will turn Blue and he will run around on his own sniffing at things. Yes. Sniffing at things. He tries to see what is this thing over here, or over there or on the ground.


When you want to try to train him you put him in to Gesture Command Mode. Simply push the button on his back and his eyes will turn Purple to confirm the Mode. Now you have options in order to get him to listen! Just don’t pull his tail…he doesn’t like that.

If you wave your hand quickly in front of his head he will Whip his Tail around but if you hold your hand over his nose he will sit down. If you want him to speak, well Roar, just wave your hand in front of his head after you get him to sit down. The Gentleman likes this mode and treats Zoomer like a pet while the Diva…she likes Angry Mode. Maybe too much.2014-10-14 21.17.35-2 copy


If his eyes are Red look out cause that is his Angry Mode! You can trigger this mode by grabbing his tail or pushing the button on his Control Pod. It is a lot of fun to randomly do this when the kids are running around or playing.

I’m not mean to my kids….but it is fun to scare them sometimes. Playfully of course. They get a kick out of it too and try to run over and chomp my feet. He roars more when he’s angry too.


If his eyes are Orange it means he needs a recharge.This is the sad time when you have to put him away on his charger and convince your kids (and yourself) to leave him alone long enough to charge up. Yes it’s as tough as it sounds.

Even if you can’t control him attempting to is a lot of fun. Everyone gets to take turns and the kids are constantly trying to get him to run over or eat things or chomp my feet. He is equally amusing to just let go and watch him run around and can get into enough mischief on his own.

Zoomer Dino from Spin Master is one of the coolest toys out there right now. We play with him almost every day and the kids absolutely love him. To them he is a pet and his recharging is his rest time, nap or sleep. I can’t imagine a more perfect toy for my kids than a robotic dinosaur!zommerdinoreview2

“We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.”
~ George Bernard Shaw

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4 thoughts on “Zoomer Dino: Our attempt to tame a Dinosaur

  1. When I turn him on his eyes are green and he does a bit of a move then runs backwards and turns off. I cant seem to get his eyes to go purple. The instructions say his eyes must be green before use. You say red. Which is correct?
    I am charging him via my samsung galaxy phone charger using the cord supplied though of course.
    Any suggestions would be good.

  2. Why can’t I put the Dino in gesture mode? I push the button on his back but his eyes never turn purple to confirm it. HELP

    1. I’m sorry you’re having trouble but I just review for them. I know sometimes I would have to hold the button for a second but never had a problem going into that mode really. However, their customer service is pretty good. If you contact them through their website http://www.spinmaster.com/contact-us.php I’m sure they will be more than happy to help you out. You can also try tweeting to them @SpinMasterToys or contacting them on FB https://www.facebook.com/SpinMasterGames

      Hope that helps!

    2. Hi there,

      This video might help! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3n4RUD-Q95g
      When in Gesture Command Mode, you should push his back button to get him up and balancing. Wait 2-3 seconds, then, try placing your hand in front of his nose so he can sense you. If you are touching the control pod while trying to get into gesture command mode, he will NOT go into gesture command mode. Any further questions, call us at 1-800-622-8339 or email us at customercare@spinmaster.com. Thanks!

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