Wonky Wheels: A Wacky good time for little hands!

Recommended Age:3+
Company Site:www.plasmarttoys.com
Skills:Enhances fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.
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PlaSmart has wonderful toys and games for all ages. Wonky Wheels is one of their newer toys and it is meant for younger kids to play with and even help with fine motor skills! These cars are hilarious to try to control and even adults will not find it so easy at first but very very amusing.

Wonky Wheels is meant for ages 3 and up but a 2 year old would probably love it as well and it is never too early to start working on fine motor skills. Plus if they put it in their mouth it doesn’t have any small pieces or anything so I would think it is ok. Always best to check products and toys first though right?

2015-03-07 15.27.53-3 copyThese crazy little cars are made out of hard smooth plastic (I think) that is very durable. It could be made out of something entirely different but it is fairly hard, very smooth and with rounded corners no chance of little ones hurting themselves. Unless your my kids and accidentally hit yourself with it…though that happens with pretty much any toy. In other good news the material is fantastic whatever it is because you can play with your car outside and simply wipe it off if it gets dirty! Brilliant!

Our car may have been dropped a couple times while playing on a table. The wheels do not come off making it one of the more sturdy toys we own. In fact for as amusing as this little car is there isn’t much to the thing.

There is, however, a lot you can do with it. My son likes to try steer it into towers to knock down but he doesn’t play with it much. My daughter is 4 and loves trying to move it around blocks that she sets up.

You use your finger to move Wonky Wheels around but it isn’t as simple as pushing it around like other toy cars. These things wobble and rotate if you aren’t in complete control. This part is a of fun and when you try to make it go one way and it just goes the complete opposite way it is actually quite funny….there is lots of giggling when playing with our car.

Wonky Wheels have four color combinations. There is Red with a White stripe; Blue with a White stripe; White with a Red stripe; and White with a Blue stripe.  They are planning on making more color options which means you can collect them all!

I wish I would have had this when they were really little. Wonky Wheels are perfect for little ones learning to control their hands and things that they play with. It isn’t the easiest thing to steer but you get it eventually and once kids master it then it becomes the coolest car they have.


“Children learn as they play. Most importantly, in play children learn how to learn.”
~ O. Fred Donaldson

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