Going crazy for Wild Kratts toys!

Recommended Age:3+ (Watch for parts)
Cost:Price varies based on sets.
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Wild Kratts, a favorite show in our house, now has everything you ever need to go on a Creature Adventure with the Kratt Brothers and the whole gang at home! Aviva, Koki, and Jimmy help the brothers Kratt defeat Donita, Gourmand and Zac and save animals around the world and you can even play with the Tortuga! All new sets make any Creature Adventure an amazing journey for any Wild Kratts fan!

Wild Kratts is probably the kids favorite show and one my husband and I do not mind if they want to watch it off and on all day long….I don’t think the song even gets annoying…which is saying something. It teaches them about animals and helping the world…how can that be wrong?

We have been collecting all possible toys from the show but have always only ever had the brothers Kratt as far as small figures go. This was great as there were animals and Chris and Martin in various animal costumes to play with. The kids would use their imagination to play with the Tortuga and Zac, Donita or Gourmand…now they can play with them for real!

wktoys2review (4)Yes! There are now packs of figures that have Zac with Zacbots, the Tortuga play set and a 10 pack set with the whole gang and all their enemies! I am not sure who was more excited when these came out me or the kids!

The Tortuga play set looks like the one from the show but is a bit thinner for easier carrying. It can be closed up tight to resemble the tortoise but there are several hatches that can be opened to put things inside, including the top that slides open for holding on to or sliding figures in the top.

You can open it up via a small button latch in the front which is easy to open and close. Inside there is the huge computer console and the teleporter has a door and a turning gear to teleport something from the inside to the outside and there is a door on the other side that opens so the guys can get whatever Jimmy is sending them. Pretty neat!

There is a water jug that pops open or closes up for travel…not real water of course but it does promote a healthy lifestyle. You need water to go on Creature Adventures! Next to that is the main door out of the Tortuga that has a roll out platform. It doesn’t really roll out and unfortunately it doesn’t stay on the platform when stored but it is a way in and out if you have it set up.

In the upstairs area there is nothing except the railings where people can rest or check out any animal that comes in from the upper hatch. The set comes with a posable Aviva and a baby Orangutan…that does NOT pose…at all. It is cute though and he and Aviva are made out of the same soft plastic that the other figures are made of.wktoys2review (11)

The Tortuga is made out of that harder plastic and doesn’t come with anything except the two figures. This didn’t matter to us as we had a lot of other figures and animals to play with the set. Then we got the 10 pack and have even more! They also came out with two new brothers Kratt sets!

Chris as a Orangutan that comes with Zac, one Zacbot and two cardboard Zacbots and the other is Martin as a Beetle AND the Miniaturizer, complete with a mini Martin! You can now defeat actual bad guys AND miniaturize yourself!! How awesome is that!!

Again the pieces are made out of the same materials that the figures are made out of except Martin in the Beetle suit does NOT pose or move and if you try to move his arm it seems to catch on his suit and will break apart. Unfortunately ours did this and Martin was introduced to our super glue…he got better.

The Miniaturizer is made out of plastic and has a spinning top part so you can put the big Martin on one side and the mini Martin on the other so you can have the effect of magically miniaturizing him. I think the kids only wish is that they would make a pack of mini Martin and Chris in various creature forms that currently are out…that could be my wish too…I like adorably tiny things I can’t help it.wktoys2review (31)

Orangutan Chris has movable arms for smashing Zacbots…and they have springy bodies for being smashed. It’s a nice dynamic that the Gentleman could not get enough of. It figured into every scenario he came up with…Chris was in a Orangutan suit and got to smash or throw the Zacbots.

The 10 pack has a lot in it…so many characters and in fact all of the main ones from the show including two animals. Martin, Chris and Aviva (in a creature suit!) are all posable. By posable I mean arms and legs can move a bit which is always great in a figure.

Gourmand, Donita, Zac, Jimmy and Koki are NOT posable but are in their signature standing poses from the show. The two animals are a monkey and a shark…I think Gourmand wants to cook the shark but that might be just me. The Diva said Donita wanted to wear the monkey…and the mini Martin in beetle form too.

All the animals from every set is made out of that soft sort of bendable plastic that I like. The figures that are not posable are also made out of this material but the ones that are posable are made out of a slightly different feeling material.

Their imagination is their only limit and each adventure is new and exciting. The Geeklings saved Jimmy, Koki and Aviva from the Zac and Donita when they teamed up to kidnap them and steal the Miniaturizer. Another time Zac tried to steal the Miniaturizer and the Tortuga, Donita tried to use mini Martin as an accessory and Gourmand tried to make stew out of the shark and other sea creatures! Check out some of their adventure below!

Other than Beetle Martin breaking when we tried to move his arm the sets are great. We haven’t had any problems with any of the older ones or the newer ones other than that and not having enough animals and creature suits…which can be expected when your kids love the show and want every single animal ever…at least they understand that isn’t possible and are happy with what they do have.

If you are looking for a toy set that your kids will love to play with over and over for quite a few years any one of these (although I recommend them all) would be perfect. I also recommend watching the show!wktortugaandsetsreview2Show us your Creature Adventurers! @MyGeeklings @WildKrattsOffic

“Play is often talked about as if it were a relief from serious learning. But for children, play is serious learning. Play is really the work of childhood.”
~ Fred Rogers

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