Creature Adventuring with Martin and Chris (in plush form)

Recommended Age:3+
Where to Buy:PBS Kids, Toys R Us, Amazon, and various online stores.
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I may have mentioned that our house loves Wild Kratts and that they have a ton of toys out now for fans…well they even have a plush talking Chris and Martin Kratt in their Creature Power Suits! With sayings from the show these plush friends will only enhance your child’s imagination and make them feel like they really are on a Creature Adventure with Chris or Martin (or both!)

When we were given Chris for review I had to hide him until I could go pick up Martin from the store. I have two kids who love the show and the Gentleman always says he is Chris and the Diva says she is Martin. Normally we don’t do the everybody has to be completely equal thing but in this case…we had to get Martin for the Diva.

2014-12-20 14.57.41-4 copyI was almost as excited about watching them go on adventures as they were about getting them. I tried to convince the Gentleman to take Martin since he was Chris but nope Chris had to have Chris and Martin had to have Martin.

Sometimes they pretend they are themselves and with Chris or Martin and sometimes they use their friends in their own adventures. They also take them almost everywhere and especially places with animals. My son loves taking Chris to the Zoo. In fact I think Chris and Martin have been with the kids since they got them with just a few exceptions.

They are wearing their complete outfits from the show except for the Creature Pods but my kids just pretend those are there. The dolls are pretty durable and made of that soft cottony fabric with polyester vests and gloves. The tags say 100% polyester but the head and arms feel more cotton like to me. Either way we haven’t had any spills or or anything so I am not sure how resistant they are but it does say surface wash only.

Chris’s voice box sounds a little quieter than Martin so I am not sure if we have to change the battery or not but my guess is that is the reason. The Gentleman removed the box and put it back…not very easily but it fits in pretty snug and you can cuddle them without feeling it much. He could have put it in the wrong way too but it hasn’t bothered him so we let it go.

I’m wondering how long the batteries will last but they ARE replaceable. Those little circle ones that are a tad more expensive than AAA or AA but at least you CAN replace them. We’ve had talking toys that you can’t replace batteries…those are not so much fun when they die. Velcro keeps it safely contained and as long as you close it completely it won’t snag on anything or get in the way at all.

Wicked Cool Toys did a great job creating the brothers Kratt based off of the show. The eyes and expressions are pretty accurate and of course so are the hairstyles. My son actually gets his hair cut based on Chris Kratt…which is adorable so I’m a fan. The shorts feel like real khaki and the vests have what feels like vinyl stripes and paw prints. Little fans who watch this show a lot won’t notice anything that is different and I feel like they were very carefully made based on the show.

My Geeklings have been long time fans of the show so when the toys came out we were all ecstatic. We still make up our own Creature Adventures but now we have vests, plush animals and now talking Chris and Martin Kratt to help with those adventures. They even pretend to save animals from Zack, Donita and Gourmand (can’t wait for those toys to hopefully come out and maybe in plush form/).

These talking plush Chris and Martin are the perfect new friend for any Wild Kratts fan. They are great for snuggling, traveling, and going on Creature Adventures anywhere.


“Play is often talked about as if it were a relief from serious learning. But for children, play is serious learning. Play is really the work of childhood.”
~ Fred Rogers

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