Gonna Go cuddle Wild Kratts!

Recommended Age:3+
Cost:$9.99 each
Company Site:www.krattbrothers.com
Notes:Available: Little Howler (Wolf), Shadow (Panther), Grabsy (Monkey), Spot-Swat (Cheetah), Hipster (Hippo) and Koala Balloon (Koala)
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Wild Kratts are everywhere and STILL my kids favorite show ever. I did a review on the Creature Power Suit and the Creature Pod earlier this year and now I get to bring you Wild Kratts Wild Life Plush animals! Koala Balloon, Little Howler, Grabsy and more of your favorite baby animals from the show are now available to snuggle at home.

In case you have been living under a rock, in a cave, don’t have kids or just have no idea what I am talking about; Wild Kratts is a very popular show on PBS about the Kratt Brothers, their team and how they use awesome inventions to learn about and rescue animals in the wild. Most of it is animated but there is a live action part in the beginning and the end featuring the Brothers Kratt and various animals.2014-12-16 22.26.02 copy

My son is 6 and has watched this show for about 2 years now. He has always loved animals but thanks to this show he knows more than I do about wild creatures! The best part about him watching this show and learning is that if he doesn’t know about an animal he asks questions and we help him research.

I can’t imagine a better show for any animal loving kid and it’s not annoying to watch literally all day long. Or at least listen too all day because we left the tv on in the background…oops My point in all that was that no matter how many times I listen to it or watch it with them it never gets annoying, old or makes me want to throw the remote at the tv like some shows I remember.

 Enough about the show though because now you create your own adventure right at home. Well your kids can and you can watch or join in…I join in when they let me. Wild Kratts Wild Life Animal Plushies are now available and they are amazing!

Available right now are:  Little Howler (Wolf), Shadow (Panther), Grabsy (Monkey), Spot-Swat (Cheetah), Hipster (Hippo) and Koala Balloon (Koala).

My favorite is Koala Balloon, my husband loves Grabsy but I think my husband is part monkey. The Gentleman refuses to choose a favorite but he tends to lean towards Little Howler and the Diva loves Shadow. We have yet to find Spot-Swat or Hipster but they are on the kids Xmas list and we have been on the look out.

2014-12-12 23.35.31-3 copyThese little guys are adorable and super soft. Soft enough that you want to cuddle it to your face in that relaxing way…that I don’t do but they are really soft. Standard squishy plush insides but they are sturdy enough on their feet that they stand or sit when you want them too.

Each animal has Wild Kratts embroidered on them so your kids know they are truly Wild Kratts animals but honestly one look and you know. They look exactly like their cartoon versions from the show…but you know 3D. I think it’s the eyes. Most plushies from shows can do the shapes well enough but always seem off to me somehow but these little guys look just like from the show and I think it is because the eyes have that same style as from the show.

My kids absolutely love playing with these guys or just snuggling up on the couch watching the show for quiet time and falling asleep…which I love. Sometimes they play with other toys and sometimes they put on their Creature Power Suits and rescue them or return them to their parents.

No matter how kids play with these furry little guys they will have fun and love them like a new best friend. At least that is how mine see them.


“Adventure is worthwhile in itself.”
~ Amelia Earhart

Author: sandyz