Creature Adventuring with Wild Kratts Live!

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We were lucky enough to see the Wild Kratts Live show in Merrillville, IN this year and boy what a show it was! The kids absolutely loved it and are still talking it about two weeks later! It wasn’t what I expected but it was pretty fantastic, had excellent audience participation and was entertaining for adults…kids loved every single second but adults will enjoy it too.

If you are familiar with the show, and like it, you will enjoy the show for sure. If you have never seen the show before you will want to after watching the Live Show. The brothers Kratt have “What-Ifd” themselves from cartoon to live action but brought the creature adventure, education and fun with them on stage.

wildkratts1The theatre we were in was a decent size one with seats angled down so people further back could see. We were in the middle-back-left-area towards the middle of the row and were able to see everything fine. There was a HUGE tv behind them and up a bit so the audience could see what was going on there but in this case it wasn’t just watching the people on stage closer on the TV.

The TV actually showed pictures of animals, scenes from the show, telecommunications from Aviva, Koki, and Jimmy. It also showed when a particular villain showed up and tried to steal a particular piece of equipment from the Tortuga. Spoilers.

The show starts off with a new friend Ashley asking the Wild Kratt Kids some questions about animals. A test so to speak…of which my kids passed. They officially know more about animals than I do and it is large part because of this show…I love that…except when I’m wrong and get schooled by my 4 or 6 year old…then I sort of curse it.

She gets the show started and the kids yelling answers. Keep in mind most of these kids are taught NOT to scream at people so she had to ask them twice if they were ready…the second time I am pretty the next city over knew they were ready. Then the cartoon came on the TV.

It was kind of brilliant actually. They start off talking to audience through the TV and then What If? and they were there on stage in real life! My son thought they were actors before…it is kind of hard to explain how someone IS an actor but plays themselves at the same time…he got it though eventually.

The brothers Kratt wanted to show the audience some amazing creature powers so they start talking about all the amazing animal adventures they have had and highlight a few with pics from the show.

wildkratts2Asking questions and getting the kids involved in choosing animals and telling them their favorite. The Kratts of course said that was their favorite too…well played gentlemen.

When it came time to put their iconic vests and gloves on there was a problem. They left them on the Tortuga! Cue Aviva, Koki, Jimmy answering communication via their Creature Pods!

Aviva and Crew were in cartoon form still which was fine and they got Jimmy to teleport the vests to the brothers. In no time at all the vests appeared out “thin air” like on the show! Sure I caught the brothers throwing their vests up to catch them but most of the kids didn’t and there plenty of Ooos and Wows….my son called them on it and I had to sshh him to whisper to me.

The Diva didn’t catch and thought it was so cool “Look at that! They teleported it! That was so awesome!” Thankfully the boy played along. The brothers were now suited up in fairly accurate representations of the vests. They did a good job with them…but the animal costumes…those were amazing. I’m getting ahead…wildkratts3

First they had to decide on an animal which in this case was the Caracal. The caracal is a medium-sized wild cat that can jump around eight feet in the air to catch birds. THAT is an amazing creature power…and I was curious as to how they would show it.

Before they did that however, they had to decide who would get to activate their suit with caracal powers. This part was amusing. They decided that whoever got their disk first would get to activate powers. Martin was still talking when Chris said “GO!” which was funny but then Chris pulls out his nice organized disk holder and Martin is rummaging through his backpack pulling everything else out of it.

Chris won. Martin congratulated him and Chris put his disk in his suit and went to touch the animal…which happened to be the picture on the TV. In the show the animal has to be alive but I think what they did with the TV is important for kids everywhere.

wildkratts4It showed them that you don’t need a real animal to pretend to change. You could use a picture or the TV. Brilliant!

The transformation sequences were all done the same. First animal of choice, touch the animal on the TV, then say the magic words “Activate Creature Powers” well you know how it goes.

Then the room gets dark except for the TV which show the empty disk circle and all of a sudden the animal who has been activated appears in the center. The rest of the sequence is exactly how it would be in the cartoon.

Each part is show going from human to animal, with one arm and the other and then one leg and the other followed by head and visor. Then the Kratt bro is fully transformed and the TV version disappears and the live version comes from between the curtains and shows off the transformation.

The kids all anxiously await to see activated creature power but parents you might be wondering why the sequence takes a bit longer than in the show…cause it does. The sequence is a little drawn out giving the brother enough time to change into the outfit which makes sense. They didn’t look to easy to get into but they did look awesome!wildkratts5

I was impressed with their costumes and the kids were ecstatic. I think they were made out of some type of foam material that is bendable. Whatever it was they did a phenomenal job. The Caracal looked like it was right out of the show. The colors were spot on. I am not going to give away the whole show…at least not in writing…but they showed the creature powers in a pretty brilliant way too.

Since the Caracl power is jumping really high Martin decided to hold a guinea fowl on a string on a stick really high for Chris to jump to get. Since he was in his suit the urge to get the bird was growing stronger so Martin quickly set it up (behind a boulder…) and Chris leaped high into the air and got the bird (the second time).

 He was still eager to jump so Martin put up two birds this time. Once again Chris ran towards the boulder and leaped into the air and snatched the birds.

Kids cheered and I laughed from amusement and because I loved watching my kids react to the show. It was fantastic. The rest of the show pretty much ran the same. The Kratt brothers interacted with the audience (Wild Kratts Kids), creature power activation were all the same on the screen with animal information given beforehand, and the brothers performing creature power stunts, being goofy and generally acting like they do on the show.

Like I said I don’t want to give away spoilers but you are essentially watching a Live version of the show. Complete with a villain, a plot and saving the day all while learning about creature powers and of course seeing a few in action. If you want some spoilers here is the gallery of photos from the show.

About half way through they had an intermission. I think they understand kids need to pee but might not want to. Such was the case for our kids…except first one did and not the other then when Pirate and the one left the Diva had to go…gotta love it. It isn’t very long in reality but to a kids its brutal. Encourage them to try going potty…it occupies their minds and saves time after the show when the bathrooms fill up.2015-05-31 15.26.03-8 copy

Near the end of the show they showed everyone some new creatures appearing in upcoming episodes. Amazing! I cannot wait for the Lobster…I mean a lobster? LOL My son wants to see the Panda…there were two other ones as well but I won’t spoil those for you.

After the show we got to meet the Kratt Brothers in person! They offer Meet & Greet tickets at each show. We had to wait in line but that was ok. My son brought his book to hopefully get signed but it turned out the Kratt Brothers Meet & Greet included a signed photo of the brothers personalized to your child! They put name tags on the kids to help that process.

We met Chris Kratt first. He signed a photo for each kid and signed the Gentleman’s book too. He asked the kids their favorite animal took a picture with them. We then waited in Martin’s line for the same thing only he signed the pics that Chris did so we only had the one each…which is better. Both brothers were super patient and kind to each kid they met. I highly recommend this option if you can!

If you get a chance to see the show you should. You will not experience anything like it and it is truly an experience you will not want your kids to miss. My kids still talk about it and pretend it even more with new ideas. Seriously one of the most amazing show type adventures we have had and I would go again even though it is probably the same show everywhere. My kids will never forget it and that made it all 100% worth everything.


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  1. Maybe a weird question, but I was wondering about the meet and greet with the Kratts. They are selling them for $100 each via ticketmaster. Do I as an accompanying parent have to pay $100 to stand in line with my kid?
    My son would go nuts for this but I don’t know if I can shell out that kind of dough. Thanks!

    1. I just confirmed with them that yes parents do have to purchase a ticket as well. I wasn’t sure either but anyone going to the Meet and Greet has to purchase a ticket.

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