Miniaturize! Our Wild Kratts Createrra Adventure

Recommended Age:3+
Where to Buy:Toys R Us,, Amazon
Cost:Creature Rescue Createrra Set With Martin(or Chris) Figure $19.99 Creature Power 4 Pack $12.99 | Creature Power 2 Pack $9.99
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I am sure you know by now that our family loves Wild Kratts. We constantly watch the show and the kids are playing with all kinds of toys and going on their own adventures. I’ve mentioned the Plush Martin and Chris and the plush baby animals from the show. You’ve also heard about the Creature Suits and the Creature Pod but there IS more. The Creature Rescue Createrra Set and the Creature Power packs like everything else work together to create one large Creature Adventure.

Yes pretty much all of the toys out there for Wild Kratts can work together to create an epic creature adventure. My kids start off playing in the their Power Suits and miniaturize to switch to the Createrra! Then it’s anyone’s guess as to the type of adventure they have since they also have the Creature Power Packs of various animals and either a Martin or Chris in an animal form!

Could these toys get much cooler? Well…yes they could and do. Each set comes with a Power Disk that works with your Power Suit! Seriously you can activate all the animals in the Power 4 Pack sets and they even have 2 pack sets with a Chris or Martin in their animal form and the animal and disk too! Seriously all of their toys work together…how cool is that?

The Creattera is made out of plastic but not the cheap easily breakable kind. This is pretty sturdy and smooth. The steering wheel turns if you move it and the doors open and close on BOTH sides of the jeep. Which isn’t too common and I love that detail.

2015-02-10 20.52.28 copyMartin is the set we were sent and my daughter keeps saying it’s her…since she pretends to be Martin and the Gentleman pretends he is Chris. The figure is well made with bendable parts and it isn’t to stiff. He bends at the waist to sit and his arms bend up and down. The downside is his legs both move at the same time only and so do his arms. So you can’t just move one arm or one leg but it works great for the jeep.

The Creature Power Packs have animal figures made out what seems like plastic but I don’t think it is. It is that harder material that doesn’t bend or anything but holds up well during play. Each 4 pack comes with either Chris or Martin in a Creature power form and 3 animals and a disk to go with each animal plus the animal the Kratt bro is using. The 2 packs come with Chris or Martin in animal form and the animal they are using along with its disk.

They did a great job with the artwork too! Each animal, Chris and Martin (in human or animal form) looks just like they do in the show. It amazes me how much attention to detail they paid when making these. I have to say that as far as toys go these are probably the best toys we own when comparing cost, imaginative play, durability, attention to detail, resemblance to the show and fun. They have several options out there and like I mentioned before they go with everything else beautifully!


“When we treat children’s play as seriously as it deserves, we are helping them feel the joy that’s to be found in the creative spirit.”
~ Fred Rogers

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