Our hilarious adventure full of secret partners and a stealthy Wink!

Recommended Age:8+
Our Recommended Age:8 - 10+
Play Time:20-30 minutes
Skills:Social Play Focus & Attention
Company Site:www.blueorangegames.com
Contents:2 Decks of 36 Numbered Face Cards 32 Accuse Cards 8 Player Cards 8 Wooden Player Tokens Illustrated Rules
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Wink is a hilariously silly game of awkward stares, paranoia, ninja winking and a crazy amount of laughing. Someone says they are looking for a certain number, a number card you have, so your goal is to get them to notice you winking at them to let them know you have it…without any other player seeing you do it! See? Ninja winking and paranoia…and oh so much fun!

Blue Orange Games is pretty well known for making good, quality and fun games for all ages. Wink is definitely one of those games. Meant for ages 8+ this game works really well for kids around 12 years old and up…I really want to see a group of teens or a larger group of adults play this…

winkreviewThe game comes in a larger than needed box but does have an awesome insert to hold everything in its own spot. Each player token is in its own spot and there is a place in the middle for all the cards. They sort swish around a bit but it isn’t too crazy. It also has a cool Wink logo inside and pleases the (not real) OCD inside me….

The cards are pretty standard card material but a bit more glossy and maybe a bit thicker too. The artwork is adorable and kind of look like emojis…or that face from Nick Jr…and have all kinds of different expressions.

The tokens are made out of wood and are 8 different colors. Over all this is a simple but well made game…now on to the really really fun part…

Obviously my children are too young for this game (my son could probably play…but not yet) so I enlisted the help of my husband, brother-in-law, nephew, and family friend…hilarity ensued….I’ll show you a little later but first the rules!


To have the most cards or points at the end of the game.winkreview (2)


There are two decks of Wink cards, a deck of Accuse cards and 8 player token color cards. The player token cards are so you and everyone else remembers what color token everyone is. Once you choose your color put that card in front of you. Each player gets 4 Accuse Cards.

The White and Black decks are for the game but it doesn’t matter which deck you use for what honestly. Choose a deck, shuffle it up and lay out the cards face up in a 6×6 grid pattern on the table where everyone can reach them. This is the game board.

Now take the other deck and shuffle it and pass out cards to each player. There is a grid in the instructions because how many cards each player gets depends on how many players there are. We had 4 players so each player got 7 cards.

You could pass out the extra cards if you wanted, but we didn’t. These extras get set aside and not used for the game. Also, no one can peek at them either. Some cards that are on the board will be in that pile and means that players will not be able to get a match. It is part of the fun!

One last thing. If someone cannot wink then you all have to decide what the signal would be and everyone has to use it. Instead of a wink you could, frown, or just blink but everyone has to agree before the game begins.


The first round is different. Each player takes turns placing their token on a card on the board. You cannot place your token on a card with another token on it or on a card that is a match for a card in your own hand. The point is to find a match in another players hand. You HAVE to announce in a loud enough voice what number you are looking for…no whispering and you want to make sure your potential partner hears it.

We started with Josh in our game, then Jeremy, Ed and Antionio. When it got back to Josh round 2 began and all rounds after this were the same. He would have to guess who has the card he was looking for and then he would get to place his token again.winkreview (3)

If Josh was looking for the number 9 then hopefully the player who had the number 9 would have winked at Josh to let him know he had it…and didn’t get caught winking by any other player. Also, hopefully Josh saw the player winking at him (without getting caught) in order to guess correctly.

You basically say “YOU (being the person’s name) have the number #(Whatever number it is you were looking for) and they say yes or no.

If he guesses correctly (or successfully saw the wink) then he gets the card on the board and his partner gets to keep the card in his hand. They put the card under their player token card to keep score and then Josh would get to pick a new number to look for.

If he didn’t guess correctly or missed the wink (this happened a LOT) then no one gets cards, the one on the board gets flipped over and is now dead forever….or until the next game of course. He still gets to continue by selecting a new number and hopefully not missing the wink this time.

winkreview (4)If someone is caught winking an accuse card is played by the person who caught it. You grab your Accuse Card and yell out loudly (scaring the crap out of everyone hilariously) J’Accuse! or “I Accuse” in English but J’Accuse is more fun to say!

You have to play this on the person you saw wink, you have to point at them with the card and loudly say J’Accuse you and their name, you have the number (whatever number they were looking for). If they are right then the player who was accused has to give his card to the person who accused him who also gets the card from the game board! That is 2 points right there if you can catch someone!

If he is wrong…which can happen…nothing really happens except the accuser is down one Accuse card. Unplayed Accuse Cards count as one point at the end of the game…but if you lose it and catch someone you have gained one point…but if you are wrong…well don’t be wrong. I mean really you just lose the card but also a point.winkreview (5)

Obviously do not cheat. No one likes that. No kicking or signaling to other players to get their attention and certainly no winking if you do NOT have the matching card…that would be just mean. Keep in mind that as soon as it becomes your turn you can NOT look around for one last Wink…you missed it…suck it up and move on.

To be clear your turn begins when the person before you has announced their new number. Try to pay attention for winks before that and if you are trying to wink try to do it before the players next turn or you both miss out. It is surprisingly hard to catch someone’s attention to wink without actually trying to get their attention!

Wink is a hilarious and super fun game that is perfect for an ice breaker game or family game nights. You could use this for teen groups, meetings or just for fun and everyone would have a great time. I cannot wait until my son can actually wink well enough and in secret to play this.


If you are looking for a fun way to start off a game night or meeting this is the perfect choice. You only need 4 people to play but I would recommend having at least 6 and I really want to try it with 8!

Here is the video I hinted at. It explains a little bit on how to play and is pretty hilarious. Enjoy!

Show us your best secret wink! @MyGeeklings @BlueOrangeGames

“It may be that all games are silly. But then, so are humans.”
~ Robert Lynd

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