Wild Kratts Creature Power Disks

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I made these disks for my son’s 5th birthday party using Illustrator. There are two sets of disks in PDF form. The animals on the disks are Kangaroo, Beaver, Shark, Frog, Gecko, Zebra, Tiger, Alligator, Crab, Snake, Dolphin and Cheetah.

Download Disks

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18 thoughts on “Wild Kratts Creature Power Disks

  1. These are amazing! Can’t wait to use them for my son’s party next week. Thank you!

  2. Thank you! – From Cape Town, South Africa (We LOVE Wild Kratts and having it for my son’s 6th birthday party coming up in May)

  3. Thank you so much for sharing these! My daughter will love these decorations for her birthday party!

  4. my boys saw these and went crazy! they can’t wait to use their “creature powers” at their birthday party!

  5. I was about to make some in Illustrator myself for our son’s birthday as well. Thanks for saving me a whole bunch of time.

  6. Thank you so much. These are wonderful. Can you tell me what size the circles are? I have a 2 in punch and want to see if it will work.

    1. I can find out for sure if you need but I know they are bigger than 2 inches but you can always print them smaller. They are closer to 3 inches I believe

  7. Love, love, love these!! Thank you for making them. We needed a few more for an upcoming party and you saved me.

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