Whoowasit? An interactive game of Who done it!

Recommended Age:7+
Play Time:30-45 Minutes
Company Site:www.ravensburger.com
Contents:1 Talking Chest, 1 Game Board, 4 Playing Pieces, 1 Ghost, 1 Cat Game Board, 9 Food Tokens, 4 Key Tokens, 4 Door Tiles, 1 Die, 10 Suspect Cards, 1 Ring
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Ravensburger is the genius behind Whoowasit? an interactive who-done-it board game that is fun for everyone. A magical ring is stolen from a king and you and your group work together to find it and the thief before the evil wizard arrives! Listening to clues and the needs of animals, remembering what each animal wants and eliminating suspects is all part of the game BUT you also have to avoid the ghost and beat the clock.

Ravensburger has made some fantastic games but this is one of our family favorites. The box is a bit big but it holds everything nice and snug with each item in their own spot and the board on top. I love organization like this. The board itself is pretty sturdy but like all game boards can be broken if bent the wrong way. This is why I am grateful it only folds one time since my kids can’t break it trying to fold it two different ways. The pieces are plastic, the ghost is a harder plastic and the card pieces are that nice harder cardboard card material. This means my kids can’t destroy the pieces easily without actually trying. I’m grateful they don’t try anymore.2014-08-02 22.08.48 copy

The coolest part about this game besides the searching for clues part is the chest. It talks to you! You can choose to talk to animal, search the room or use a magical item in the room if available. If you search the chest tells you what you found or that you found nothing but might tell you where to search next. However, if you find an item and its food you can talk to animals and see which animal wants that food item. That can be hard to remember all of them so you might want to write them down. I just love the talking aspect and I think its what my son loves the most about the game too.

My Diva cannot play this one quite yet but I am working on showing her how to play. Kids that young CAN play you will have to put the food chips on the animals that want them until you find them. This helps them know who wanted what at least until you pick it up in a room and then YOU have to help your child. Otherwise she can do the rolling of the die, the moving of the ghost, pushing buttons and moving the player piece. I have to present her with options that will work so we don’t waste time but she is learning.

Doesn’t it look like fun! Well aside from my not so great camera control it does. I will explain how to play the game and suggest a few adjustments if needed. My son can play normally on Medium mode and my daughter is a tad too young but we let her play with a LOT of help and suggestions from us. Onward to the How To!


As a group figure out who the thief is and open their chest to find the magic ring before the wizard gets to the castle at 6:00.

2014-08-02 23.35.07 copySetup:

If you’ve never played before you will need a moment to pop out all the pieces from the sheets. Put the board in the middle of all Players and put the Cat game board next to it again where everyone can reach it. Players choose their color and put their pieces into the Nursery on the board. It’s the room with the rocking horse. The Ghost starts in the courtyard and the door pieces should be placed in their spots over their open versions on the board but only if you are playing in medium or hard level of play.

Set all the food tokens face up near the board and line up all the suspect cards face up where everyone can see them and if possible reach them. The key tokens should be face up nearby too but can be in a pile. All that is left is to insert the ring into the chest, replace the lid and turn the chest on. If you want to play in Medium mode wait until the chest says its beginning part and then push the Rocking Horse button followed by the Magic button. For Hard mode push Rocking Horse, Magic and Magic again but leave it alone if you want Easy mode.


On your turn you roll the die. If you roll numbers you can move your piece in any direction into any room that is open and next to the space you are in. Each room counts as one space so if you roll a 3 you can move up to 3 rooms away BUT you don’t have to move at all or you might only move 1 or 2 rooms instead. If the Ghost is in the room you cannot pass through or go into that room.

If you roll the Ghost you have to move the Ghost piece 1 room by following the ghostly path of arrows. If he lands in a room any Player is in that Player (or Players) gets sent back to the nursery. After you move the Ghost roll again until you get a number. Both of my kids love moving the ghost and it is kind of funny when you are pretty close to your goal and get sent back to the nursery. The Ghost will sometimes talk through the Chest and say it is moving a # of rooms or going to specific spot. When it does that you have to follow the path and remove Player pieces in any room the Ghost passes through. No skipping over rooms to get there!

Once you decide on a room to land in you have to push the button corresponding to that room on the chest and choose to Talk or Search or even use Magic in that room if it has a magical item in there. If you have a key you can also push the Chest button and see if the person in that room is the thief.

2014-08-02 21.30.31-1 copyEach room has an animal in it which you will also find on the Chest. Push the animal that matches the one from the room you are in…that sounds confusing even to me. If you are in the Kitchen there is a Goat in there so if you landed in the Kitchen you would push the Goat button on the Chest. Then you could search the room or speak to the Goat. That made more sense…

If you search a room you will find something in it at least once but sometimes you find a key or a secret of some sort or sometimes the good fairy will help you. My son likes to search the rooms a lot unless there is a Magic item and then he likes to push those. He tends to forget which room he found something in right now though but I am hoping this game and games like it will help him with his memory skills. If you find food you will place it one of the Cat Board circles but you can only have two there. Any other food you find after that will go to the Pantry which is in the Kitchen.

If this happens you have to give away 1 of the food items from the Cat Board before you can put another there. Once you do you or another Player can go to the Kitchen and put a food item of their choice in the empty spot without it counting against their turn. Be careful though, sometimes a Raven will steal an item you have found! If you find a Key simply put it in the Key spot on the Cat Board. Keys can stack so you don’t have to worry about space for those but you need a Key to unlock a chest in a room to find the thief.

If you speak to the animal they usually tell you what food they want which if you have found it during a search and have it on your Cat Board you can feed it to the animal by pushing the Hand button right after they ask for it. Once you have fed an animal they give you a clue as to who the thief is. They will in fact tell you what the thief looked like by giving you a short one word description like tall, short, wore something on their head or even had black shoes. Once you have your clue you can eliminate suspects based off of the information and flip those cards over.2014-08-02 23.13.43-1 copy

The hardest part about this game is remembering who asked for what and who you already spoke to or fed. It’s tricky even for adults sometimes but to help simply write them down. This helps kids and can actually help them organize and work on their remembering skills. The Gentleman struggles with remembering so we help him there but he is getting better and he is learning to listen to instructions carefully which I LOVE.

My daughter is only 3 and wants to play too so we adjust a LOT for her. We let her roll and move the Ghost or the Player piece but then we ask her if she wants to search or talk or sometimes just tell her what she should do. She doesn’t seem to mind that part and it helps to teach her strategy and remembering. She is even starting to pick up what she can and can’t do in rooms…sort of. She always like talking to the animals but she really likes it when the Ghost talks.

You can’t really adjust the time without removing the Chest and you need that to eliminate suspects. That is where the final rule comes into play. It was written on the box but not the instructions but great for kids. If time runs out and you have a key left you can put a Player in 1 room and open the Chest to guess the thief one final time. This means that if you think you know who it is and have 1 Key but time runs out you have 1 last chance to win! We win on that a lot…in fact we only one once before time ran out.

Normally we don’t win and the Wizard gets there before we guess but sometimes our final guess is right but usually not so much. Leaving it up to the younger kids is always a treat but we all have a lot of fun. The Ghost moving people back a lot leaves everyone in giggles. Whoowasit is great for kids and fun for adults. Kids who play will learn how to listen better, remember things a little better and gain strategy skills on top of having a ton of fun figuring out who the thief is.


“Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.”
~ Roald Dahl

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