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When the Diva decided she wanted  a Tinkerbell party for her 4th birthday I was possibly more excited then she was…maybe a bit. The Pirate Fairy had been watched a LOT in our house but I didn’t want to focus JUST on one movie. I wanted to focus more on Pixie Hollow and Fairy Talents! I had TONS of ideas…and a little over 2 months to plan it. Yeah…I’m THAT parent.

diva birthday (45) copyOf course I immediately wanted everything that would either cost a lot or be a pain to make. It’s what I do. I decided that every main fairy talent needed to be represented…somehow.

Some would be in the treat bags and some would be activities. We also bought a Tinkerbell costume for the Diva and hand made some tink shoes complete with pom poms and glitter…lots of glitter.

Of course I went to Oriental Trading but they didn’t have a lot of Tink things last year…though they do now like Pencils. I was on my own for this one.

Without spending a lot and since I had a lot of craft stuff around my house (not really around…more organized beyond reason) I decided to focus on a few Fairy Talents that wouldn’t add too much extra cost. Tinker Talent, Pixie Dust Talent (Alchemy focus) and Garden Fairy Talent. I’ll go over all the Talents but first…the Decorations.

diva birthday (40) copyDecorations:

For the walls I printed and cut out 7.75×7.75 inch pictures of various fairies and glued them to 8×8 inch colored paper that we also cut. I say we but I mean my husband. I can use a cutting machine to cut a straight line but it doesn’t always end up in the straight line it needs to be in. Yeah I’m that bad so I let him do the cutting. We used painters tape to put them on the wall around the living room and kitchen.

I used light green and lavender streamers to make a ceiling decoration that had dangling paper flowers (bought at Michaels on clearance and made by my me). It looked like a canopy of streamers and I loved it so we did it in the kitchen too.

I also used light green table cloths for tables and use purple streamers to embellish them. I sliced up the bottom of the table cloth once it was on the table and tied purple streamers to the top part of the slice so the streamer and the strip of table cloth hung together and made it look pretty-ish.

diva birthday (30) copySnacks and Cake Pops:

Of course there were cake pops! I used fun fetti with chocolate frosting but dipped them in purple candies and used light green sprinkles. I bought a Green sugar sheet and used a hole punch in the shape of a 4 leaf flower petals and a small hole punch in the middle of each. Then I put the petals on the bottom of the cake pop so it looked like a flower. I thought it was cute but probably could have been better.

The cupcakes were standard fun fetti cupcakes frosting in a light purple with green sprinkles. Nothing fancy but oh so tasty. I did find flower wrappers though and used those.

We laid out a tray with ants on a log (Celery with peanut butter and raisins on top), pretzel sticks for twigs, and sunflower seeds (no shells) for nuts. We also had fruit out with juice and water and soda for adults.

 Treat Bags:

I decided that all the fairies that came to the party needed flower baskets instead of bags which meant getting out my cutting machine. I do love that thing. I found a template for a flower bag and tweaked it a bit to be what I needed. I used green for the main part and the handle and used purple to add that flower inside.

LOTS of cutting from the machine and gluing together but they were adorable. I did put clear plastic treat bags in case the paper tore but it never did! The bags did help with transport though so that was nice.

Inside the bags were peppermints (from the Great Fairy Rescue), Pixie Sticks (I don’t need to explain those right?) and Smarties. The talents I had left to represent were Light, Fast Flying, Animal and Water talents so my treat bags HAD to have those talents in them…or so I determined.

Light Talent: For Light Talent I purchased little Flashlights in bulk from (where else?) Oriental Trading. I made little tags that had Iridessa on them and Light Talent on the other and tied them to the ropes the flashlights came on with a purple ribbon.

diva birthday (11) copyFast Flying Talent: We made perler bead key chains in the shape of a dragonfly this time. The Diva chose purple, yellow, blue and green for her colors so we made dragonflies in those colors and attached a small silver ring to a wing. I put them in a small bag and added a circle key ring and a hook type one too in case they wanted one or the other. I made my own labels for the tops of the bags…cause it’s what I do…which had Fast Flying Talent and a picture of Vidia on it.

Animal Talent: I saw something on pinterest about making pom pom caterpillars on top of paper leaves on top of clothes pins and I HAD to make them but I thought it would be fun for kids to make their own…so I put together a craft kit instead.

We used red and black small pom poms and purple and green for girls. I put 5 in a bag along with small googly eyes, a small clothespin, a cut out paper leaf and paper antennae. Of course I used my cutting machine for the leaf and antennae but you can use foam ones or cut your own out of paper or use a hole punch. I glued a magnet on the bottom of the clothespin so they didn’t have to use strong glue for that. I added my Animal Talent  bag topper complete with Fawn picture and I even included a completed caterpillar picture for each color set!red caterpillar 2 copy

Water Talent: Silvermist was a bit tricky until I found the bubbles I used in another party the year before. Oriental Trading has tiny bubbles in bulk for great prices! I printed a label that wrapped around the bubbles that had Silvermist on it with Water Talent and using double sided sticky tape to keep them on the bubbles. I will try to get the printable for that up soon.


I had the remaining 3 Talents as activities in 3 areas in my living room and kitchen. This was where the cost came in and it wasn’t too bad. I NEVER keep track but I get everything on sale and over the course of 2 ish months so it doesn’t hit all at once.

 Garden Talent: Rosetta was a Garden Fairy so I put her picture while she was working with seeds on a 5×7 print out. I printed it on a full sheet of 8.5 x 11 and just folded it to leave it on the table. I purchased these biodegradable flower pots from Oriental Trading, some Zinnia seeds and a bag of dirt. I put the seeds in a little cup, the dirt in a bucket with a scoop and I spray painted the pots half purple and half green and left it all on a table with some foam shapes and gems and glue with a paint brush so the kids could decorate their pots.

Pixie Dust Talent: I decided I wanted to make sand art for Pixie Dust talent. It just made sense to me so I started looking for bottles or something to fill and sand. I was worried it would be very expensive but with coupons and a good sale on sand it wasn’t too bad. I found the bottles to fill at where else? Oriental Trading!

They are a bit more now then when I got them but you can try Amazon too. I bought blue, green, white, pink, purple, red and orange but I bought two of each color which thanks to a spill and the over use of a color or two was needed. They had funnels and sand at Hobby Lobby and I got it on sale which was awesome. Zarina was on the table and on the table card to let everyone know that it was Pixie Dust Talent.

Tinker Talent: Of course we had to have Tinker Talent with Tinkerbell. Her table card showed her working on shoes but we had birdhouses! Well fairy houses. I laid out enough for each kid to have one and a few left over. I got them on a $.34 each sale and Michaels! They were perfect for fairy houses.

diva birthday (45) copyI set out some tempura paints, brushes and ribbon, glitter, glue, gems and sequins for decorating. I know they didn’t BUILD anything but they made something just the same and loved it! I had all the materials except the houses so this was really easy!

As part of the treat when kids first came in we gave them fairy wings and pixie dust. The wings were $1 each from the Dollar Tree. You can order a case of 24 and have it sent to the store for free! Brilliant! The colors were random so we ended up with more pink but there were purple and green too.

The Pixie Dust was glitter in a small bottle I found on Amazon for a good deal. They came with corks so I filled them up and bought tiny circle ended screws and put them in the cork then tied black rope necklace material as a necklace and viola! Pixie Dust!

Over all it was one of the cheaper birthday parties but it was due to the fact that I had a TON of craft stuff already. My little tinkerbell Diva loved her party and the kids all loved turning into fairies and finding their talent.

Here is a gallery of our Tinkerbell Party.

“Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.”
~ Roald Dahl

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