The Manksy Caper – An Exciting New Game from Calliope Games!

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I’m pretty sure we’ve mentioned a time or two how much we love Calliope Games – both the people and the games they make. They’re fantastic people and their games are fun for a huge range of ages and skill levels. So you can image how excited we were to find out they’re coming out with a new game this summer: The Manksy Caper!

As we mentioned in our Company Spotlight we’ve yet to play a Calliope game we didn’t love so we can’t wait for The Manksy Caper to be released this summer. Even better, if you join their Kickstarter campaign you’ll be first in line to get your copy May, 2018. Hurry though, the Kickstarter campaign is only running until February 9th, 2018 so head over soon.

While it being a Calliope game is almost enough of a recommendation by itself, here’s what their release has to say:

The Manksy Caper is for 2-6 players ages 8+ and plays in 40-60 minutes. “Big Al” Mansky, the most ruthless and illustrious mob boss ever, is away on vacation and players take on the roles of colorful “Associates” robbing lavish rooms in Big Al’s mansion and dodging explosive booby traps! Each turn, navigate through Big Al Mansky’s mansion, cracking safes to reveal valuables, explosives, and thrilling plot twists. Share your loot with others in the same room, call in favors to perform skillful actions, and above all, decide when to stash your share at the getaway car before you hear a BOOM!

The Manksy Caper features captivating artwork by Matt Franklin in a premium presentation. It also includes
five pre-assembled 3D cardboard safes from which to draw loot tokens, shiny plastic gems, drawstring cloth
stash bags, a fully illustrated comic book which doubles as the rulebook, and hundreds of colorful tokens and
markers. Even with components of the highest quality, The Manksy Caper remains incredibly affordable, with
the Kickstarter pledge costing only $32 – domestic shipping included.

So there ya go! If you’re looking for all the details or you’d like to get your copy, head over to their Kickstarter – it’s an offer you shouldn’t refuse!

Author: sandyz