The Children’s Museum Store: Super Slam Basketball!

Recommended Age:5+
Cost:Regular Price: $25.95
Member Price: $22.06
Hours:Mon.–Sun., 10 a.m.–5 p.m.
Notes:Small parts. Not for children under 3 yrs.
Location:3000 North Meridian Street, Indianapolis, IN 46208-4716
Note:#1 on the Children's Museum of Indianapolis' Kid-Tested, Kid Approved List!
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The Children’s Museum here in Indianapolis has some wonderful toys, games and educational tools. Throughout the next month I get to show you a few toys and games from their store! Another fantastic game you can purchase there is Super Slam Basketball. It’s a fun way to introduce kids to competition, beating the clock and help with hand eye coordination.

Super Slam Basketball is fun for everyone…and kind of addicting to play. It’s the ONLY game we have played that gives an equal chance of my daughter winning as my son.

2014-11-29 16.56.50-1 copyThe game is easy to put together and fairly well made. Various types of plastics are used but all hold up well to little hands smacking the launcher slightly harder than necessary. The net is the bendable plastic that isn’t really hard and the little ball is just like any plastic ball that can bounce.

The backboard part just slides on top of the floor part easily and removes easily for storage but doesn’t fall off during play. The gates that separate the courts come off easily as well for storage but again do not fall off during game play.

Everything slides neatly back in the box to store with all the other games OR you can leave it out and assembled without it getting in the way!

The scoreboard requires 3 AAA batteries in order to keep score and announce the beginning, middle and end of each game. Don’t worry though it will turn itself off after 1 minute. I love toys and games that save my batteries!2014-11-29 16.54.40 copy

It will also let you know if the leader changes during the end of the game! Simply push the white button and it starts a new game! The Setup and How to Play are very simple and very easy to learn but I will explain.


Follow the instructions to assemble the Court. Slide the background into the base using the pegs and then put the Floor on the base and push down to lock in place. Next slide the baskets and the divider nets into place and insert the batteries and you are ready to play!


Both players get two basketballs in their court. There are NO turns! Everyone plays at the same time! Once both players are ready to go push the button. Once you hear the starting music begin! Use the lever to flip a ball at the basket.

Each basket will make a noise to let you know you got one in. The ball will return to you but sometimes it might bounce off the court…which happened to us a lot. You can leave it and play on with one or retrieve it. The choice is yours…we usually played with one to save time.

After 45 seconds you will hear another musical announcement (or fanfare) letting you know there are only 15 seconds left in the game. Time to shoot faster! Also each basket is now worth 3 points! Be careful though you can actually shoot a basket in the other player’s hoop! My kids did this which may or may not have caused one of them to win when they wouldn’t have before.

If the leader changes towards the end of the game another type of music is played letting you know. The next buzzer you hear is the end of the game. The player with the most points wins! The wonderful part about this game is anyone can win.

Check out our Super Slam Basketball Adventure and see the game and the fun in action!

Super Slam Basketball is fun for all ages. It’s great for helping kids with hand-eye coordination and teaching them a fun friendly and fair way to compete against friends in games! It is easy enough for younger kids but challenging and fun enough for older kids…and adults. I happen to the be the current champ out of my husband and me…though probably not for much longer.


“Children need the freedom and time to play. Play is not a luxury. Play is a necessity.”
~ Kay Redfield Jamison

Author: sandyz