Creepy Carnival at the Children’s Museum

Hours:Mon.–Sun., 10 a.m.–5 p.m.
Notes:There are no Frightening Hours on Halloween
Location:3000 North Meridian Street, Indianapolis, IN 46208-4716
Cost:Adult (Ages 18–59): $19.50 Youth (ages 2–17): $14.50 Senior (60+): $18.50 Youth under 2: Free
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There are still a couple days left to check out the Creepy Carnival at the Indianapolis Children’s Museum. They did an amazing job. I was actually a little creeped out and we went with the lights on! I only wish my kids were old enough to do the Frightening Hours or Xtreme Scream!

The Children’s Museum in Indianapolis is the biggest and best Children’s museum in the world. No really, it is and it’s not just me saying that. I feel very lucky that we live so close and go there and to their amazing events, like the Creepy Carnival. That is the theme of this year’s Haunted House and it IS creepy. Clowns, a giant snake, a Scare-ousel, games and a fortune teller are all represented at this creative event.tcmcreepycarnival

We went during IPL’s Lights-On since my Geeklings are 4 and 6 but I would LOVE to try out their Xtreme Scream version! When my kids are older we are so going…mwahahaha. Being able to see everything with the lights is great for kids who scare easily and but it is still pretty creepy.

I can’t believe the amount of work that was put into the different scenes. Looking closely at some of the scenes though…I’m thinking I would have been at least a little scared with the light’s out. We kept trying to figure out where someone would be to jump out at you during Xtreme Scream….and it did not make it less creepy.

When you first go in you see the ringmaster, Barker Bones, who welcomes you into the Creepy Carnival. Walk through a tunnel…that spins around you…and try not to fall or vomit. Those always mess with my head a bit but are amusing. There is a maze of sorts that was cute and had the potential for a great scare.

tcmcreepycarnival (2)Right before the Clown area was an enormous clown face that you could crawl through. It looked like it would eat you…so that is how my kids posed. VERY creepy…especially if you are afraid of clowns. Which, for the record, I am not…but they were very creepy in the next area, Clown Town. Yep an entire area with clowns…creepy, scary clowns all over. Good times.

Midway Mayhem was my favorite area, if I had to choose, because it had games! Not that you could play any but the prizes were fun to look at. Prizes all over the wall with spiderwebs, blood and creepy crawlies all over them.

The colors were great too as there were a LOT of them. Very bright and gross! We did pretend to play a game, which was fun too.

Next up was the Scare-ousel complete with creepy clown sitting on the ride. This was actually really neat because they had a mini carousel set up with ghouls and such riding it. It didn’t move but was still pretty neat. Just outside there was another maze of sorts that was a tad larger and in the dark…you could get lost in it for sure. I really want to see it in the dark.

tcmcreepycarnival (3)If you find your way out you can have your fortune told…if you dare and then check out the sideshow! A 6 ft man eating chicken, Electro Girl, a Werewolf, and even a bearded lady! Very well done indeed and perfect for the Carnival theme.

Carni Control, Polar Vortext and a Catastophe were all fantastic and the Eerie Eats sections was really gross. I mean, Lice Scream? Really? Eewwww.

The Tent of Terror was cool and I liked the guy being shot out of a cannon! They did a great job with his, uh, landing. My Gentleman is turning into quite the photographer so he had his sister pose like she was scared in this area too. It was brilliant and they had so much fun in that area.

All around the Carnival we saw signs to beware of a giant snake, which I just thought was for fun and was creative. Nope there is a reason and it was fantastic! When we made it through the whole thing my kids literally were jumping up and down with excitement to go back in!

Check out our amazing adventure through the Creepy Carnival (in picture form) and then go check it out for yourself! Take someone to hold your hand though…it helps. If you get to check out the Lights Out version let me know how spooky it was!


  • Children under 2 are free.
  • Lights-On and Frightening tickets are $7 online or at the museum Box Office. Tickets are also available at AAA and Orange Leaf locations.
  • Lights-On and Frightening tickets $6 at Marsh Supermarkets. Save $2 on Haunted House/museum combo ticket at Marsh

IPL’s Light’s On will be open on Halloween from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

The Defender Direct’s Frightening Hours is open on Wednesday, Oct. 29 from 3:30 to 8:30 p.m.

NOW check our adventure with some creepy music added to ti!

The Creepy Carnival is an amazing experience and I cannot wait to see what they come up with next year! We have always loved the Children’s Museum’s Haunted House and I honestly think this is my favorite theme so far! If you haven’t been there are still 3 more days to check it out!tcmccreview (2)

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~ William Shakespeare

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