Place or replace to connect 5 of your gears with the White gear to win in 5th Gear!

Recommended Age:8+
Our Recommended Age:6+
Play Time:20-25 minutes
Contents:Platform, 25 Gears, 25 Tokens, 2 Dice
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Fifth Gear is a fun game that changes every time you play, which makes it a great Family Game Night Game. Your goal is to get 5 of your color Gears connected to the White gear in a row. The catch? You can only put your Gears where the dice tell you and your Gear can be replaced by other players! This makes for a very interesting game for the whole family!

The recommended age is 8+ but the Diva, at age 6, can play just fine and even has some strategy in mind when she plays. She is also really lucky when it comes to her dice rolling…I, however, am not so lucky. Then again I never am but it’s still fun to play.

The box is a good quality lift top lid. Inside is a sort of insert that is more of a separator but a vertical one. That sounds confusing…sorry..Basically when you lift the lid you will see the playing board when you lift that you will see a white bottom with a hole. Lift this out and there you will find the Gears and the Dice and the baggy of Tokens. I like that they are separated like that but yes the box will make noise if you move it around.

The Gears are plastic and come in a large baggy. There are four colors, Red, Green, Blue and Yellow and all are the same size. Oh and there is a White Gear as well. Each of the 25 Tokens is made out of a thin chipboard it feels like.

Well more like a thin cardboard though they don’t bend easily. They fit nicely on the playing board though which is important. The two dice are 12 sided and slightly smaller than an average D12 is but otherwise pretty standard.

Over all the game is well put together and easy to set up and put away. I love those last two qualities in a game and I value the first highly. No one likes a poorly put together game. Now, let’s learn how the kids win all the time! Er…I mean how to play…


Be the first to get 5 of your gears connected in a row to the White Gear.


Setup is super easy! Put the playing board in the middle of all the players. Now take the Tokens and randomly put one on each column on the board. Now take the White Gear and put it on the column with its matching token.

Everyone chooses a color of Gear and takes all of that color and the youngest player goes first.  That first player rule might be why the Diva likes this game so much…aside from her having a chance at winning against her brother and everyone else. She loves going first…


On your turn you roll both Dice and then make a choice. You can either Place 1 Gear each on the 2 numbers or 1 Gear on the sum of both numbers. If you roll a 3 and a 10 you can either put a Gear on the 3 and one on the 10 OR put 1 Gear on the 13.

You can also choose to Replace someone’s Gear with one of your own as long as you rolled that number or 2 numbers that add up to that number. So if you rolled a 3 and a 10 and you are Blue and there is a Green Gear on the 3 you can take it off and put your own Gear there. You can only Replace ONE Gear on your turn but you CAN Replace 1 Gear and then Place the second if you have that option.

If you Replace the 3 and no Gear is on the 10 you can put your Gear there all on the same turn. If you happen to roll doubles you can only do one or the other of Replace or Place since you can either choose the number or the sum of them. Also, if you roll numbers and you are already on both of them and the sum of them you just don’t get to place anything.

Now something special happens when a player gets all 6 of their color gears on the board. It is called Geared Up and when this happens you do not have to move technically but you have options. You can take one, both or none of the dice you rolled and Replace one of another player’s Gears with one of your own that is already on the board…so you’d move yours. You can also move to an empty spot if you rolled dice to do so.

This is a great way to make a winning move if you have luck with dice….which I don’t…but my kids both do apparently… If you are the one to get a Gear bumped off the board and you HAD 6 and now have 5 on the board you have to play normally and place that one before you can choose to move whichever.

Something to remember, you can actually have a half regular turn, half Geared Up turn in ONE turn.

Depending on the dice you roll, one die could be used to play the final 6th Gear on the board and the other die could be used to move one already in play in the same turn. Yep, Geared Up happens as soon as you have all 6 Gears on the board!


Whoever gets 5 of their Gears linked together with the White wins the game! They just have to be touching one another so you have 5 out of the 6 of your Gears connected to the White Gear.

You apparently also win bragging rights….and a bit of gloating as well when you beat someone who wins almost every game we play…NAME beat their dad…without him easing up…it was hilarious!

There is a bit of planning ahead but you are really at the mercy of the dice which makes this game a fun not heavy on the thinking type of game. I like those because when you have to rely on something like rolling dice it evens the playing field more for Family Game Nights.

The Diva has just as much chance of winning as the Comedian and I still have almost no chance….my game niche is a specific one and this type is not one of them…le sigh…

For homeschoolers or parents who want educational games for their kids this is a great math game for helping with addition with numbers 1-25. Both the kids get a nice review when we play this game and it can also help with probability for older kids.

If you are looking for a great Family game that doesn’t have a lot of setup, is easy to set up and put away and is fun for the whole family every time you play…Fifth Gear is the perfect game for you.

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“The goal is to win, but it is the goal that is important, not the winning.”
~ Reiner Knizia

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