What’s better than playing games? Playing them in the pool! Spot It! Splash!

Recommended Age:7+
Play Time:15 Minutes
Company Site:www.blueorangegames.com
Contents:55 Cards Travel Bag Illustrated Rules
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Blue Orange has a lot of Spot It games but they are all different in their own way which makes each version seem like a new game every time. We have 5 versions now and the newest one we can literally take anywhere. Spot It Splash is a fun new version that is water proof! Yes you can play Spot It in the water!! Brilliant!

First let me tell you how much I love the container. It is a mesh bag! You can take the whole game with its container in the water! The instructions are still paper so you will want to remove those first but the rest of the entire game can go in the water…or snow! I plan on playing in this outside in our snow fort. The best part though is because they are laminate you can literally play anywhere without worrying about cards ripping or getting wet. Downside to laminate is they are hard to shuffle when wet but work pretty easy under water.

 Spills, water, snow, mud, dirt, jelly or anything your kids spill on it won’t matter! I love games like this. I can take it anywhere, my kids love it, I love it and best of all its almost indestructible! I will explain how to play but I will only really cover how we played in the water. Spot It Splash is played the same as other versions except for that whole water part of course. I came up with two ways to play so I will explain those ways. First up a game for kids who can dive.


First things first get in the water! Goggles are important for this version as is the ability to dive to the bottom of whatever pool you are in. Shuffle the deck and set one card aside then deal the rest out to to every person playing. Drop the card you set aside in the pool and everyone else sets their pile on the side of the pool and grabs the top card from their pile. Get ready to play!


Each player takes the top card from their pile and dives down to find a match with the card at the bottom of the pool. The first to find a match grabs the card from the bottom and leaves their card behind. This is an honor system sort of way to play but it is fun, gets the kids in the water and active. Not that you should have much trouble getting kids IN the water…getting them out however might prove a problem.2014-07-10 17.42.11-3 copy

The person who grabbed the card surfaces and sets it in a new pile and grabs their next card from their deck. This keeps going until one player runs out of cards and they are the winner!

My son can do this version though it is a bit tricky for him to get to the bottom of the pool still. My daughter is not quiet able to dive down that deep yet and she plays a mild version of this next way to play. Shallow water time!

Setup: Shallow Water

Again get in the water! This version works in a kiddie pool or even a bath tub. Important part is that kids are in the water but no goggles are needed. Shuffle the cards and pass them out to each player leaving one out for the starter card.


Players take their deck and hold it under water. If they are sitting or kneeling that might be better but the deck has to be under water. If playing with younger kids you can take turns otherwise play as normal but call it out and put the match on the top just like you do normally. Then keep going until someone wins. This is harder than it sounds because the water makes the pictures distorted a bit. My Gentleman and his friend Chica LOVED playing this way in the little pool at our YMCA.

Both of my kids can play this way and in fact I liked playing this way too. It makes it interesting and I get to relax in a pool…in the sun. This game is perfect for anyone who even likes going outside to play but especially those who love swimming. Portable and tons of fun Spot it Splash is the perfect summer (or even winter) game!


“Play gives children a chance to practice what they are learning.”
~ Fred Rogers

Author: sandyz