Enjoy the adventure of camping anywhere with Spot It! Camping!

Recommended Age:7+
Play Time:10-20 minutes
Contents:Rules, 55 Cards
Company Site:us.asmodee.com
Our Recommended Age:3-5+ (With some slight adjustments)
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As you probably know by now we love Spot It! games. We own a decent amount and love playing each of them! With various ways to play Spot It! is one of our favorite go to games and now there is Gone Camping Spot It! and it is perfect for outdoor or indoor fun!

Spot It! is one of those amazing games where it is simple to learn and play but still challenging every time you play it. Easy enough for kids around age 4 (if you take the speed element out of it or give them far fewer cards than everyone else)

There is one and only one match between each and every card. This means no matter what card you have it WILL match to one item on any other card in the game! Take a random card and another random card and find the match. Seriously, there is always a match…go ahead and test this out…I’ll wait…

spotitcampingreview-6Now that you’ve seen the magic for yourself, let’s talk about Gone Camping Spot It! The cards are pretty standard material but are circle shaped and have fun camping related pictures on them. The pictures are cute and are things you might see or do while camping.

The tin is the standard Spot It! style. Round and with a raised or embossed decorated lid that seems hard to open…to me. The size does make it very portable and great for a quick game while waiting in doctors offices!

Just use half the deck or make it first to 10 but even if you start a game you can easily put it in the tin and pick it up again later. We just put the decks facing each other with instructions in between player decks and the main deck.

There is a Frog, Moose, Owl and Mosquito for some animals. A Guitar, Harmonica and Radio for music. Tent, Binoculars, Campfire, S’mores, Log, Flashlight and even a Hiker are on the cards…there is of course a lot more but I didn’t want to spoil all of the pictures.

As with all Spot It! games there are some pictures that are larger and some smaller and it will not be the same size on every card. This is part of the challenge and keeps you on your toes. The colors and pictures do remain the same though so they won’t have a blue and yellow flashlight and then a purple one to match. Pictures are an exact match in this game just the size can and does vary.

Now let’s learn a version of Spot It! Gone Camping!

The Poison Gift – Objective:

Have the least number of cards


Shuffle the cards and put one card face down in front of each player. Put the remaining cards in the middle face up so everyone can reach them. There is no one who goes first so just prepare to look for matches!


Everyone plays at the same time so someone can say “Go” or something like it. We like to yell “Go!” but we try to have an adult be the designated yeller…or it gets crazy.

Everyone looks for a match from their card to the card on the top of the deck. When you find a match you have to call out what it is or as close a description as you can if you aren’t sure what it is. Then you take that card and put it on another player’s pile.

This is why it is called a “Poison Gift”. It is unwanted and bad for you in this game! I love that twist. Usually you have to get the most cards and if you have to get the least you have to run out of cards. I love this way though and this is my favorite version…I’m not evil I swear.spotitcampingreview-12

The next card on the deck is now the top card and the one you need to match. Your top card is the card you need to match and will change if another player finds a match and places a card on your pile…you don’t want that.


Keep playing until the middle deck or Draw Pile is empty. This ends the game and the person with the least amount of cards wins!

Spot It! is one of the few games we can all play together since the Diva is only 6. She has a hard time with speed or strategy still but is learning quickly and with Spot It! she does really well. She is very good at finding patterns or matches! Now let’s learn another way to play!

spotitcampingreview-4Hot Potato – Objective:

Have the least amount of cards after all the rounds are over. You have to agree on how many rounds to play but at least 5 should be played.


Shuffle the cards! (Remember that Austin Powers lady with the loud voice? Use that voice to say this…or at least in your head) Deal one to each player, face down and put the rest aside for a minute or two.

Decide now how many rounds over 5 will be played or just agree to 5. Get ready…


At the same time, like with all Spot It! games (unless you are adjusting for kids under 5, you can take turns there to teach them matches), everyone plays at the same time. Place your card, face down, on the palm of your hand and make your hand flat.spotitcampingreview-14

Everyone should have their hands next to everyone else’s in sort of a circle of hands. The goal is to see everyone’s card and for them to see yours. If you spot a match from your card to another players card yell it out like always only this time put it and any other cards you have in their hand…on top of their current card!

Another twist to the Spot It! we are familiar with…and I like this one too! If you do have more than one card in your hand you only get or have to match the top card so don’t look at the ones under it. Keep going until only one person has cards in their hand…they lose the round.

Set aside the cards in a sort of discard pile and begin a new round with new cards. Do this until you have played all the rounds you agreed to at the beginning.


Once all rounds are done count your cards…unless you can easily tell who has the least amount of cards. That person is the winner! Yay! To be honest this still isn’t always me and when I play with my kids I have to try more now than I used to…I’m proud and maybe a bit frustrated by this…ok maybe just proud.

There are several ways to play Spot It! games and Gone Camping shows you several. This is one of those perfect games to take on an actual camping trip! Great for playing in a tent at night or during the day around meal time or during a rest on a hike!

We don’t get to go camping much..I’m not one with nature…so to speak and prefer glamping but I’m willing to try actual camping…probably next summer…I’m sure I’ll post about it…The other side to that is all of us have allergies…various trees, molds, grass and I’m allergic to bees and wasps so camping could become problematic for us for awhile yet.spotitcampingreview-15

We DO go camping inside our apartment though. Oh yes, we turn our living room into a camping area. Fireplace either has a fire going or the tv has the fireplace thing from netflix hehe…we’ve done that xmas.

Sometimes we pitch our actual tent in our living room or back yard but this time we hung a string across the room and used a sheet to make a “tent”. We had bean bags and sleeping bags and our white xmas lights that are always strung across our ceiling were our stars. It was great!

We told stories, sang songs, and played Spot It! Gone Camping… a lot. Then we even had S’Mores! We used the microwave, which in fact does taste great. I know the taste is a bit different if you use a fire to roast them but really only on the outside..the inside is still the wonderful gooey deliciousness it always was. Now I need a S’more….

We always have so much fun on our indoor camping and now we have the perfect game! Spot It! Gone Camping is portable, lots of fun with various ways to play and perfect for the whole family…or group game night camping or not!

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