Have a roaring good time with Zoomer Chomplingz and Jester!

Recommended Age:5+
Company Site:spinmaster.com
Our Recommended Age:4+ (With some help for either Dino)
Cost:Jester - $99.99 / Chomplingz - $39.99
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Spin Master has some amazing toys and one of our favorites is Zoomer Dino. Now they have even more amazing Zoomer fun with Jester and Chomplingz! Jester is an interactive jokster of a dino and Chomplingz are like having a robot pet dinosaur that plays games and guards things for you! How much more awesome can these Zoomer’s get!?

If you know anything about Zoomer (Review HERE) you know how much fun he can be. Jester and Chomplingz are just as fun but in all new ways. They are two very different dinosaurs but both make us laugh about the same amount…and for different reasons.

smjester&rex (2)Jester is the jokster dino and does a lot of hilarious things that Zoomer does not. It barks like a dog, clucks like a chicken, can go on patrol, and can dance and spin around until he falls down! I love that last one and my kids tend to copy him…which is adorable and fun.

I don’t like the fart feature but the kids seem to think it is hilarious. I guess most kids would but personally I spend enough time trying to get my kids to NOT talk about farts and such…Oh well I guess it could be worse. He does make up for it with the hilarious ability to be hypnotized! It’s pretty fun.

He is built like Zoomer in everything but color…mostly. His body is more angular than Zoomer, which is more rounded. The crests on his head look like large mischievous eyebrows…which crack me up. Generally they are built the same and the balance technology is the same as Zoomer.

smjester&rex (1)Chomplingz on the other hand is nothing like Zoomer or Jester except he is a dinosaur and a robot. He does have sensors on his head for motion detection and his eyes are the same colors as the other two but that is where the similarities end.

He can’t move on his own even though he does have small wheels on the bottom of his feet. You can sort of push him along though which can be amusing. He is VERY interactive though as he won’t do anything unless you are doing something with him. A toy that reacts to being played with! How awesome is that!

You can play a game to see if you are faster than his bite! Simply stick your hand in his mouth (if you push the button on his back and open his mouth) and try to move it faster than he can chomp his teeth. It doesn’t really hurt but he does trick you into thinking he will bite and when you move your hand he laughs at you…my kids love it when I fall for that.

Again the farting and burping I could do without…but again the kids think it is hilarious…and trigger it all the time. You can sort of play catch with him buy initiating the specific mode and just throw the bone in his mouth. He will catch it and if he catches five in a row he gets super excited and chomps rapidly…which is pretty funny and kind of cute.

smjester&rex (4)When he is in a specific mode his eyes change color and he makes sort of weird noises based on where you move your hand across his face. Sort of like an instrument known as the Theremin…which is the coolest instrument ever…and I want one but I have Chomplingz. While it isn’t exactly like an actual Theremin it is close enough for me and the kids…until I can get an actual Theremin some day.

Both dinos are made out of plastic but that nice smooth not cheap kind. Overall they are pretty sturdy and stay on their feet..well Chomplingz Z- Rex does anyway. Jester does fall over…a bit but he can pick himself up which is kind of awesome.

The paint job on Jester is sort of a jagged striped pattern in green and blue. It looks neat and since we have no idea what real dinosaurs look like could be true…but probably not. It is neat though. Chomplingz paint job is more of a camouflage style including the green with brown coloration but it is pretty cute and sort of fitting for him.

I am not sure I can explain just how fun these two are but I am hoping our video can do it better. However, getting Jester to do what we want has proved a bit difficult at times…but we also haven’t become a Dino Master yet…someday though.

As you can see the kids had a great time playing with ALL of the dinosaurs. You can play with Jester with or without other toys, you can play with him with Zoomer for even MORE fun and Chomplingz Z-Rex is just like having a puppy…with sharper teeth and more possibly a better room guard.

Each dinosaur is hours of fun and NEVER gets boring. I think my kids favorite thing is getting Jester angry and unleashing him on someone else’s feet…scared me one time enough to make me jump! Z – Rex’s hand chomp game is their favorite thing and I have to admit it is pretty funny if he tricks you…he laughs.smjester&rex2

Either dinosaur is a perfect gift for any kid who likes dinosaurs, remote control toys or just having silly fun. These are also perfect if you can’t have a real pet! We can’t due to allergies….but Z – Rex is our “puppy” hehe. Grab one or both and enjoy…but watch out for that bite!

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