Destroy the humans! Mars Attacks! Ten Minute Take Down.

Recommended Age:10+
Play Time:10 minutes
Players:2-4 players
Our Recommended Age:4+ (Adult supervision is recommended)
Contents:1 Custom D6, 5 Chipboard Targets, 4 Chipboard Flying Saucers, 1 Rulesheet.
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Mars Attacks Ten-Minute Takedown is a quick, easy to learn and ridiculously fun game by Steve Jackson Games. You are the Martians and your job is to destroy the humans!! Ok…really it is to get the most points by flicking…seriously flicking…a die towards the discs to get points…and conquer Earth.

I’ve never actually played a game where you flick the die…rolling one or more and for all kinds of reasons in a game yes, but never flicking one…on purpose. Mars Attacks Ten-Minute Takedown is a unique game that has you doing exactly that along with moving around the table…which means you don’t even sit to play this game!

The box is a bit big for the parts and a bit flimsy but hasn’t ripped on me yet. We use a baggy to keep all the discs and saucers together so they don’t shake all over and fall out easily. The die is standard die material and the images are embossed? (I think or engraved?) and colored.

sjgmarsattacks10min (11)The pictures on the die are of a Green UFO, a White Martian and an Orange…um…bug? It looks like a bug…we’ll call it a bug. I’ll explain more later but there is only the one die and 15 discs or targets. These discs along with the 4 saucers are made out of the lovely cardboard that isn’t, chipboard.

The saucers are Purple, Green, Orange and Blue and the discs are in sets of 3 with pictures on one side and a solid color on the other. Each disc has a number on it which just shows the order with the outer ring being 1 and inner most ring being 2. The solid side’s number is the points it is worth.

The pictures are great and I’m not going to spoil them but the saucer discs have lines on one side and white circles that make it look like a flying saucer. That is all there is to the game…if you don’t count the instructions that is. Now on to the how to play part!


Be the one with the most points.


First choose your color…I like Orange, Diva gets Purple, The Gentleman gets Blue and the Comedian gets Green…I like these color options.  Get the sets of discs together and select 1 more set then you have players. So if you have 3 players then you will need 4 sets of discs. It doesn’t matter which ones you choose or if they are lined up properly…at least it shouldn’t but it does in our house.

There is a way to setup the discs or targets based on how many people are playing from 2 – 4 and each setup has the discs 1 largest disc size away from each other…you’ll have to check the diagrams to see what I mean and to set up the play area. You will also want to make sure you have enough room to flick a die around a table and a flat enough surface. Card table is probably perfect but that is my opinion.

sjgmarsattacks10min (4)Your saucer goes about an arm’s length from the center target set and is your Base. This is just where you start from every time you will go back to Base…you should also familiarize yourself with the location of Mars. The person closest to it gets to go first! This was fun to figure out…because we HAD to know…


When it’s your turn put the die in the middle of your saucer. Aim for one of the targets and flick it. You can use any type of flicking technique you want but the die has to completely leave your saucer even if the saucer is right next to the disc and the die is on both.

If your die misses every target simply drop your saucer over it so it marks your spot then its the person to your lefts turn. On your next turn you will shoot from this spot which means while you play your saucer could end up all over the play area so make sure you and other players can walk around the table to shoot.

Now when the die falls off the table…and it will at some point by you or someone else…your turn is over and your saucer returns to your base. There can also be an overlap with your saucer and a target…but it can’t stay that way. Put the saucer over the die and if the saucer is on top of a target simply drag it slowly away until the saucer is next to the target instead.sjgmarsattacks10min (3)

When you finally land on a target you will claim the lowest number or largest disc no matter where you land on it. If the die is leaning on the outer target it still counts…lucky us! If the symbol on the die is the same as the target (located on the smallest disc) then you get to flip the disc you get over and get more points!

This is pure luck of the roll but a very neat feature and my son has the most insane luck when it come to doing this…I, however, do not have luck in getting a matching symbol. So if you are like me and don’t get matches…ever….then you simply take the lowest number or largest disc and keep the picture side up. Make a pile for your score discs and remember to keep them with the correct side up.

It is also possible for your saucer to land on someone else’s saucer…the Diva thinks this is a side goal or something. To be fair it COULD be a side goal as it sends the player you land on’s saucer back to its base…guess who she likes to aim for? Her brother! Hahaha…ahem….I’m just happy it isn’t me…yet

Your turn is over after you do that though but your saucer gets to stay in that spot…ok it’s kind of funny. Now if your saucer lands on another person’s saucer AND a target you get the mega win!

sjgmarsattacks10min (12)You send the other player back to their base AND you get the point disc…and if it matches symbols you get even MORE points! I haven’t seen this happen yet but I’m sure it will and it will be one of my kids….cause I have no luck in dice games.


Once all the targets/discs have been claimed by various players simply add up the points that are showing (and hope no one flipped their points to show more or less points than they actually got) and the one with the most points wins! A tie goes to the person who has the most discs and if that is a tie whoever has the most center pieces wins…if you still tie play again or have a battle wits to decide the winner.

I am not the greatest die flicker but I love this game.  It is simple, easy to learn but challenging to master and a great family game night for families/friends with varying levels of gamers or just varying ages. Also, I love games that require you to get up and move around a bit while you play!

Portable, easy to setup and put away, super fun and great for all ages (kids who still put things in their mouth or are under 7 should be supervised).

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“Ack! Ack! Ack!”
~ Marsian Ambassador

Author: sandyz