Work together to put on the best fireworks show in Hanabi!

Recommended Age:8+
Our Recommended Age:6+
Play Time:30 minutes
Awards:2013 Spiel des Jahres winner
Contents:60 Hanabi Cards, 8 Blue Clock Tokens, 4 Black Fuse Tokens, Instructions
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Hanabi is a fantastic cooperative game where your goal is to put together the best fireworks show possible. Sounds simple enough, however, you cannot see your own cards and have to rely on your teammates to know what you have AND you can only be wrong 3 times!

R & R games continues to make quality family fun games and we are so in love with Hanabi. We are always looking for more cooperative games to play on Family Game Nights so we were excited about Hanabi. It is recommended for ages 8+ but the Diva is 6 and can play mostly just fine. I say mostly because she really wants to be able to see her cards. She understands how to play just fine but she needs that reminder not to peek…a lot.

We did play a couple of practice rounds so both kids could get a little experience at telling each other what they have and where it was but then we dove right in! I’d say 6+ is a good age for this game but you might also want to have a practice game…it helped the adults too!

The game comes in a small lift top lid box so it is perfect for traveling. Inside are just two compartments, one for the main deck of cards and one for the cards you can use in advance play and the chipboard Clock and Fuse Tokens. The cards are pretty standard size but slightly sturdier material. Good quality and the artwork is fun and fits the them perfectly.

Simple numbers and fun fireworks decorate each card on one side and then gray fireworks are on the other side…this is the side you have to see..yeah I didn’t like looking at gray but it make the reveals all the more fun for me! There are only the cards and tokens so let’s dive into playing!


Your goal is to work together to get 25 points for your firework show! But if you cannot get 25 points at least do better than 5 which is horrible! or at least don’t explode…


Put the 8 Blue Clock Tokens face up and off to the side where you can all or at least some of you can reach them. The Fuse Tokens get stacked with the longest fuse on top down to the shortest and the Explode Token on the bottom. You probably want to put these near the playing area.

Shuffle the 50 cards and leave out the multi colored fireworks cards for now. These are for advanced play…which we only play with adults for now. Place the deck face down where everyone can reach them and pass out 5 cards to each player if you are playing with 2-3 players and 4 cards if you are playing with 4 or 5 players.

DO NOT LOOK AT YOUR CARDS! You keep them face down and pick them up facing away from you. Yes you do NOT see your own cards but you do see everyone else’s cards. To peek would bring dishonor to you and your family! And also be cheating…

You are now set up and ready to go. The player who has the most colorful clothing goes first!


On your turn you must complete only one of three actions. You can give one piece of information by taking a Blue Token from the table and put it in the lid of the box and then you can tell another player something about their cards. You must clearly point out the cards that you are giving info on though…literally you point to them so the player knows what you are talking about.

You may only give information on one specific color or value. ONLY ONE and the information has to be complete meaning if a player has 3 Blue Fireworks you have to point to all 3. You cannot give information if there are not Blue Tokens on the table though.

Another option for your turn is to Discard a Card. You literally can choose to discard any card in your hand and this also lets you put a Blue Token back on the table from the lid.

Then take a new card from the deck…remember no peeking. If all the Blue Tokens are on the table you cannot choose this action.

The last option on your turn is to play a card. Simply take one from your hand and put it on the table…and hope it fits! If it begins, adds to or completes a firework it gets added to that row.

Usually near the Deck and Fuse Tokens and have 1 Row per color which should start with the number 1 and go to 5 to complete it. If you succeed and get to do this yay you! Also, draw another card.

However, if you chose poorly…you are the weakest link! Not really but you do have to discard that card and remove the top Fuse Token and put it in the lid of the box. You only get to make 3 mistakes before you explode!…and lose. There is only 1 firework of each color and make sure you place them in order, 1,2,3,4 and 5.

When someone completes a firework (by places the 5 card) they move a Blue Token from the lid to the table and you don’t have to discard! It’s like a special treat for making a firework! It might sound confusing but it really isn’t….once you play you’ll see what I mean.


So there are 3 ways to end the game…not win just end the game. You end the game AND lose if the last Fuse Token gets removed and you reveal the Explode Token…make a Kaboom sound when that happens.

However, the game ends and you get a stunning victory if you manage to complete all 5 fireworks! We don’t do that often but we have had it happen!

Making all 5 gets you the max score of 25 which leads to the third way to end the game. You can end the game when a player takes the last card from the deck.

All players, including the current one, gets one more turn but you cannot pick up any new cards…duh the pile is empty…ok moving on..Once you are done add up your score and find it on the Overall Impression chart in the instructions. We’ve seen amazing but also mediocre.

The scores vary which is nice as it is never the same game twice! You can add in the Multicolor cards for an advanced version of the game but again we haven’t done that with our kids just yet…though we will be soon. You can read up on that on your own though.

Any player can rearrange their hand at any time to help you remember…just no peeking. You an peek at the discard pile at any time though! This might help when figuring out what to discard on another turn. Also, communication is key to this game but you need to be careful of cheating. You can ask “Do you remember what you have?” but probably not say “Don’t forget those are 4’s” on another turn…set rules ahead of time for that sort of thing.

Hanabi is a great cooperative game and perfect for Family Game Nights! You can take it with you easily and the setup is pretty quick. It is also easy to learn with enough of a challenge to keep adults wanting to play!

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“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.”
~ Pablo Picasso

Author: sandyz