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It’s Gen Con time! This year for Gen Con we’re doing something a little different: over the next four days (the Best Four Days!) we’ll be highlighting five of our favorite family game companies to showcase their awesomeness! Yes 5…because I want to that’s why. The first up (these are in no particular order) is R&R Games.

R&R Games was established in 1996 and since then has created and published tons of toys and games for all ages. We’ve been enjoying R&R’s games for years and especially love the huge variety. Their games cover all sorts of different mechanics so they never feel like just another version of the same game. You can really tell how much time and thought goes into their games just by playing them.

Thanks to that variety there’s an R&R game for pretty much every age and interest. From quick straight-forward games for kids all the way up to deep strategic games for adults, R&R has put out a ton of great products and as gamers with kids (who are also gamers) we can really appreciate a company that covers such a wide range.

Some of their games we’ve been lucky enough to review include:

Too Many Cooks

Too Many Cooks is in fact a fun game by R&R Games that has you making soups using silly ingredients. Of course there is a catch for how to play and how you get points but that is part of the fun too.


Hearts of Attraction

Hearts of Attraction is a simple heart collecting game using magnets. Very easy to learn and very fun to play! R&R Games certainly knows how to make wonderful games for all ages and Hearts of Attraction is a favorite for our whole family!


Flipping Flags
Flipping Flags by R & R Games is a fast-paced matching game that is also a great way to learn the flags of the world. Everyone flips over a card and your goal is to be the first to identify the country that has a set of matching flags first. Get the most cards to win!



Learn more about these great games and more at their website and check them out on Twitter @RnRGames and Facebook

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