Get to Grandma’s house before the Wolf does in Little Red Riding Hood!

Recommended Age:7+
Play Time:20 minutes
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Our Recommended Age:6+ (For experienced gaming kids)
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Iello has another great game for their “Tales & Games” series and quickly becoming our favorite of them all. Like the others in the series there is an adaptation of the story that comes with it. Little Red Riding Hood has two ways to play and both involve trying to beat the Big Bad Wolf to Grandma’s House!

The game is meant for ages 7+ and I would say that is a good recommendation for Mode 2, however, Mode 1 is more cooperative and kids about 6 years old could play. I’m not sure how 5 year olds would do but if they are experienced gamers and can focus of course they could probably learn the cooperative way to play but would need a little help.

As with all the Tales & Games series Little Red Riding Hood comes in a box shaped like a book. I LOVE this look and it is super easy to store on a shelf. It opens up like a book too, although I’d lay it flat before you opened it. The pieces do not seem to move around while closed but might fall out if opened while upright.

ridinghoodreviewThe lid stays closed with a magnet and on the inside has the board setup for both versions.The game board is small and in fact only folds in half to fit in the book box but the artwork is cute and fitting for the game. I especially love the detail included. There are various animals, a gnome and even red eyes in a tree!

I believe it is made out chipboard and then has the artwork printed and applied to the board. The rest of the materials besides the cards and Wolf and Red are made out of similar material that is cardboard but isn’t…I assume chipboard as well.

The cards are standard card material and the characters are made out wood with stickers of the Wolf and Red that you apply when you first open the box.

The game is very well made and I would expect nothing less from Iello. All of the games we have played and own are of high quality as well. Even the box is well put together, fits the game’s theme and holds everything in a very (OCD pleasing) organized way. Now let’s see how to play.


I am going to only cover Mode 1 but I might mention Mode 2 differences here and there. Mode 1 is the cooperative version and Mode 2 has one player as the Wolf against other players. The Gentleman actually likes this mode and will play with Chica or adults but the Diva can really only play Mode 1 for now…which is fine as she is only 5.

So for Mode 1 first remove the card numbered 7 from the path Deck (this is the deck where all the cards have numbers on them). Shuffle the rest of those cards and place them face down. This is the main deck you will use.

Put all the number tokens next to this deck. We keep the number one just to the left or right of the deck as you will always have at least that spot filled. There is a visual on the inside of the box for how to best set up the game area which has the deck and numbered tokens along the bottom of the game board.

ridinghoodreview (2)The tokens that look like picnic basket on one side should be shuffled and have that side face up in a pile towards the top of the board next to the picnic basket tile. There are 4 tokens that have ? on them, shuffle those and place them face down on their spots on the game board. Put the Wolf on his starting spot and choose either the Green (Not so Easy) or the Red (Super Tough) spot for Red.

Follow a diagram and shuffle things. Pretty easy and the Gentleman (age 7) and Chica (age 8) can mostly set the game up themselves. That’s all there is to it. Youngest player goes first or you could roll for it…which we tend to.


For the very first turn in Mode 1 the first player takes the top card from the Path deck and flips it face up to the right of the deck under the number 1 token. Count the flowers on the card and place that many Gathering tokens (the picnic ones) on that card still face down.

Then, the first player takes the first official turn which all other players will also take after them.

During the rest of the game for each turn you have a choice to either Continue Gathering or to Stop Gathering. If you Continue Gathering then take the top card in the Path deck. IF your card is equal to or greater than the number in the spot recently placed then put it in the number 2 spot and put the required amount of Gathering tokens on topridinghoodreview (3).

Assuming that the card is equal to or greater than the card you just played you can put the Gathering tokens equal to the number of flowers on the card, face down on the card.

Shuffle if need be for either deck or tokens. If you flip Little Red Riding Hood (number 8) then you can flip over any face down Gathering tokens and move Red that many spaces. Flowers move her and pebbles do nothing.

These flipped up tokens stay that way and you can continue gathering. The Owl (card 7) means you can look at the bottom Path card and tell the other players what it is. Put it back on the bottom and do not change the order of the deck or cards. If it is the last card then you can shuffle the deck before you peek.

If the card is LESS than the number in the previously played spot then you are done gathering and Red does NOT move. Then you have to discard all the played Path cards including the one that failed face down to the left of the deck, discard the Gathering tokens face down without peeking and move the Wolf one space. Ouch…Then start the round by having the next player flip the first card and continue playing.ridinghoodreview (4)

If you choose to Stop Gathering you will not draw any more Path cards. Flip over all the Gathering tokens then count the flowers and move Red that many spaces on the board. Pebbles mean nothing and the Wolf moves one space.

Then discard the Gathering tokens and the Path cards face down in their spots and continue the game by flipping the top card in the Path deck again. This is the Gentleman’s favorite part.

You can choose to take the shortcut down the Wolf’s path if you want to (my kids never do) but if the Wolf lands on your spot you lose…cause he eats you. You cannot take the shortcut if the Wolf has passed that spot though…which means he probably eats you anyway later…maybe not but probably…

At any point after you stop Gathering you can choose to eat the Pastry or the Tub of Butter (ewww) to move Red one extra space. If you do use them they are out of the game though…and Grandma won’t like that you did that…I think they were for her. The Gentleman and Chica almost never uses this but the Diva likes to suggest it a lot…she just likes the Pastry…who doesn’t?ridinghoodreview (5)


When either the Wolf or Red reach a space with a Destination tile, or the ones with the ? on them flip it over to see what it is. If it shows an empty path spot then continue the game like normal. If it shows Grandma’s cottage the game is over.

If the Wolf gets there first you lose and Grandma gets eaten…way to go. The Gentleman and Chica actually lost the game we played for this post….sad day.

If Red reaches the cottage first then you win, YAY you! The peasants (and Grandma) rejoice! But wait…there’s more.

You can actually determine the magnitude of your victory based on various things! So you could win or WIN!!! You get the Super Victory if you brought both the Pastry and the Butter with you, the Less-Super Victory if you used only one and the Not-super Victory if you used both…Grandma is now suspicious and hungry.

ridinghoodreview (6)You can also use points which is explained in the instruction book. We don’t usually use points and instead focus on yay we won or darn Grandma got eaten…Grandma gets eaten a lot when we play…Red is just so slow.

Mode 2 plays similar except the Wolf is played by a person and gets to choose their cards. There are several other differences but I won’t get into that. The Gentleman really likes playing as the Wolf but the Diva sticks to the cooperative Mode 1. You also use the Character cards in Mode 2 but not Mode 1.

The trees are useless except have a nice touch for the game. I love that Iello adds little details like that to their games. The Tales & Games series seems to play out like a pop up book which I also love…I seriously cannot get enough of this series.

Little Red Riding Hood is a great game for Family Game Nights or a quick and casual game to play randomly with kids or friends. With two options to play and even suggested changes to make the game more interesting and fun this game will never feel repetitive and kids will want to play it over and over…but that’s ok as this is one you will enjoy playing over and over and over…ielloridinghoodreview2Show us your happy ending to this classic tale….or show us that the Big Bad Wolf wins! @MyGeeklings @iellogames

“You can find magic wherever you look. Sit back and relax, all you need is a book.”
~ Dr. Seuss

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