Our Musical Adventure at Rhythm Discovery Center in Indianapolis

Phone:(317) 275-9030
Company Site:rhythmdiscoverycenter.org
Location:110 W Washington Street, Suite A, Indianapolis, Indiana
Hours:Mon - Sat: 10:00 am - 5:00 pm Sun: 12:00 pm - 5:00 pm
Cost:Adults: $10 Kids (ages 5 and under) - Free Seniors - $8
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The Rhythm Discovery Center is the world’s foremost percussion museum and it is located in downtown Indianapolis! They have artist performances, it’s educational and extraordinarily hands on for all ages…they also offer ear plugs for anyone who would like them.

We don’t play or have access to a lot of instruments in our house but we all love music of all kinds. My kids especially love drums, singing and guitars. I’m more of a piano person but always wished I could play the drums…it did look really cool after all. Rhythm Discovery Center gave all of us a chance to play a little bit of everything…and singing just happens everywhere.

2015-03-06 11.34.21-1 copyIt is a little tricky to find but it is literally under the Weber Grill and Panera Bread on the corner of Illinois and Washington Streets which has a sky walk to the mall parking garage. Talk about convenient location! It doesn’t look like it is very big but don’t let that fool you. It is pretty big once you start exploring and playing and there really is a lot to see and do..and play.

The staff at the counter will happily answer any questions you have and let you know what is going on for the day there or you can start your adventure off to the left! They do inform you of the No Touching Rule. This applies to anything on a stage or behind rope…and of course in glass cases. There are signs that say Please Do Not Touch (or something like that) to help you remember.2015-03-06 11.54.53 copy

You can understand why when you what you cannot touch. Drum set from the Beatles? Like an actual set of drums from the Beatles….I had a hard time not touching those. I wanted to sit behind them for a pick BUT I didn’t…cause it isn’t allowed.

Did you know that Ludwig Super Classic kit with its Oyster Black Pearl finish was a favorite of Ringo Starr? Me either but Ludwig had to increase production because at the time everyone wanted the drums that Ringo used!

There were a TON of things you could touch though which was amazing. They also had all kinds of information about where a lot of the instruments came from and how they are made.

For example, I now know that wood instruments belong to the family of Idiophones as do most metal instruments. I also learned what an idiophone was! They are instruments that their entire body vibrates to make the sound!

These are instruments that shake, or you hit with your hand or a stick or that you crash two of the same together like cymbals. I seriously would never have known that but it was there on a sign with a question of can you find more…I did.

They had a circle of drums in a large room with one in the center where they do performances. We met up with friends to play and all the kids had a blast playing all of them. They all had a blast playing everything and anything though.

There were electronic drum sets with headphones, hand drums, huge drums, steel drums, xylophones, tam tams, gongs, marimbas, tambourines, maracas and shakers of all kinds and real drums in sound proof rooms. They were Sound-Isolating Practice rooms with Virtual Environment Technology by Wenger Corporation.

2015-03-06 12.21.18-2 copyI mentioned they offered ear plugs right? Great service but luckily we didn’t need them. Don’t get me wrong it was loud but I’m used to loud…my kids only have that volume and their other is asleep. The sound proof drum rooms had symbols large drum sets and a few other things to play and were a favorite spot.

These rooms were right by a play anything section with all kinds of instruments kids and adults could try out. Cow bells, tambourines, shakers, drums, and a large xylophone.

We spent the most time there but my favorite part was the drums set up to move a wall of metal coins. Coin shaped disks hung on a wall a little ways from a series of drums. When you played them the coins shook and it was glorious!

I’m pretty sure we played every instrument possible twice and I know I cannot describe our experience well enough which is why I made a video! Check out our adventure at Rhythm Discovery Center!

How awesome is that place?! I had no idea this place was there but we are so glad we discovered them and had a chance to visit! They even have a store where you can buy small instrument, shirts, sheet music and lots of other fun things! Rhythm Discovery Center is truly a musical adventure of your own making for music lovers of all ages.

Here is a gallery of our adventure at Rhythm Discovery Center.

“We are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of dreams.”
~ Roald Dahl

Author: sandyz