Defend your city and conquer the galaxy in We Come in Peace!

Recommended Age:8+
Play Time:15-30 minutes
Our Recommended Age:6+ (Might need help)
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Rather Dashing’s We Come in Peace is a crazy fun game where your goal is to kill everyone and conquer the galaxy! Ok maybe it’s to get the most points but it IS crazy fun. You have to defend an attack, attack if you can and then rebuild your cities…if you can and all in one turn!

We Come in Peace is a great game for ages 6+. It is recommended for ages 8 and up but the Diva can play just fine…although we did have to walk her through it for the first game. There is no reading aside from the rules so as long as your child can understand the mechanics of the game, they can play. My whole family loves this game and it’s a favorite at Family Game Nights.

The pieces are pretty high quality which is what I’ve come to expect from Rather Dashing. The Planets, Cores, Staging Board and Cities are all made out of chipboard and the Dice are embossed…engraved…I really need to learn what that term is…

rdwecomeinpeacereview-3The artwork is a perfect fit to the theme of the game. That brilliant mix of comic and cartoon that is both adorable and feisty at the same time. I love the flip side of the Cores! The box is a standard lift top box with an insert inside that holds all the dice and the Cities and Cores. The Planets and the Staging Board sit nicely on top of the insert. Over all very well made game…but you want to know how to play…


Be the player with the most points at the end of 3 rounds.


Each player gets a Planet and 12 Cities and 1 Sector Die. You also get a 1 Core which has the characters on them so we usually let everyone pick which one they want…the Planets have a color in the middle that pretty much means nothing but you can let them pick that too…or just deal them out.

The Core goes in the center of the Planet with the Green or undamaged side up and the Cities, also Green/Undamaged side up and in their correct spots on the Planet. Now figure out who goes first…roll dice, paper rock scissors, first to yell “I go first!” or however you want to do it. Whoever is first gets to put the Staging Board by them.

The Staging Board should be set up for all three rounds with the Invasion dice and Defense Dice. Put one of each color of Invasion dice on Round 2 and Round 3 along with 1 Defense Die for each Round.  There should be 3 Invasion Dice and 3 Defense Dice left. These will be used for Round 1. You can line them up on Round 1 if you want…while you wait to begin.


First you have to roll the Invasion Dice. The Invasion Dice determine how much damage and what color you are being attacked with. These are always rolled by the Player to the Right of the Current Player. They roll the 3 Invasion Dice and then the Current Player rolls the 3 Defense Dice.

The Defense Dice are used defend against Flying Saucers, can be used to rebuild cities or even attack other Players’ Planets. You can re-roll any or all or none if you choose of the Defense Dice but only 3 times. Simply set aside any you wish to keep and re-roll any you want up to the 3 times. Now the fun part!

rdwecomeinpeacereview-31On the Invasion Dice you will see Blue, Yellow or Red flying saucers in groups of 1, 2 or 3. On the Defense Dice you will see the same color of flying saucers but they will be in a star burst. These Blaster (the starburst) cancel out 1 Flying Saucer of the same color on the Invasion Dice. It is a 1 to 1 kind of thing in Round 1 so 1 Blaster cancels just ONE Flying Saucer.

You can use more than one Defense Die to counter one Invasion Die though. So if the Invasion Die has 3 saucers you can use 3 Defense Dice to cancel out the ONE Invasion Die. You cannot, however, use ONE Defense to counter more than 1 Invasion Die.

There is the symbol called Interceptor that looks like an old Galaga spaceship which can cancel out one Invasion Die regardless of color or how many saucers are on it…I love when I roll those.

Now for the bad part…any Flying Saucers that have not been cancelled out, or repelled, by the Defense Dice are now doing damage to your cities…ouch. Each saucer does 1 point of damage but you have to Roll your Green Sector Die to determine where the damage is done. You notice those numbers on the outside of your Planet? Those are your Sectors. Roll the Sector Die for each Invasion die that is doing damage but NOT each Flying Saucer.rdwecomeinpeacereview-8

Damage by 1 point flips the city to Red to show it is damaged but 2 points will remove the city completely. Cores, unfortunately, work the same way. One point to flip it and two points to remove it.

This is especially bad because not only are the Cores worth more points but without it then any damage supposed to go to a Core will go through it and hit cities on the other side…though no damage is done if there are not cities on the other side and the Core is missing. Not that you want that to happen…but bright side?

You can now attack other players but only if you kept any Defense Dice with Missiles (looks like a rocket). Roll the Sector Die to determine where the Missiles hit on other Players Planets. Each Player then rolls their Sector Die. You are basically attacking everyone at son loves this part.

If their roll matches yours then they take no damage…this happens to me way too’s embarrassing really. To add insult to injury they also get a free Rebuild action! It’s worth only 1 point in Round 1 but can be anywhere on their Planet including their Core….yeah I helped my son get his Core back a couple times…he thinks it is hilarious…rdwecomeinpeacereview-18

Assuming a miracle happened and you have any Rebuild actions (on the Die it looks like a city in a dome) you can now Rebuild your cities or Core. Round 1 Rebuilds are worth 1 point so you can either flip a damaged city back to Green or put a city back on your Planet but as damaged.

You could spend 2 points, if you have them, to put a city back undamaged. You can repair or rebuild any city you want in any order and the Core is treated the same as a city…choose wisely.

Every Player gets a turn to do ALL of that and once everyone has had their turn Round 1 is over and Round 2 begins. Now it gets even MORE interesting! Play is basically the same but now you get to add the Dice that are on the Staging Board for Round 2. There should be 3 Invasion Dice and 1 Defense Die…that is a total of 6 Invasion Dice and 4 Defense Dice.

The Defense scale also goes up so each Blaster is worth 1 point in Round 1 but now in Round 2 they are worth 2 points! Rebuilds and Missiles are also all worth 2 points now instead of 1. Round 3 is the same as Round 2. Add the dice from the Staging Board and you now have a total of 9 Invasion Dice and only 5 Defense Dice but in this final round everything is worth 3 points!

Basically in Round 3 one Blaster can cancel out a set of 3 Flying Saucers on one Invasion Dice! This helps a LOT…not me usually but it helps. My son seems to really get lucky on his rolling later in the game…well the WHOLE game really…he might be better at gaming than I am…I’m so proud! (and only a little annoyed.)rdwecomeinpeacereview-22


After Round 3 is over everyone adds up their points. Every undamaged City is worth 2 points while every damaged City is worth 1 point. If your Core is undamaged (I think I had that happen just a couple times) is worth 5 points! However, if you are like me you usually end up with a damaged Core which is only worth 1 point…ouch.

As usual the Player with the most points wins! In the event of a tie the rules have the two who tied actually take a sort of turn to determine a winner. Take turns rolling Invasion Dice for Missile Attacks and the other Player rolls to counter and Rebuild. Keep doing that until a winner is declared. We haven’t had a tie yet.

We Come in Peace is a great game for any game night. It’s a fast-paced, fun dice game of interplanetary warfare!

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