Be the scariest Ghost around in Graveyards, Ghosts, & Haunted Houses.

Recommended Age:8+
Play Time:20-30 Minutes
Our Recommended Age:5+ (with a bit of help)
Game Designer:Mike Richie and Grant Wilson
Contents:4 Haunted Houses, 8 Paranormal Investigators, 8 Gravestones, 8 Meddling Kids, 58 Playing Tiles
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Rather Dashing Games has made some of our favorite games of all time and now on our list is Graveyards, Ghosts and Haunted Houses. The sequel to another family favorite, Pirates, Ninjas, Robots, and Zombies except a little bit different and not just because the characters are different this time around!

Graveyards, Ghosts and Haunted Houses is also the second in their Drawn & Quartered series of tile laying games. It is recommended for ages 8+, however, my Diva, age 5 can play just fine…well maybe she needs reminding a bit but I think that is more of her focus issues…cause she’s 5.

The tokens are new, and instead of playing a larger tile along your path you play a Haunted House on top of some tiles but the game play is roughly the same as the previous game. Few exceptions but all the fun…or maybe more even than Pirates, Ninjas, Robots, and Zombies.

rdgghhreview (1)It comes in a similar box as the first with new art of course. Lift top lid and the same size as the other with an insert to help with the tiles. All pretty sturdy and not easily ripped..which I like in a box with a lift top lid. The tiles and tokens are chipboard and very well made as well.

The artwork, as I mentioned, is different and very fitting for this game. Cartoonish but fun and I LOVE the ghosts…they are supposed to be scary…or not but I think they are adorable…probably shouldn’t say that to a ghost though….now on to how to play!


Become the scariest ghost in the graveyard by getting the most points.


Well it’s pretty simple. Choose a Ghost and take it’s house. Your options are Orange, Green, Blue, or White or Scaredy, Grandpa, Sad Ghost and the Bride as my kids call them…those probably aren’t their names though. If you are playing with just 2 players you would each get 2 Ghosts.

Each player then gets 2 each of the Paranormal Investigators, Meddling Kids and Gravestones…no fancy names here the kids call them those names except the kids..they just call them scared kids hehe. In a 2 player game each player gets 4 tokens of each.

Shuffle the tiles and give 3 to each player and then put the rest of the stack (you should make a stack or two) off to the side but where players can reach it. Decide who goes first in whatever you normally do such things…we roll dice or specifically paper, rock, scissors dice. Now you are ready to play!



On our turn you will play a tile from your hand or play your Haunted House tile (you can also choose to move it!). You can pretty much play this tile wherever. The colors do not need to match but you do get more points if it is on your longest section though. It DOES lock the tiles it is on and cannot be moved so pay it carefully.

rdgghhreview (6)There is no board since the tiles you play make the board as you go but they do have to be placed a certain way. Orthogonally is a fantastic word! You have to place tiles orthogonally or in other words the tile you place has to be connected to the rest of the tiles by one full edge and not diagonally or a half edge or one square.

No images need to match any other image but since you get points based on your longest string of your Ghost color you want to try to make YOUR colors match up somehow.

Some tiles have symbols on them and I should probably tell you about those now. Both of my kids understand the Actions but the Dive will need reminding now and then…the Gentleman however gets better every time we play…and won by ONE point the last time we all played!

Rotate – This looks like a Green arrow circling on itself. When you play a tile with this on it you can rotate any 1 tile that is not locked (Locked is having a Token or Haunted House on it) OR you can move 1 Token already in play to another spot that doesn’t have a Token or Haunted House of course.rdgghhreview (18)

Swap – This one has a Red and Blue square on it with a Green arrow pointing to both and when you play this one you can swap and rotate any 2 unlocked tiles in play or swap any 2 tokens in play.

Replace – This one has 3 squares in Red, Yellow, and Blue and has a Green arrow pointing up. This one lets you take any unlocked Tile from the played area and put it in your hand and then replace it in its exact spot with a tile from your hand…a different one of course. You can also replace a Token from play with one from your hand…this is extremely helpful!

Place Token – This is a white circle with an orange ring around it and it means what it says. You can place a Token on any tile that is not locked. The Diva loves this option as she enjoys placing her Tokens…usually to cause trouble for someone else.

Once you have played your tile..hopefully to help you in some way then you draw another Tile and your turn is over. If you play a Tile with an Action you can choose to do that as well…or not and you can only choose ONE Action if you have two options.

rdgghhreview (24)Winning:

The game ends when the last Tile is drawn and everyone has played ONE more Tile…or Haunted House of course. Then you add up scores by first finding the section with the most points…this doesn’t always mean the longest although usually it does. The Diva had almost as many points as us with half the area!

Each Ghost is worth 1 point, Each Meddling Kids is worth 3 points and if the Haunted House is on this same section then each of their Ghosts that it is on is worth 2 points instead of 1. Keep in mind the Graveyard Tokens Block a path…like a wall and effectively cut off the section. The Paranormal Investigators are worth MINUS 3 points each!

The person with the most points wins! If you are playing with just 2 people then BOTH Ghosts sections are added separately and then added together. It doesn’t say what to do in place of a tie but I say play again for a tiebreaker! It is what we have done.

I am not sure I can accurately tell you how great it is to find a game that is easy to learn for all of us, can be played by all of us without much stress or constant watching of the littlest and is seriously fun for all of us! Graveyards, Ghosts and Haunted Houses is the perfect game for Game Nights, Family Game Nights or just relaxing and playing a game with your SO.

Show us your scariest Ghost face! Or your scared of a Ghost face! @MyGeeklings #GGHH @RatherDashingrdgghhreview2

“That’s the real trouble with the world, too many people grow up.”
~ Walt Disney , attributed, The Quotable Walt Disney

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