Compete for the best tavern in all the land in Four Taverns!

Recommended Age:12+
Play Time:20-60 Minutes
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Rather Dashing Games is by far one of our favorite game companies and I am pretty sure they don’t have game we don’t like. Four Taverns gives you control of your own tavern and you have to fire adventures to complete quests which in turn give you renown…which is what you need the most of in order to win.

Four Taverns is meant for 2-4 players and although the age says 12+ any kid who understands strategy games could probably play this one easily enough. My Gentleman is 7 and loves it and yes we explained what a tavern was and how for kid adventurers they serve sprite and chocolate milk…I mean we don’t know that they wouldn’t right?

rdfourtavernreviewAside from the box being way to big for the game parts, Four Taverns is mostly cards and chipboard coins. Quality parts which is what I’ve come to expect from Rather Dashing Games. Their games are always well made and we seriously have not played one we didn’t like…and we have played all of them….yes all of them.

The box is standard lift the top off type of box that doesn’t tear when I open it, which is awesome….or I’ve gotten better…or both. Aside from typical quality parts the artwork is great and fits the game style well. I actually love that the art looks like it was done in pencil.

There are 3 types of cards and then of course the coins I mentioned. The Quest cards are the slightly larger ones and then there are the Tavern and Adventurer cards which are standard card size. All made out of the same card type material and have interesting art and wording on them.

If you read all of the Quest cards you will see what I mean. They give you a quest so you know what you are earning Renown and Gold for but the paragraph is actually fun and if you want can add more fun to the game…if you like LARPing or just pretending without the dressing up to be an adventurer =D.

You probably want to know what Renown is and I assume you know what Gold coins are…it’s money…in case you didn’t…ahem…let’s see how to play shall we?


Be the first player to reach 20 Renown by completing quests.


Of course shuffling is involved but first everyone chooses a Tavern and gets all the cards of that color. There should be 3 Quest Marker cards (you won’t need these if playing a two player game but we use them for practice) and 4 level cards. Everyone starts at level 1 so just put that one on top and put the other levels under that one.

NOW shuffle the Quest cards and then split it up into 3 equal face down piles or only 2 if playing with just 2 people. Put these in the middle of the playing area so all can reach them. Next up shuffle the Adventurer deck and pass out 4 cards face down to each player and put the rest of the deck in the middle near the Quest decks.

Each player gets 5 Gold and the rest are in the “bank” by the Adventurer deck. Decide who goes first however you normally do it. Youngest, oldest, longest hair, person who has the best pirate accent OR just roll a die like we do…although the best pirate accent is fun….but the Comedian usually wins that contest.

rdfourtavernreview (2)Play:

Now for the fun part! Literally…cause playing is the fun part..get it? I’ll stop…for now. The goal is to get the most Renown which you earn by completing Quests which you complete by hiring Heroes and Champions from cards in your hand which you get by drawing on your turn….got all that?

On your turn first draw two cards from the Adventurer deck and then play cards from your hand. You can play as many or as little cards as you want provided you have the required gold. Choosing not to play cards is also an option and in my case a necessity…often…the Gentleman thinks its kind of funny when I can’t do anything for a few turns. Brief pause for card description:

There are 5 types of cards in the Adventurer deck. Hero, Champion, Monk, Action and Reshuffle Cards and here is what they all do:rdfourtavernreview (3)

Hero Cards – There are 4 types of Heroes and each card has a number on it in the color circle in the top left of the card. Warriors are Red, Wizards are Blue, Clerics are Green, and Rogues are Brown. Each of these will cost 1 Gold to the bank in order to play on a Quest.

Champion Cards – Champions come in 6 types, Alchemists, Bards, Druids, Paladins, Rangers, and Swashbucklers. Each Champion card will have two different Hero colors on it and will count for all of those colors on any Quest they are played.

This means if you have a Quest that requires 1 Red, 3 Blue, 2 Green and 2 Brown and you play a Druid you would only need 1 Red and 2 Brown to complete this Quest.

You COULD play a Druid and a Swashbuckler and complete a Quest with 2 cards and 4 Gold.  Each Champion costs 2 Gold to play. The Gentleman did this and proclaimed me “owned” which may have been the first time he used that term correctly….unfortunately for me…but he does like playing Cursed Dagger….

rdfourtavernreview (4)Monk Cards – This card can fulfill ANY two types of Heroes on a Quest and costs 2 Gold. However, in a game with more than 2 players you pay the player with the least amount of Gold instead of the bank.

Action Cards – You can play these cards on either your turn or another player’s turn and do not cost Gold. Simply read the card and use when you want/need to.

Reshuffle – As soon as one of these is drawn the game pauses and you shuffle the Adventurer deck and the discard pile together and then take another card off the top to replace the Reshuffle card. Then play continues as normal.

Now that you know what all the cards can do (I’m not explaining the Action cards…just read them) let’s finish learning about a turn. So after drawing your two cards you can play cards. If you choose to play any Adventurer Cards on the Quest cards you need to have the correct amount of Gold first. Pay this to the bank and then lay your Quest Marker card down next to the Quest card you want to try for. THEN pay for and lay down as many Adventurers as you want…that you can afford.rdfourtavernreview (5)

You can play on as many Quest Cards as you want provided you can afford them and you can play as many Action Cards as you have that you want to. Once you are done playing whatever cards you want (or don’t want) you have to make sure you only have as many cards in your hand that are allowed. Find this info on your current Tavern Level…on the card…then discard down to that number.

At any time during your turn you can sell 2 cards to the Discard pile for 1 gold, OR spend 2 gold to buy 1 card from the Adventurer Deck. You can only do this ONE time per turn though.

If you complete a Quest card by playing the correct number of each color shown then you take that card and lay it in front of you, get the amount of Gold shown in the top right from the bank and make some sort of braggin comment…or not…your choice. Flip the next Quest Card in that pile and play continues as normal.

rdfourtavernreview (1)Keep the cards face up so you know how many Renown you have at any time. You can also keep playing cards if you can afford them but you CANNOT use any Gold you just obtained from completing a Quest.  You only get the Renown, Gold and Quest card AFTER your turn is over.

I have to keep reminding my son that the Gold is not the actual point of the game…kid loves his Gold…Also, keep in mind other players can and will be playing their Adventurers on those Quests as well!

One Quest card has you slay a dragon for 6 Renown and 10 gold! But that will cost you 5 Red, 3 Blue, 3 Green and 3 Brown Adventurers.

Festival Quests are only worth 1 Renown and 5 Gold but also only cost 1 of each color Adventurer. I love the quest descriptions! They are great, seriously.

My favorite is the Enchanted Tower Quest that is worth 7 Gold and only 3 Renown but the wording…the wording ends with “Whoever rescues her (the Princess) will be greatly rewarded, as long as the Princess isn’t in another castle!”rdfourtavernreview (6)

OMG that cracked me up! True Mario fans will understand that one. Some young folk might not get it…sigh..


The game ends when one player gets 20 (or more) Renown..and is the winner. That’s it…no points to add up or anything to check…just first to 20 Renown is the winner. Ta DA!

I don’t know what that is like yet but the Comedian and the Gentleman both do…in fact I think the Gentleman might know the most right now…how is he always so good at these games! I’m both proud and frustrated at the same time.

Four Taverns is an amazingly great game by a company we love, Rather Dashing. (I even love the name!) It is all kinds of fun, great for many ages and many level of gamers and is the perfect game for Family game nights…well families of 4or less…maybe they’ll make a 6+ player expansion?

Show us your winning Tavern (in the game…not a real Tavern please) @MyGeeklings @RatherDashingrdfourtavernsreview2

“We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.”
~ George Bernard Shaw

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