Cross the laser field & diffuse the bomb to save the day in Chrono Bomb!

Players:1 or more.
Recommended Age:7-11 years
Play Time:20-40 minutes
Cost:$19.99 ([rice may vary)
Contents:Instructions, Game Pieces, Timer
Note:Requires three AAA batteries, not included.
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Play Monster (formerly Patch) is behind my kids new favorite, and very active game, Chrono Bomb. Your goal is to get through the laser field (that you set up yourself), collect the gear cards and diffuse the bomb as quickly as possible! It is the ultimate spy game!

Chrono Bomb is fantastic for keeping the kids engaged, active and they have so much fun pretending to be spies. The game has one plastic, battery operated (3 AAA) “bomb” with a timer that you can adjust to be shorter or longer depending on the skill level of your child. A clip keeps this “bomb” attached to whatever shelf, hook, or chair you attach it to and you run the string through a part of it as well.

pmchronobombreview (4)Well there is a special sensor clamp that the bomb is attached to and that holds the string. This is the one that has a battery pack attached by a small cable to the “bomb” and the string runs through the other end of that. The Reel Clamp is probably the next piece in the set up process and does what you think it does….Reels in the string.

It also unwinds the string so you can make the “Course” as short or long as you want to…well up to about 27.5 ft of strings worth of course anyway. I would recommend a more spaced out course for younger kids and for older kids maybe a more zig-zag crazy course.

It comes with 4 other clamps that you run the string through and they clamp to whatever you can or want them to in order to make the course high, low, a mixture and as short or long as you can with them. You could buy another set and make it MORE interesting…but my hope is they offer “expansions” with perhaps extra clamps.pmchronobombreview (1)

While it has many positives it also has a couple negatives things. My biggest problem with it is the set up. We spent about 20 minutes or more trying to set the “course” up each time because our place isn’t set up to have strings run around it to make a spy laser area….I’m sure many places are not.

If I had extra money I’d set up a PVC pipe hallway to pull out and set it up but we don’t…and have to put chairs in the middle of the floor, or put the course in front of the TV to use the most books shelves in one area. It just isn’t convenient for us to set up a lot and it isn’t easy.

The bomb seems to work great and I love that you can adjust the timer but the Sensor is sensitive it seems. Once we have the course set up the sensor trips the bomb when no one is touching it sometimes and doesn’t trip when you are clearly (like hanging on it) touching it sometimes as well.

Now I’m not sure if ours was just set up wrong and more user error…which is always possible…but it was a pain almost every time to set up. Don’t get me wrong, the kids love this game and wanted it set up all the time (which we left up for a couple days for them) and have now gone on more spy adventures than ever before…so for them it’s the greatest thing ever.

Once you have it set up and it works it is really neat. The set up is literally finding a place for the “bomb” and then setting up the sensor clamp, setting up the other two clamps and running the strings. We have found that you CAN run the string through or around things like poles, chair legs, etc as long as they are pulled tight around them and can trigger the sensor.

This makes it easier to make the course longer and more varied on difficulty. Our kids are 5 & 7 so we set it up for the 5 year old to succeed and just made the 7 year old do the course in less time…we might be evil but he said it was “easy peasy”…hehe the bomb exploded twice before he got it.

So set all that up and then put the bomb on Single position for training or Chrono for the actual game. Do this by using the switch in the back of it. Push Start and the bomb will tell you if it is installed correctly or not by making a sound if it is.pmchronobombreview2If you are playing normally you’ll want to set a time that works for your children…or you. In this mode when you touch the string it will deduct 20 seconds but if you hit the string too hard you could lose 60 seconds! Spread the Gear cards out in the laser field before you start as well. You have to pick all of them up or you’ll fail your mission! One of the coolest features, that we really couldn’t try due to one child not being able to do it happily, is the Bonus Missions. If you have a smartphone or a tablet you can download the Chrono Bomb app (Apple or Android) and put the Mission Cards in the field with the Gear Cards.pmchronobombreview (3)

These  cards have to be flat and smooth with nothing covering them and probably lit well enough for your phone to read it quickly…would hate to fail just cause it wouldn’t scan…which would probably happen in my case since I can’t ever scan things quickly.

The object is the same except you take the phone or tablet with you and scan the Mission Cards when you get to them. When you scan them one of two special missions will come up and you have to play it and win it as fast as possible in order to continue through the laser field. These cards you can leave behind once you’ve completed the mini games. I won’t spoil the games for you though….

I can’t wait til both kids get a little better at the game but they have fun which is the important part. If we had the space we would probably leave up a field and make it so the adults could try it! I’m short but not so short that I can do the course meant for the kids…but I really want to try it.

Over all we do love the game and we seem to get better at set up with practice. It isn’t portable really but you could take it to a friends house or for an outdoor event if you had trees, chairs or something to put the clamps on. Check out this short video of our super spies!

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