Work together to beat the Doodler at his own game in What’s It?

Recommended Age:8+
Play Time:20 Minutes
Our Recommended Age:6+ (Should be able to write but spelling isn't important. Adults should help as well)
Contents:150 Doodle Cards, 1 Category Die, 6 Dry Erase markers, 6 Answer Boards, 1 Scoreboard, 1 30 second timer
Awards:2013 PAL Award 2013 Parents' Choice Recommended Award 2013 Dr. Toy 10 Best Games 2013 Dr. Toy 100 Best Children's Products
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Another fun cooperative game for our Family Game Nights by Peaceable Kingdom! What’s It? has you working as a team to beat the Doodler using your imagination and trying to think like your team! You get points for any answers of yours that match an answer of your teammate BUT the Doodler gets 1 point for every answer that does NOT match! Try to think like your team, use your imagination and beat the Doodler at his own game!

Peaceable Kingdom stresses cooperative fun in all of their games and What’s It? definitely delivers. It is meant for ages 8+ but the Diva at age 6 can play. We do adjust the timer to 60 seconds instead of 30 seconds but other than that, and having her read her own writing since we still have some spelling issues, she does just fine.

I will say that this game would be great for teens or adults as well. You can always adjust scoring or matches to make it more of a challenge but I bet teens would enjoy it and I KNOW adults will…we may have played a couple times at adult game nights too…moving on.

The box is a standard lift top lid and made out of that shiny harder and smoother than cardboard material we love in game boxes. Very sturdy in other words. There is also an insert inside that holds some pieces in place. There is a spot for the cards, the timer, the markers and the die but it is a rectangle section on the side.

Then right side holds the score board and the player boards and the instructions but all of this can slide around and get mixed up. I’d prefer a specific spot for cards at least…I hate when cards spill all over BUT we just use a bag for them…problem solved.

The Score board and Player boards are dry erase and the artwork is cartoon like and great for the type of game. The die is a bit larger than standard with printed phrases or ? on the sides, the timer is pretty standard plastic 30 second timer and the markers are simple small dry erase markers. I feel like they will get used up pretty quickly but we have spares around.

The cards feel like a thicker card stock paper but with a semi gloss finish. I think, however, they are made from FSC papers and soy based inks. Peaceable Kingdom is known for using materials that can be recycled, are safe for your family and safe for the environment. It’s one of the many reasons we love this company…but let’s get back to the game.


Work together to get more points than the Doodler. To do this you have to write answers that match other players answers…without peeking.


Everyone gets an answer board and a pen. Someone needs to shuffle the cards and put them in the middle of the playing area. You don’t need the whole deck so you can put about 20 or more cards but we usually just put the whole thing down.

Someone should be the score keeper but in our house if it is not an adult the kids take turns marking points for their team and the Doodler…since everyone loves using dry erase markers…or something. You’ll need a paper towel to erase answers and you might use a wipe or a damp paper towel and maybe a bit of soap to clean them off as needed.

The person who keeps score should also have the timer…but for us an adult usually does this as the kids tend to forget there is a timer to flip…or use.


Everyone plays at the same time so there is no going first, however since the rules say any player rolls the die we take turns. Whoever rolls the die also flips the timer…house rules here. Whoever rolls has to read the category out loud or in the case of a ? they get to choose or make up a category. The instructions offer suggestions on the back which is nice and the kids like to choose from there.

Whoever rolled also flips the top card in the pile so it is face up and everyone can see it, then flip the timer to start your teams’s 30 seconds. We do two flips though for now to be fair for the Diva. Now you have that amount of time to write down 3 answers (you can adjust to a lower or higher amount as needed) and hope they match other players answers.

Look at the Doodle that is on the card and use your imagination to see what it could be that also fits in the category from the Die! It could be “You Love it” “You wear it” or even “You eat it” Try to remember that you want your answers to match other players so if playing with a kid, and it is “You eat it” don’t write Pomegranate…maybe try Strawberry or Apple instead.

Someone should be watching the timer and flipping it if needed. Once the time runs out this person yells “Time” or stop or whatever and everyone stops writing. If you are in the middle of a word you are allowed to finish it….I love that about this game. So does the Diva as she is rarely done when time is called. Though she is getting closer to the 30 seconds timer now instead of 60.

Now one at a time, and one player at a time, reveal your answers. If any answer matches ANY answer from ANY OTHER player it is a match. Circle the matches but don’t erase your board yet. Once everyone has shown, or read their answers, count up the matches.

You get ONE point per match which means in a two player game if you both wrote 3 answers and 2 match you get 4 points total. The Doodler gets 1 point for every answer that does NOT have a match though so in that case they would get 2 points. Keep in mind that the Doodler gets 3 points if any player has less than 3 answers but this only happens once so if two players have less than three the Doodler only gets that extra 3 points one time.


If the Players reach the Win spot first you win! Everyone wins! Yay you! But if the Doodler reaches the Win spot first they win! However, you can both reach the Win spots in the same round which means its a tie! We had that happen on our first game actually. We just played again…and won!

Personally we love this game for Family Game Nights because we either all win or all lose. This is why we love cooperative games, especially while the Diva is still in the beginning of her gaming adventure. She still has a ways to go but not too much longer and she will be able to keep up with her brother…and she can already beat me at some games so maybe not that far after all…

If you are looking for a game for your Family Game Nights that will have you all working together, interacting and laughing the whole time, look no further (or farther?) than What’s It? by Peaceable Kingdom! Hilarity will ensue so prepare for lots of giggling…and saying “how did you see THAT out of that doodle?” and then laughing….a lot. Enjoy!

Show us your guess to your favorite Doodle! @MyGeeklings @Peaceable_K #WhatsIt

“The goal is to win, but it is the goal that is important, not the winning.”
~ Reiner Knizia

Author: sandyz