Beat the Ogre in a Race to the Treasure!

Recommended Age:5+
Our Recommended Age:3-4+ (With some help and always watch out for small pieces)
Skills:Strategy Math grid concepts Shared decision making Cooperation
Contents:1 game board 1 pair of dice 37 game cards 4 key tokens 1 Ogre snack Instructions
Awards:2013 Canadian Toy Testing Council Children's Choice 2012 Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum 2012 PAL Award Major Fun Award 2012 B. EcoChic Approved
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Another cooperative favorite by Peaceable Kingdom! Cooperative games are great because they teach kids about working together by discussing options and listening to ideas from teammates.  In Race to the Treasure you will use tiles, luck and teamwork to get to the treasure before the Ogre!

Race to the Treasure is cooperative so it teaches kids about working together and sharing in decision making but it also teaches about math grids. They don’t even realize they are learning about grids at all as it is just a part of the setup process.

pkracetotreasurereview (16)Like all Peaceable Kingdom games it is 100% Green, adorable and fun! The pieces are made out of FSC papers and printed with soy-based ink. The tiles are smooth, thin and feel like a thinner chipboard.

The dice are wooden with painted letters and numbers and playing board also feels like a thinner chipboard. Very good quality pieces just like all their games.

The artwork is perfect for the recommended age and the game-play is perfect for this age as well (and younger) and even a few years older…

The Gentleman really likes this game and he’ll be 8 soon. I’d say with help a 3 or 4 year old could play but always watch out for small pieces. Now let’s see how to play!


Get 3 keys and get to the Treasure before the Ogre does! Everyone wins or everyone loses so work together!pkracetotreasurereview (19)


Put the board in the middle of everyone so they can all reach it as much as possible. Take the 4 Keys, the Ogre Snack and the 2 dice so you can determine where everything will go. Roll both dice and find the spot on the grid on the board to put either the Snack or one of the Keys.

If you roll an F and a 5 you would find Column F and go down to Row 5 and place a Key. Roll again and repeat the process until you have placed all 4 Keys and the Ogre Snack on the board.

Now shuffle the Path cards (the Ogre Cards will be in here as well) and put them, face down, to make the Draw Pile. Make sure everyone can reach this as well. Now you are ready!

Now, if you are playing with younger kids, or the kids are losing a lot…maybe leave out a few Ogre Cards every so often without them knowing. I only say that so they don’t try to leave some out later on…my kids would do that…but with younger kids they may start making more paths to either get keys or just for fun hehe.


Decide who goes first or have the youngest or oldest or taking turns…we have taught the kids to roll a die to decide…best start them out young right?

On your turn you will draw a card from the Draw Pile and do one of two things…either place a Path card or an Ogre card on the board. Ogre cards will go on the right side of the board in the Ogre’s Patch shown in Red. Start at the top and every time an Ogre card is played it will go down the path toward the End space…you don’t want that.

A Path card has to start on the Start space and end on the End space and be connected from Start to End along the board. You also need 3 out of the 4 Keys in order to win. SO the first Path card will got on the Start space but you will want to position it so you have as many options for continuing the path as possible.

You can have paths that branch out from your main path and don’t connect to the end or anything else. This is fine and probably necessary in order to get Keys but you will need ONE path that fully connects the Start to the End.pkracetotreasurereview (11)

The Ogre Snack will remove one Ogre from his Path..very handy to have. You can use it immediately or save it to use any time. Make sure you work together to decide when is best to use it!


The game ends when a Path card or an Ogre card is on the End space. If it is an Ogre card you lose…just try again! If it is a Path card and you have 3 Keys you win! It doesn’t say but I imagine if you complete the path and you don’t have 3 Keys you still lose…so make sure to get those along the way!

Peaceable Kingdom makes the most adorable and family friendly games we have come across. Cooperative games mean the Diva can play with the Gentleman more often…it isn’t always fair to her when they play some competitive games just yet hehe.

Race to the Treasure is easy enough to setup and learn so kids can do all or most of it on their own…mine still struggle with shuffling tiles or cards…but then again so do I so…It is a quick and fun game that parents will enjoy even when they play for the 10th time that day…no really it doesn’t get annoying since the path and setup always changes.

If you are looking for a fun, cooperative game for Family Game Nights check out Race to the Treasure!

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“Children learn as they play. Most importantly, in play children learn how to learn.”
~ O. Fred Donaldson

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