Before you run out of dice you must work together to spell Lucky Dogs!

Recommended Age:6+
Play Time:15 Minutes
Our Recommended Age:4+ (with help)
Contents:24 dice 12 bone tiles 1 doghouse tile
Skills:Strategy Shared-decision making Communication Planning ahead
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Lucky Dogs is another great one from Peaceable Kingdom, the maker of wonderful cooperative games. In this one you have to roll dice and together decide where to spend them in order to spell the words Lucky Dogs…but watch out or some will end up in the Dog House!

As you may remember, we are fans of Peaceable Kingdom games. Cooperative games are fantastic to teach or reinforce how to work together in a group towards a common goal. Lucky Dogs specifically helps with strategy, communicating and planning ahead as well…my kids need to practice planning ahead…

It is meant for ages 5+ but I’d say even kids around age 2 could play if you they don’t put things like Dice in their mouth anymore. It is a great game to help identify numbers on a Die or for counting the pips on them and then matching. Also great for plus or minus one. You would have to help with rolling just 6 at a time and maybe a few other things but it is a great game to grow with your child.

pkluckydogsreview-1The box itself is a lift top made out of traditional box type materials except this one is shinier…I think it is coated or something but I don’t think that has any affect on on it. It is pretty sturdy, easy to open and has a plastic insert that has a space for everything.

This insert is one of my favoites though. It has a shape of a dog bone to fit the tiles in! Adorable! There is also a strip for all the Dice and a couple curved areas so you know where to put the Dog House and the Instructions go right on top. Brilliant design!

Each tile is shaped like a dog bone and along with the Dog House are made out of chipboard and the art is adorable. Simple but perfect for the game, theme, and for kids. One side of the bones have words and the other has either a 1+ Die or -1 Die along with pictures of different Dice with various numbers on them.

The Dog House is not only shaped like a Dog House but also has artwork to show it IS one along with an adorable dog on it. The Dice are all green and pretty standard otherwise. Overall the quality of the whole game, and the box, is great..Now on to the how to play part…


Spell the word Lucky Dogs (Dogs is on one bone) to win…or run out of dice to lose. This is a team effort so you all win or lose together.


Put the Dog House tile in the middle of all players. I recommend a table since you will be rolling dice. Make 4 stacks of bones which should have 3 tiles per stack. These should all be Dice side up and put 2 stacks on one side and 2 on the other of the Dog House.

Now split up all the Dice evenly between all the players (you can only have 2-4 players). In this game the oldest player goes first…which is a nice change from the usual youngest. Play continues clockwise…which is the norm..


When it is your turn, roll 6 or less dice. If you have less than 6 Dice you roll all of them but if you have more you can ONLY roll 6. Of course you CAN run out of dice as well. If that happens you lose your turn until you get more dice.

You can roll less if you have less than 6 but you can’t roll more than 6 at a time. Set aside any multiples. NOT just doubles…but if you have 3 or 4 of a number set that aside as well. You cannot play these this turn…which can suck sometimes…

You can and in fact must play at least 1 Die from what you have left. If you cannot play a Die on an open spot then you have to give one Die to the Dog House…yeah…that stinks.

You can only play 1 Die on any one Bone card…simply put you cannot play 2 Dice on one tile. If you place the last Die needed to complete the Bone then you follow what it says. First remove all the Dice from this bone but keep them separate from your own dice.

Either take a Die from the Dog House and put it with your dice if the Bone says to Take 1 Die or put one of the Die you just removed from the Bone INTO the Dog House if the Bone says Lose 1 Die. After you do what the Bone says split up the remaining Dice between all the players starting with the player to your Left and going Clockwise.

Then flip the Bone over to reveal the Letter or the word Dogs and put it above the play Bones so you can eventually (and hopefully) spell the word Lucky Dogs.pkluckydogsreview-17


Spell out Lucky Dogs and you all win! Woo hoo! But if you all lose all your dice before you spell it all lose…my very first game was a loss because we didn’t work together…that bit is important in this game.

You can make it more difficult if you want. The instructions tell you to remove 1 Die for each player or if you really want a challenge remove 2 or even 3 dice! We haven’t done that yet but the kids probably could remove at least 1 Die now…they work together really well and neither is more bossy than the other….or should I call it helpful..they like “helping” each other hehe.

My favorite qualities in a kids game can be found in Lucky Dogs. It is fun with a bit of a challenge, easy to setup, the box stores all the pieces in their own area in the insert and it is educational…also I don’t make that “I don’t want to play that game I want to burn it” face when they ask me to play…I actually enjoy playing with them.

Lucky Dogs is a great game kids can play on their own. They can set it up, play and clean up without any (or at least much) help. Adults will enjoy it when they play with their kids and because of it’s easy setup is a great game to take with for Play Dates or game nights with friends…well for the kids to play while you play other games.

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