Perplexus Warp: A-Maze-ing hand held fun!

Recommended Age:6+
Contents:Six flagged check points and 80 challenging events
Notes:Warning: Choking Hazard. Small Parts. Toy contains a small ball. Not for children under 3 years old
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Yes…I had to in the title, let’s move on. Perplexus Warp is fun puzzle by Patch Products that encourages thinking and patience. I love puzzles and things that challenge your brain and this is perfect for any puzzle enthusiast of any age!

I call this type of puzzle frustratingly fun and challenging. I do enjoy puzzles and mazes and the like and this is the most challenging one I’ve come across. I still haven’t beat it…but I’ve come close! Ok not that close and sometimes I want to throw the thing…which is what makes it a good puzzle.

2014-11-02 12.52.14-2 copyThere have been other versions which I will probably be getting if I ever solve this one but  they have made some changes from the original. One change was going from a sphere to a shape called a spherical octahedron which is just fun to say. It is a neat shape because I can set it down on my table and it won’t roll off plus I can hold it pretty easily and so can both of my kids.

When you open it there is a plastic stand for it which is nice…but got thrown away by accident in our house. We keep it on our game shelf and it doesn’t roll around so the stand isn’t necessary but kind of cool…we might make one out of play doh for it to display it.

My kids can both hold it pretty easily with the shape being egg-like but it has been dropped. Mostly by the Diva but the Gentleman and myself have also dropped it although this is more out of wanting to shake it in frustration when the ball misses…I do not call it a tantrum exactly…ahem. There are no scratches or breaks of any kind and it seems to hold up well to the dropping not that it has happened a LOT or on anything more than carpet but still pretty sturdy.

There is a pretty long track for the little marble, cups and baskets and tons of challenges inside and it looks like some sort of Rube Goldburg machine which is awesome and intimidating. BUT it is meant for 6+ which means my son will solve it before I do but that could have something to do with the fact he has more patience than I do…a little.

My Diva sort of rolls the ball around and tries to catch it in a basket or struggles to get it to the start once she finds it but she still wants to try. My nephew visited for a week and spent every day trying to master the thing…I think I see one of his very own in his future.

I’ve noticed that it does teach patience in most kids but adults tend to get frustrated more when they mess up. This amuses me even though I am one of said adults. My son lets out a big “uuuuggghhh!” but then wants to keep trying which is awesome. I have not doubt he will solve this thing but I hope I am able to before he does…I mean I’ll be proud but probably ashamed as well. Not really but I’ll pretend.

Perplexus Warp is one of those puzzles easy enough to figure out for kids but challenging enough for adults and fun for anyone who likes puzzles.


Author: sandyz