Our animal adventures continue with Wild Kratts Super Sprinters DVD from PBS

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If you haven’t guessed by now we love Wild Kratts. We love the toys, the books, the plushies but most of all we love the show itself. It does not get old no matter how many times I see…or hear…it in a day. That is saying something for a kids show too! If you can’t watch the show on PBS you can catch it on Netflix OR, thankfully, buy the DVDs.

The latest DVD put out by PBS is Wild Kratts Super Sprinters! Two awesome episodes about a fast runner and a fast flyer. I’ll try not to spoil the episodes (in case you actually haven’t seen them yet) in a minute. PBS is focused on kids education so even in their DVD cases you can learn a thing or two.

2015-07-08 19.38.44 copyThe sleeve that has the front and back cover on it (with a trivia question about a cheetah on the front) also has a list of products that we now have to buy on the inside left and some suggested activities on the inside right.

Three amazing ideas for you to help your child learn and explore more about animals that both use the video and go beyond it. I LOVE that! My kids both love learning about animals so this was really neat.

We do animal studies each week for my 6 year old Gentleman for our homeschool work. He CHOSE to add Animal Studies to his lesson plan and we use Wild Kratts sometimes as a resource for discovering more about an animal. He chooses a new animal each week and every day we learn something about that animal and he writes it in his journal (a specific one for Animal Studies) along with drawing a picture for it.

I have no doubt that his watching Wild Kratts has helped him love learning about animals (as well as inventing and robotics) more than anything else. The show is truly an amazing show for education, imagination and science. While you can’t travel back in time on a trampoline (I think), or have power suits and most of the tech the brothers Kratt have it DOES spark imagination and with that anything is possible.

Oh the insert for the DVD is also an activity booklet. Color in Daniel Tiger and O the Owl, Unscramble Dinosaur Trains names, a connect the dots, counting chickens with Peg and Cat and an animal word search with the brothers Kratt. I have never seen this much educational fun inside a DVD case before…mostly we get a credits sheet or nothing at all anymore.

Wild Kratts the TV show focuses on the brothers Kratt, Chris (in green) and Martin (in blue). They help and study animals and their “creature powers”. In this DVD they learn and teach kids about the Cheetah and their fast running power and the Perigrine Falcon and its fast flying power.

aviva copyThey have help from Jimmy (who flies their ship and teleports things to them), Aviva (the inventor who makes their suits, disks and gadgets), and Koki (the computer tech who makes everything work and runs telecomunications).

Of course they also have enemies (well animal enemies) Zach Varmitech (evil inventor who uses live animals as robots), Donita Donata( who uses live animals as fashion accessories) and Chef Gourmand (who cooks and eats animals, usually exotic).

That is a loose summary and doesn’t do the show justice so seriously go check it out. The first episode on the disk was Falcon City. The brothers get to experience life as a Pidgeon (not too exciting really) while Zach and his Zachbots try to destroy a Peregrine Falcon nest nearby. The group has to stop him and they get to do that by using Peregrine Falcon powers!

The other episode on the disk is Cheetah Racer. My son’s favorite…although every other one is his favorite honestly. The brothers think that Cheetahs are faster than any other creature or vehicle over the African Savannah.chris gazelle copy

Aviva and Zach take that as a challenge (mostly to each other) to create a vehicle faster than each other and a Cheetah. Once again using Peregrin Falcon powers among other powers, the brothers have to make sure Zach isn’t cheating and the race is fair.

My kids like to use their toys to recreate episodes sometimes while they are watching it. Sometimes they put on their own Power Suits and reenact the episode AS Chris and Martin (my son is Chris and my Diva is Martin) or make up their OWN version with a pretend Zach or Gourmand…sometimes I am Donita…I don’t think I quite have her fashion sense.

When they are just sitting and watching they like to snuggle up with Chris and Martin and no matter how many times they watch the show they get excited when the brothers change into the creatures. I mean it is pretty neat to see them be “them” and an animal at the same time. The show did a great job with that.

If you haven’t seen the show you should and you should let your kids watch too. It is a great show for anyone who likes animals, silliness, adventure, robotics, inventions and just watching a fun (and educational) show.


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“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”
~ Nelson Mandela

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