Pentago: A game of five in a row with a twist!

Recommended Age:6+
Players:Just 2
Play Time:3-30 minutes
Our Recommended Age:5+ (With some help and probably no actual strategy...and you let them win a bit)
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Pentago is easy to learn, fun to play and is challenging all at the same time. The goal is to get five in a row but the twist is literally a twist of the board with each turn! This strategy game is easy enough for kids to play but challenging enough for adults as well while being fun for all.

Pentago’s twist makes the game more challenging as you have to plan not only for trying to outsmart your opponent but not confuse yourself in the process. You start to set yourself up for a win and then realize you are in the wrong spot if you turn the section…oops. I still do this sometimes when I think I’m being clever and not letting my opponents (usually the husband) see what I am doing…although he does it too sometimes so it’s just funny.

2015-07-27 14.43.31 copyThe game board is specially designed to twist either left or right without coming off of the board. Very clever and not the easiest thing to do sometimes.

You have to grab the edge and carefully lift to then grab the sides to turn it easily. Not sure how that could really be improved on without being bigger and more complicated so I’ll deal with this.

The bottom is clear plastic so you can actually see it working and it is really brilliant actually. The clear bottom has a hole that the grey squares fit into with their round piece that sticks out from the bottom.

There is a slight edge to this piece that catches on the top of the hole of the clear bottom so it doesn’t come out of the circle but allows it to turn all the way around as many times as you want without breaking. See? Brilliant!2015-07-27 14.42.48 copy

It is all fairly sturdy too and has held up against not only our clumsy adult hands but those of our 6 year old son and sometimes our 4 year old daughter who thinks she can play. She CAN technically play but all strategy goes out the window when playing with her…she gets how to play but doesn’t plan ahead well so…we sort of play at random with her.

The Red and Blue pieces are actually one piece with a Red side and a Blue side. I think they are plastic but are smooth and don’t break when they fall on the table and bounce…which is good cause..oops. They are stored in a black bag with a draw string that opens and is used to hold the pieces.

Again, clever. You won’t have to spend time sorting or trying to find your color and clean up is a breeze. Now on to the how to and playing of the game!


Two things. One: this is only a two player game and Two: There is no setup. None. Open the box and remove the game board from its neat and fitted insert and underneath that remove the closed bag of pieces from its fitted spot (I mentioned I loved that sort of thing right?) and open the bag. Each player chooses a color and you are all ready to go!


To get 5 of your color pieces in a row before the other player.


Decide who goes first. We either let the kids go first or flip a piece and whoever’s color is face up goes first. We catch it and open our palm so there is not cheating or bouncing of the piece. The first player places their piece and then turns one of the 4 square sections but NOT the one they just put the piece on.

The other player then places their piece on the board and turns a section, again NOT the section they just played the piece on. The game continues like that until someone gets 5 in a row and is declared the winner!2015-07-26 15.13.32-5 copy

That is literally all there is to the game. Easy to learn and so simple to play…but it isn’t at the same time. Kids will eventually get lucky or adults will let their plans work some of the time but they rarely have much more to their play style than a straight row or diagonal and you can usually spot it almost immediately as they tend to focus on ONE plan.

This game has way more to it than that if you want it to. It is very challenging to try to win without being obvious because if your opponent figure it out they can try to stop you. My husband and I LOVE to test each other in this game and it is a lot of fun.

If you are looking for a fun and challenging game for the whole family this is the game for you. It is also educational! Aside from learning problem-solving and strategy skills, kids will also learn spatial orientation.

You could even use the board and pieces to work on the concept of 5 in a row and how the board twists before ever playing an actual game.

You can play for fun, for the challenge or play someone who mastered it and try to beat them!


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“Children learn as they play. Most importantly, in play children learn how to learn.”
~ O. Fred Donaldson

Author: sandyz