A little Nounsense now and then…is a lot of fun!

Recommended Age:8-99
Play Time:45-60 minutes
Players:4 or more players
Company Site:marandagames.com
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Nounsense is a fun card game that combines charades and that old pyramid game tv show…but it does it in a fun and hilarious way. Maranda Games makes some pretty fun and often educational games and they have done it again with this one.

My kids are both a little too young for this game. Though I did get to show a group of teen leaders from my local YMCA the game and they had a blast! I am sure you could adjust this game for younger kids but you would probably have to remove a lot of the people and then only have a handful of things they would know to choose from. Though not impossible.

2015-02-04 19.23.52 copyBefore we go into all that fun let me explain about the box…because it is pretty neat. The outer box itself might be a bit big for the contents but nothing shakes around inside which is wonderful.

The box is sturdy and is the kind that has a lid that lifts off. Inside there is a cozy space for the box of cards and a secure space for the timer to go. I LOVE that each item has its place…but I might have OCD.

The cards are standard cards so they can tear but they do withstand being tossed around a bit. The teens weren’t exactly focused on treating them carefully when they were quickly dropping a card and grabbing another. The timer is your standard plastic timer which gets treated like the holy grail.

Now on to the fun part! We had two teams of about 5 on each team with it being mostly girls vs boys. Team names can get pretty crazy by the way. Some of their choices were hilarious but they settled for Hotties vs Hunters….teens…


Be the team with the most points at the end of 3 rounds. Sounds easy enough but round 3 isn’t quite so easy…


First make sure you have a pencil and large bowl or container for the cards. Then divide into two teams and come up with a team name. Write your team names on the score sheet and then begin selecting cards.

Each player selects a few cards and does NOT show them to anyone else. Each team needs 30 cards so each player should select a few and keep letting everyone else on their team how many they have. Also, someone should keep track so they stop at 30.

2015-02-04 19.28.11-1 copyOnce each team has 30 cards all the cards go into the bowl and get shuffled around face down. Yep everyone draws the same bowl and all 60 are mixed in there. Now on the fun stuff!


I’ll get to the round specifics in a moment but no matter what round it is you will do a few things the same. One team starts off as the active team and the other gets to monitor the Timer. If this is you then watch this like a hawk and the second it is over make a really annoying buzzer type noise to scare the other team and let them know they have to stop.

You don’t really have to make an annoying noise but it is really fun…and it really does scare people. If you are on the active team then one person gets to go first. Everyone should get a turn or two before the end of the round so don’t worry. The first person grabs a card and immediately tries to get someone on their team, anyone, to guess the word on the card. Timing begins as soon as the active team grabs a card and looks at it.2015-02-04 19.34.37-3 copy

This will happen all the time everyone time no matter what round. After that first person runs out of time the other team gets to go and then just go back and forth.

Guessers may choose to pass ONE time and that card will get set aside until the active player is out of time. That card and any cards not played (any left in the players hand that was not guessed) get put back in the bowl face down and shuffled around.

You keep doing this until the bowl is empty which ends the round. Now on to the different rounds. THIS is the fun part!

2015-02-04 19.37.39-5 copyRound 1:

On your turn pick 1 card from the bowl and the other team will start the timer. Begin saying any words and as many words as you want to try to get anyone on your team to guess the word on your card. You can use gestures and props but you may NOT say the word, spell the word or do a “Rhymes with” to get someone to say it. That would be cheating.

Once someone from your team guesses the word quickly put it down and grab another from the bowl. Keep going until the timer runs out and then its the other teams turn. This goes on until the bowl is empty.

Any cards that were passed (remember you can pass one time per active player (on once the bowl is empty need to be put back in and played. All cards should be used and are then counted for points for each team.

2015-02-04 19.53.15-4 copyRound 2:

This is played the same in that you keep switching back and forth and change active players each time. You can also still use gestures and props BUT you only get to say THREE words this time. That is it. Just THREE words to get your team to guess the word.

Keep in mind these are the same cards so everyone (who was paying attention) should have heard them all before in Round 1.

This round finishes like the last with the same rules for passing and ending when the bowl is empty. Now on to the final round…which is the most fun. Once again count up your cards and put your team scores in the spot for Round 2. Then shuffle the cards and begin Round 3!

Round 3:

In this round gestures and props are still allowed but only ONE word. ONE word is all you can say so try to remember the key word that was said in the last round or a word that was said in both Rounds 1 & 2…if you can. Once again you can pass one time, all cards need to be shuffled in at the end of each players turn and the round ends when the bowl is empty.

THIS time though it is the last round so total up your score for that round and then add all three rounds together. The team with the highest score wins!

In our game team Hotties won but not by very many points…10 and they had 74.  The teens had a lot of fun with this game and some really got into the gesture and acting it out aspect. We had to be careful when choosing people as they just didn’t recognize some of the names…who doesn’t know who Bill Gates is?

Nounsense is a great game for teens or adults and perfect for meetings or parties. You can be as silly as you want, focus on gestures more or words more and the only thing that matters (besides having fun) is getting anyone on your team to guess the word! That 3rd round is a challenge and a good time all in one!

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The Winning team!

2015-02-04 19.58.38-4 copy

“A little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest men.”
~ Roald Dahl

Author: sandyz