Meet The Gentleman!

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My oldest geekling!

My son is currently 5 (6 in 2 months) and recently told me he wanted to be a doctor or a photographer. He has a love for animals, helping people or animals and taking pictures. He still wants to save the say as a job too so I told him about various jobs that he could do that would save the day, so to speak and he now wants to be a Doctor or Policeman.

The Gentleman tries to open doors for me and other people, he helps people when and if he can and he always tries to pick up big messes even if he didn’t make it. He also really loves saving the day and helping people, especially little girls or animals. I might be in trouble…

That would be why he is my Little Gentleman!

The Gentleman loves his super heroes and animals! I think since he was two years old animals have been a favorite and now he watches Wild Kratts ALL the time. He does like all the Avengers though but Iron Man is still his favorite.

I think this is why he wants to save the day and help people when he gets bigger!

“Only you can control your future”
~ Dr Suess

Author: sandyz