Meet the Geeklings!

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And their Mom! That’s me…I have called my children my geeklings for as long as I can remember. Well…as long as I have had them anyway. I am a geek. A big one. I was a geek before geeks became common and cool. I play video games…a lot. I love horror movies, fantasy, sci-fi and musicals. That last one doesn’t make me a geek but it makes me more awesome.

Anyway, I was explaining that I was a geek…I play board games both geek and non-geek, love Doctor Who, The Walking Dead and too many other awesome shows to name. SO naturally my kids do a lot of this stuff with me which makes them geeks too, but since they are little they are my Geeklings! See? Make sense?

I decided to start this blog to document various adventures that my geeklings and I (and sometimes my husband when he can) have together. Sometimes this means a convention, a race, or a trip somewhere like to a museum. Sometimes it just means hanging out at home, learning various educational things, playing games, doing crafts, watching movies or just being goofy.

I am also a huge supporter of Family Game Night and love to show how you can adjust almost any game so that your whole family can play together!

Follow us on our amazing adventures in education, travel, geekdom and life. We may not always make sense but we sure do have a great time!


“Why fit in when you were born to stand out?”
~ Dr Suess

Author: sandyz