Chop to become the best in Click Clack Lumber Jack!

Recommended Age:6+
Play Time:10 minutes
Our Recommended Age:2+ (With supervision and mostly for fun)
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MayDay Games has some of our favorite and more active games for family game night. Click Clack Lumber Jack has you chopping at trees to get points for the bark but be careful not to chop the trunk or you will lose points!

You can stand or sit or move around in order to get the best Chop so this isn’t your typical sit down the whole time game which I love. In fact you will want to stand up and move around as Chopping from one spot will guarantee you lose points…and kill the tree.

All of the pieces, except the play mat (which is sold separate), are made of plastic…well the stickers aren’t either. The good plastic though…not that plastic that feels so thin you could snap it but the kind that you’ve come to know and love in game pieces.

mdclickclackreview-32There are trunk pieces, bark pieces and the axe and all are made of plastic…again the good kind though. The axe is pretty sturdy and both lighter and not as light as it looks…if that makes sense.

Pretty good quality for the type of game and I think my only real complaint (besides the box) is the Bark pieces fit loose on the Core pieces but I do understand the necessity of that…otherwise no pieces would fall off the Core…

All of the pieces fit in the box though the box is a pain to keep things in. The bottom is now taped because it would keep opening up and when you put everything inside it sort of bulges out a bit…we might move to a bin for the pieces.

The very first time you play you will have to add stickers to some of the pieces of bark. Four stickers and you can add them to any of the bark so pick 4 but mix them up so they aren’t all on the same color…to be fair.

The game is meant for ages 5 and up but really even 2 year olds can play…just not well…or probably for points. I bet it would be great for motor skills…and destruction and fun!

On the opposite side of that this game is perfect for adults as well. I know…you’re thinking, ages 5+ fun for adults? I promise don’t discount games based on the recommended age…and after you play Click Clack Lumberjack one time you will see why this is perfect. But now on to the how to’s and rules and stuff…


Get the most point to win! Keep in mind that you get points for each piece of bark but you LOSE points for chopping the trunk. I love that…environmentally friendly…makes me almost want to hug a tree…almost.


I’ll assume you put the stickers on random bark pieces already…but if not get on that now. Mix up all the bark pieces and no peeking for the Grub stickers! The Diva peeks…well sometimes but she tries to b subtle about it.

Assemble the Tree by taking 4 bark pieces and putting them on a Trunk piece then putting the completed Trunk on the tree on the play mat…or if you don’t have the mat in the middle of a table.

Yes you want a table for this one…you don’t need help knocking them over. My kids do the setup when they play…it’s beautiful because I just have to make sure they don’t get too carried away…they tried to Chop a lamp, each other…me…fun times!

Make sure no truck has 4 of the same color bark. In some versions of the game this matters for points or a variation of play. Once the whole Tree is assembled you are ready to begin!


The youngest player goes first…I think this is fairly common but we still try to roll dice more often now that the Diva is able to win more and more games on her own.mdclickclackreview-10

Each player gets 2 Chops. Just 2 on your turn and then pass the axe to your left. Any bark pieces or trunk pieces that fall off are now yours and go in front of you. If you have the mat there are spots for this! If not then make a pile of them. If you find a Grub Sticker you get to take another turn…yay you!

Now, I can’t tell you exactly how to Chop. Every person has to figure out their Chop on their own…like a journey…a Chop journey…no…not like that…never mind.

The Gentleman has a Don’t hurt the Tree Chop…barely chops and it slightly moves the trunk. The Diva has a bit of a stronger Chop that is sort of a Why didn’t the Trunk fall Chop…she’s very lucky and her Chops leave the Trunk very close to the edge.

I have a Light Tap that is more of a just right but not enough Chop and the Comedian has a Were you even trying Chop…this works both ways as sometimes he barely touches the bark and sometimes he knocks the whole Tree down…yep…The. Whole.Tree. in one chop….talent…


The game is over when all the bark is off the tree, or if you play with the Comedian the whole Tree is chopped down…pretty quick game sometimes.

Count up all your points and deduct any points from the Trunk pieces…if you have any. We like to set 5 bark pieces with a Trunk piece and just add up whats left…seems to be easier.

In the event of a tie, which can happen, they have a fun way to determine a winner. Each person who tied balances the axe on their palm (standing up) and whoever balances it the longest wins! I love clever ways to break ties!

Now doesn’t that sound fun and challenging?! It is hilarious and ridiculous and a whole lot of challenging fun. My kids are better at this game than we are….because as adults we think it will be sooo easy to play this kids game and you’ll try to go easy on the kids…don’t do that…because then when you start trying harder and you knock the whole tree down in one Chop it becomes that much funnier…I mean sad…I mean…no, no it’s funny.

My 14 year old nephew challenged the Comedian and the outcome was…well hilarious. Nephew = 3 and Comedian = 0 You can check out their epic…or not so epic…battle in the video below.

There is almost an art to the game or it can just be a really fun time. If you don’t like the sound of a ton of plastic pieces falling on a table (think dumping legos on a table) then maybe not the best game for you…but the kids will love it!

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“Life is more fun if you play games.”
~ Roald Dahl, My Uncle Oswald

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