Marco’s!….Polos! A fun color matching, shirt stacking game!

Recommended Age:5+
Contents:3 Double-sided trunk cards 84 Polo shirt cards Instructions
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Educational Insights has a lot of fun games and toys and for all ages. Marco’s Polos is a game made for ages 5+ but kids as young as 3 (2 even if they are learning their colors) can learn to play! The polo shirt shaped cards are adorable and easy for little hands to hold.

I fell in love with this game as soon as I saw the tiny shirt like cards. Absolutely adorable and a brilliant twist on the classic color matching games. Marco’s Polos is a great game for kids who know their colors but it is also a great game to teach colors to kids. I’ll explain that part later but first, as always, I will tell you a bit more about the game itself.

2015-03-02 10.39.43-3 copyIt is a smaller box so it travels really well which I love. It’s one of those flip lid cardboard types but the material seems a bit more sturdy than other ones like it. I didn’t tear it when I opened the top which is kind of a miracle. I almost always tear the lid which means this box type is awesome.

The three Trunks with the solid shirts on them are made out of the game cardboard we are all familiar with. It does bend so be very careful not to go crazy with them.

The cards are standard card material that is thin, bendable and can tear easily so if your child is a mini destroyer of worlds and everything in not let them play by themselves. Now…let’s learn how to play.


Be the first player to play all your cards.

2015-03-02 10.40.11-4 copySetup:

Shuffle the cards! Then pass them out evenly to every player. Use all the cards unless you are playing with younger kids then you might want to just use about 10-20. No one should be peeking and instead just keep the pile in front of them.

Choose which side of the Trunk Cards you will use randomly. There are three Green/Red, Yellow/Purple and Blue/Orange. If you are playing with younger kids you might stick with Red, Yellow and Blue.


Now everyone flips over their deck so it is face up in front of them and when the dealer yells “Go!” everyone tries to play their top card on one of the three Trunk Cards. If you can’t play a card move it to the bottom of the deck and keep going.

In order to play a shirt card on top of a Trunk Pile it has to match at least one stripe of color. So if the Trunks are Red, Yellow and Blue and your top card is a Green and Blue striped shirt you can play it on the Blue pile. This card becomes the new top card and players must match it now.

2015-03-02 10.48.21 copyThere two other special cards that you might come across but I would leave them out if playing with younger kids. The closed Trunk card can get played on any pile and means that no one else can play on that Trunk pile until the Open Trunk card is played on top of it. Once it is re-opened anyone can play any card on top to begin the pile again.

It sounds easy but if you are going quickly it can be pretty easy to make a mistake. If that happens you have to take back your card and any card played on top of it into the bottom of your deck.

Ouch…that can hurt your pile…and maybe your dignity when your 6 year old son points out a mistake when he only has about 3 cards left…yeah…he did that. You might take turns with younger kids until they get the color matching down.

First person to play all their cards wins. Sometimes the game ends because no one can play any more cards on the Trunk Piles. In this case the winner is the person who has the least of the polo cards.

Younger kids will love trying to match the colors and older kids will love matching them quickly. Adults will actually find it challenging too. My husband and I like to see who can win when the kids are done playing with us. I’m the reigning champ right now. Woot!

Marco’s Polos is a great game for all ages. It is easily thrown in a purse and can be played while waiting on a doctor or at a restaurant. All of my favorite features in one little game. Educational, portable, and fun for all. If you are looking for a good game to get young kids interested in playing games and learning colors this is perfect for you.marcospolosreview2

“Play gives children a chance to practice what they are learning.”
~ Fred Rogers

Author: sandyz