Solve a mystery from your mailbox with a Mail Order Mystery!

Recommended Age:8-13
Our Recommended Age:6 + (might need help)
Cost:Treasure Hunt - $74 The Enchanted Slumber - $74 Spies, Lies and Serious Bad Guys - $81
Note:"All our mysteries are rigorously assessed by an official Very Nervous Story Tester and have received a Not Scary seal of approval."
Warning:It may be unsettling for some people to receive a letter out of the blue from a stranger, even if/especially if that stranger is long-dead, writing from another planet or the future etc. You can download a gift note from our website explaining the mail order mystery process before it begins, and depending on the kid, you may want to reassure them that the stories are not real.
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Have your children ever wanted to solve a mystery? Find treasure or go on adventure? Mine always have but of course such things are either dangerous or non-existent…that is where Mail Order Mystery come in. When you sign up you will receive a letter personally addressed to your child which is just the beginning of a several weeks long mystery that they can try to solve!

Mail Order Mystery is a fun mystery for your kids to solve that comes in the mail and can last several weeks. Of course they don’t actually have to solve anything but it is a lot more fun if they do. The mysteries are designed for kids ages 8 – 13 but the Diva, age 6, did just fine…with some help. Kids at the recommended age could do all the puzzles and letter reading on their own…but where is the fun in that for the adults?!

I want to explain without giving away too much…as they say Spoilers!  If you are a fan of Doctor Who you know what I mean…if not…you get the idea. I will go over a bit but not everything. There are spoilers in the video and pictures so beware! However, if you are reading this to find out more so that you can order it for your child…just don’t let them see it hehe.momysteryreview-3

Our Mystery was the Treasure Hunt and was set up for both of our kids together. Siblings should be just fine with one order, however, there will need to be sharing. They will have to work together or share deciphering codes, reading letters, and eventually share the “treasure”. So keep that in mind.

You will get an email (I think you can have a letter mailed) that lets the recipient know what to expect. This letter is personally addressed to our child, lays out how it all works, how often you will receive something, and one very important bit of information.

The info in the mystery is a blend of fact and fiction so kids know ahead of time this has SOME facts involved but is mostly pretend. Nothing to be afraid of there.

checking-the-mail-17In fact their website specifically says “All our mysteries are rigorously assessed by an official Very Nervous Story Tester and have received a Not Scary seal of approval.” My kids were not scared but we did go over everything with the very first letter. They knew it was all in good fun and what to expect.

I recommend doing this…however you could do a “Very Mysterious” note that just says Congratulations! You are about to receive a Mail Order Mystery. Start checking the mailbox and expect the unexpected.” It will depend on your child but you can choose when you order. I love that there are so many options and personalization!

The very first letter is a bit long but describes why you were chosen to receive it along with a letter from your Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Great Grandfather. There is a coded message but you can’t solve it…yet and a key that you can’t do anything with at the moment. Hold on to these things as you will need them later…it is very intriguing and the kids spent a few minutes trying to figure out if their ancient relative was a good pirate or a bad one…they figured kind of in the middle hehe.momysteryreview-4

They could hardly wait until the following week when the second letter arrived. This time it was an issue of the Shark & Pirate quarterly.

We had a lot of fun reading through this together and the kids discovered a cipher that matched the code on the back! It took a bit but together (with help from their dad) they solved it! I won’t tell you what it said…Spoilers….

I don’t want to go into ALL the letters..Spoilers…but I will say there are a couple more puzzles to solve, letters to read and a phone to make…or not. The beauty is it is all up to what your child wants to do. They don’t even have to solve any of the puzzles.

The letters will eventually explain things, the treasure will still come and you can find out the mystery without ever actually solving or doing much with it. But..where is the fun in that!

On the other side you can read everything, solve everything, speculate and have a fantastic adventure right from your home with just a mailbox, pencil and paper and your child’s imagination.

Check out our video but fair warning…there be spoilers…argh!

As you can see (if you watched it) the kids LOVED trying to figure things and solve the puzzles. The treasure was probably the best part and there was more than enough for them to share. Mail Order Mystery was brilliantly done and so much fun for all of us. I cannot wait to sign them up for another one!

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“Adventure is worthwhile in itself.”
~ Amelia Earhart

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