Magformers: The Ultimate Magnetic Adventure!

Recommended Age:6+
Cost:Price varies per set.
Our Recommended Age:2 or 3 with superision
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If your kids are like mine then they like to build…with as many things as possible. Blocks, LEGO bricks, Minecraft and anything else they can build something with. Now they have a new favorite, Magformers, magnetic construction sets that are amazing to build with and hours of fun.

Magformers are one of our favorite building toys and by our I do mean OUR. My husband and I love playing with the kids with these as much (maybe more) than LEGOs…yeah…that much. I think the reason is because they can take any shape you want and be anything you want them to be and they don’t just fall apart after you spend a lot of time building them. You CAN collapse them easily enough but it is really only fun if you WANT to.

2015-06-03 21.26.23 copyThe tiles come in all kinds of shapes and usually are specific to the set you get. We were sent the Designer Set and the XL Cruisers set and separately they are enough to play with for hours but when you combine them?…it gives you so many more options and the limits are your imagination.

The boxes say 6+ but my 4 year old (5 this year) Diva plays with them just fine. She is still learning how to put the pieces together, how they work together and although she can imagine a lot of things she can’t build a lot of them yet. Playing with them is helping her use her imagination to try though which is so important at this age.

Each set comes in a box and is stacked neatly in a plastic molded to shapes container that slides out.(at least the two that we received so I am assuming the others are like this). Simply open the side and slide out the plastic, remove the clear top cover and pull all the pieces out.

Now you COULD keep them in their boxes but we prefer one bin for all Magformers. It is more fun to mix the pieces like we do LEGO bricks.

I’ll get to each set in a moment but first the tiles. What sets these sets apart over other magnetic construction sets is the type of magnet they use. Magformers uses a rare earth neodymium magnet and from my understanding other companies use a low grade ferrite magnet. Now, like you I have no idea what that means BUT from experience with this and another company’s magnetic sets…these are far superior.

I have actually tried other magnetic construction sets and they just don’t stick together. You create something and mid creation it can collapse. Magformers on the other has almost always stuck together. I say almost because if you are building something sort of big and you push in a wrong way it can collapse a bit.2015-05-03 20.09.04-2 copy

Aside from the magnet inside the tiles are pretty sturdy having survived numerous slides and falls off of a table and countless games of how far away does it have to be before it won’t slide across the table…that may have been started by one of the adults.

Turns out about 1/2 an inch is the limit…yeah we measured BUT you can slide a tile down the table and another person uses their tile to snatch it mid slide…not sure if that was an adult or not either.

Each set has different but somewhat similar pieces and the Designer Set came with a book for instructions on how to build some things. Like an idea book but you can’t build everything in with just one set.

That part stinks but you will want more than one set so it works out. Check out our magnetic adventure before learning more details about the sets.

The Designer Set:

This set has 62 pieces total. 20 Triangles, 22 Square, 14 Isosceles Triangles, 4 Diamonds, and 2 Trapezoids and you can build some pretty neat things with those pieces! 2015-06-19 12.21.04 copy

It also comes with an idea book that has instructions to build a few things but using various sets. There are only about 4 total pages of ideas (meaning 4 ideas) in the book for using the Designer Set.

My son kept trying to build other things in the book but of course we didn’t have enough of some of the pieces or in some cases any of them at all…but he has birthday and xmas coming so now I have present ideas!

They list a Windmill, which he did build, a Helicopter, a Motorcycle and a Spaceship. You might be wondering why there is more of a variety than vehicles for the most part but what they did was show 4 completely different ways to use the pieces which helps anyone open their imagination more. I love that.

 We tried building them all and the Windmill sort of collapsed when my son tried to put the blade part on but that might have been just him, however the Helicopter collapsed on itself too when my husband tried building it. Again, this could be user error. The Spaceship was fine except the set doesn’t come with enough of the pieces. You’ll need 4 more triangles to complete it. The Motorcycle was fine and totally awesome but it used every single piece and it was bigger than expected.

The Gentleman was basically building a house until he saw the design for a sort of wheel (he could only do part of it with the pieces we had) and then used that knowledge to start building a different kind of building. I think castle was what he called it.

This set by itself is perfect for 1-2 kids but you will either want two of the same or this one and another if you have more kids. In all honesty you will want this one and more sets anyway but my two kids did mostly ok using the one. When we added the XL Construction set, however, it became a much more pleasant building experience….until I asked to share…they said no…meanies.2015-06-19 12.37.35 copy

XL Cruisers Set:

This set is awesome…it comes with wheels! Magnetic wheels so you can build actual moving vehicles. It comes with more than that of course…It actually has 47 pieces to it.

4 Triangles, 4 Curved Triangles, 10 Squares, 4 Thicker and longer Rectangles, 1 Rectangle with 3 squares holes in it, 2 Trapezoids, 2 Diamonds, 2 regular Rectangles, 2 sets of Wheels attached to a square piece in Black, 1 Crane piece, 4 Solid Squares, 2 Squares with magnetic centers (rotating blocks), 1 Crane neck?, 1 Magnetic posable construction guy, 2 Allen Wrench looking pieces, 2 Joint type pieces, 2 slightly larger wheels, and 1 bucket? for the front of a Loader type vehicle.

I did my best to describe them…though I know that some are not exactly accurate but should give you an idea. It also comes with a mini idea book to show you how you can use the different pieces of construction equipment. It doesn’t have much but it shows how you can use the crane, the pulley block, those extra wheels, bucket and the arm thing.

2015-06-03 21.26.03 copyIt shows five complete vehicles but not how to build them. I am pretty sure you could just by looking at them though…well we could and my son figured it out. The most important thing they show you is that the magnetic man can be posed in hilarious ways to make it look like he is dancing…maybe that is just me that does that…

The best part about this set is once you build a construction type vehicle you can play with it and it actually can pick up the extra pieces. My son loved using the pulley to pick up pieces and even made the sound effects. My Diva couldn’t exactly build it but really wanted to play with it…that was an entertaining few minutes. I believe a second construction type set is in our future as well.

BOTH sets can be played with independently but you can of course combine them for even more fun and creativity! In fact in my opinion the mores sets you have the more you can build, create and if you have multiple kids the fewer arguments about whose turn for what pieces.

Here is a gallery of our magnetic adventure!

When you are building the pieces go together easily and with little effort due to the magnets. You can have them end to end, or making a corner, laying on top of each other or even at angles. We’ve used them as doors too because if you make a house and add a square or rectangle to one end it sort of swings like a door.

One of the coolest things you can do once you’ve gotten the hang of building things, is to built is sort 2D or flat and then pick it up from the middle and it will all snap together in a 3D shape! We have done this (after seeing it done at their booth at ChiTag) and it is always so cool looking.2015-05-03 20.25.53-3 copy

Lay out squares in a flat dice shape which is 4 in a row end to end and one to the right of the second to the top most piece and one to its left like a crosses. Then place your fingers in that second to the top most piece on the inside an quickly lift up. Viola! A cube! This method actually works for a lot of things you can build and is just need to see happen and to do.

Magformers sets are amazing and if you don’t mind combining sets you can throw them in a container and take with you on trips. These are great for educational purposes as well. Have your child try to name each shape, or to use for showing Cubes and Cones among other shapes is one way.

You could also say a Person Place or Thing and have them try to build something to represent that. Like a charades with Magformers! We do this with several building type toys but I think Magformers work better and won’t collapse mid build…usually.

If you are looking for new or just other building type toys Magformers is perfect for you. They are durable, hours of fun, educational and great for keeping the imagination active and the creativity flowing.


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  1. Our son loves Lego bricks but he has been wanting Magformers for a long time now.

  2. My son and I both love Legos! We build sets together or build our own worlds. Building things together is one of the ways we get to spend time together doing stuff we both love to do.

  3. My kids love all kinds of building toys. Their current favorite is LEGO. I know they would love Magformers.

  4. We just actually got our first set of Magformers not that long ago and my 5 year old is OBSESSED!!!!

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