Luca Lashes: A cute app that helps children with some first visit fears.

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Luca Lashes is an adorable interactive book for your smartphone or tablet. Luca is a little boy with magical eyelashes who, when afraid, flutters those eyelashes which makes him more brave. He then can conquer his fears like going to the Doctor or the Dentist for the first time. What kid hasn’t been afraid of those things! Through this wonderful app your kids can watch Luca conquer his fears and in turn teach them to conquer their own.

My daughter is 4 and hasn’t really been afraid of much until recently. Out of nowhere she is showing that she is afraid of the dark, her room, the doctor etc. I am actually loving this app and that it is encouraging her to not only face her fears but to find her inner bravery….I might get a full night’s sleep again here soon.

The app reads the story to you but you can pause and read on your own or just play with the pages. Each page has some form of interaction on it. My favorite is the butterflies and birds…they fly away! My daughter liked the Rocket Ship and that the light switches worked! Lights going on and off in an app always facinates me for some reason…I may or may not have “clicked” it over a dozen times…I admit nothing.2014-11-22 23.06.07-2 copy

It is the interaction that will keep kids engaged and as they see and hear Luca get more brave it will help them to do the same when facing their own fears. It is adorable when my Diva blinks her eyes (well tries to) to be brave. The artwork is exactly what you come to love and expect from a children’s book and Luca is so adorable with those big lashes.

This is just the introduction to Luca. There are 9 books out right now with tons more coming out next year. As of right now Luca visits the Doctor, the Dentist, a Nursing home, brushes his teeth, visits Mommy in the hospital, has his first hair cut and his first swimming lesson! These are common fears in young kids and I am so happy there is a fun little app to help kids conquer these fears.

Coming next year Luca will visit an Eye Doctor, have his Mommy go back to work, loses a pet, moves into a new house and so many other wonderful adventures. The apps are available on iTunes, Nook, Google Play, Amazon and an Educational App Store for phones, tablets and as a bonus can help introduce your child to a foreign language! That’s right! Luca Lashes eBooks and apps can be read to your child in one of several different languages without costing extra! Brillian!

If you have a child who has fears this is a perfect app to help you child learn to make themselves more brave and conquer those fears. It is also a great way to introduce your child to a foreign language. Start with this adorable introduction and then get the rest!


“All of life is a constant education.”
~ Eleanor Roosevelt

Author: sandyz