Little Passports: USA Edition is here!

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World Edition (Ages 5-10):1 Month - $12.95 + $3 shipping billed monthly
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12 Months - One time payment of $143.40 + $30 shipping
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3 Months - One time payment of $83.70 + $18 shipping
12 Months - One time payment of $143.40 + $30 shipping
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As you probably know by now we love Little Passports here. My son is doing the World Edition and my daughter is doing Early Explorers and both absolutely LOVE them. Now they both get to learn about the Unites States of America with Little Passports: USA Edition. Every month we learn about 2 different states!

Little Passports has 3 options for learning about our world. You could get the World Edition for kids ages 6 – 10 and sends you a little blue suitcase to keep your map and other items in for safety…and cuteness. This one sends you a new country each month.

lpusareview (2)They have as Early Explorers Edition for ages  3 – 5 to also learn about the world but in general and not country specific. My daughter is four and LOVES this one. Her suitcase is Orange and her map is of the continents with pictures of some animals and landmarks on it. Each month is a world theme like landmarks or music.

The USA Edition is for both of my kids…I know it is recommended for ages older but my daughter will retain at least some of the info and hopefully know her states before she needs to hehe.

Her brother likes showing her the states he knows on the map and she gets super excited to repeat them…which is my favorite thing ever.

The USA Edition doesn’t come with a suitcase but it does come with a carry case that reminds of a file holder. It is made of plastic but the nice thinner kind not the hard non-bendy stuff. It also has a design on it with Sam and Sofia on their magic scooter. It has a flip over with a snap lid to keep everything securely inside.lpusareview (47)

You get a letter from Sam and Sofia of course and it explains the adventure they and you are getting started on. I won’t spoil it for you though as it is fun for the kids (and parents) to read it together. The best part about this kit…at least to my kids…is the map.

It is a huge paper map of the US and it’s a large map too like one you would want to put on your wall. Which I would but the kids like folding it up and getting it out to look at it on the floor so we keep it in the folder.

It shows each state in various colors and also shows their capitol cities. A couple of pictures in some states that show what that state might be known for are there as well.

Mount Rushmore is in South Dakota, the Liberty Bell in Pennsylvania and the Alamo in Texas. They also show a few things certain states might be known for like Maine has a lobster, Hawaii has a pinapple and Idaho has potatoes hehe.  I did not know South Caroline was known for tea but that might be because I don’t drink it much.lpusareview (19)

The kit also includes a disposable camera which is neat but to be perfectly honest I am not sure where to get pictures processes that are not digital anymore. We set that aside for now and plan on letting them use it on our next trip somewhere like the museum or something. I have looked and cannot tell if places like Walmart or Target still do film developing. I’ll find somewhere and post when I do.

The Scratch Book is really cool. It comes with a wooden pencil in a neat little holder and you don’t have to worry about accidentally scratching pages. The book has a back and a cover that are NOT scratch art material so you can hold it and open it happily.

Each page allows you to scratch any area you want but also has specific things on it like landmarks, national parks and the Oregon trail. I love this because it combines art with education beautifully. Kids learn about a topic and then can decorate a picture about it too.Little Passports

They won’t let ME decorate any so I’ll have to get my own scratch book…though this is the first I’ve seen that has a design already outlined on the page. I like that…they need these for adults too.

My daughter just wants to scribble sort of all over…she likes rainbows but my son likes to try to make it look cool. There is only one Scratch book so they have to share it…which is interesting.

They each take turns coloring on one while the other “helps” or cheers them on. By helps I mean asks constantly if they can help while the other says no but at least they’re asking.

The Field Guide is my favorite thing but I like filling out books like this…not sure why. You get to check the states you’ve visited and include a selfie with your name, bday and hometown.

It asks questions about your travels and where you live. Answering for two was sort of tricky but we managed and it was sort of easy since they both visited the same amount of states.

lpusareview (28)The guide has you answer questions about the USA like what two oceans border the USA? My daughter can’t read yet so we would have her look for the matching landmarks and my son would read the name of the state that they were found in. He also used the map (or the map of the world) to answer the other questions.

We started the Photo Scavenger Hunt which is awesome and since both my kids have cameras (digital) it gave me some ideas for our school work! We might have to have a photo scavenger hunt every two weeks! I think it would be neat and the one in the book is a great place to start.

They have you find a Fun Activity, Tasty Food, The sky during the day (and night), Funny-shaped rock, and an Animal among many other things. I love this!

The guide then has two pages each for each state you will learn about. There is a place for stickers about the state animal, state flag, state bird and even the state flower. Then you answer 5 questions about that state on the other page. The downside is there is only room for 12 states. Granted that will take about 6 months (you get two states each month!) but still…I wonder what happens after this book is full.

At the back of the guide are the states and their capitols as a sort of reference. My kids are not quite ready for capitols yet but this is a great resource for when they are! Check out our full adventure here!

I can’t wait to see what the states come with! We are learning so much already about the USA and are planning our next vacation using the map. My son knows what states we are going to visited and likes to follow a path on the map to show how we get there. The Diva follows his path and agrees that that is indeed where we need to go.

If you are looking for a fun and interactive way to teach your kids about the states in the USA this is a GREAT way to do it. You get a folder to keep everything in, a giant map of the USA that you can either keep in the folder or put up on a wall and activities to get you started on your new adventure.

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