Our Little Passports USA edition continues with Missouri & Idaho!

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I am not sure I can stress how much my kids LOVE Little Passports. The USA subscription sends you two states each month and you get to learn a LOT about each one. State Capitols, Birds and Motto’s are just a few things you learn. You also learn what the state is known for and a few interesting things to visit or that happened there. SO much to learn and such a fun road trip to plan!

Eventually we will visit all the states. My whole family loves to travel and using Little Passports as a sort of guide will be amazing! Each month you get an Activity Book that has one state on one side and if you flip the over Vertically you will find the other state! I do love when companies do things creatively..plus it saves space being in ONE book!

lpUSAMissouri  (5)The Activity Book has Crosswords, Word Searches, Experiments, Fun Information and even Recipes. It varies per state but there is a LOT to learn and do in each side. It has a color glossy cardstock (standard book type cover) that isn’t paper cover…that is both sides of course.

Each page on the inside is pretty standard paper material but not thin like copy paper. It is a tad thicker like you would normally find in a kids work book but not coloring book paper…I can’t really describe it apparently but it is the good stuff.

I described the Field Guide in my first review of the USA subscription found HERE. We filled out the front of it already but now we get to fill in the States parts! My kids LOVE stickers (I mean who doesn’t really) so this was perfect for them! They took turns putting the stickers in the correct spot while my husband went over each one with them.

The questions are the same for each state and so are the stickers. Well the amount of stickers and shape and type but the information is obviously different…you knew that though…moving on. There is one sticker per state for the cover (or back) of the Field Guide. This is just for decoration and of course the kids love decorating thing…with stickers.

Each State has a Highlights page and a Field Notes page. The Highlights page is where you put the stickers. The State sticker goes at the top and then there are 4 circle stickers for the State Animal, State Seal, State Bird and State Flower. The bottom sticker is for the State Flag. If you want to know the Capitols those are all listed in the back of the Field Guide…very handy!

The Field Notes page does have the exact same questions on each one. Something new I learned about this state is…, My favorite item from the State Highlights page is…, My favorite activity from Sam and Sofia’s journal is…, In this state, I would love to visit…, and I want to learn more about…(Research the above topic. Record your findings here:)

lpUSAMissouri  (18)These questions encourage kids to go back and review things and really think about what they would want to do or where to visit in that State. This gets them more involved, thinking more and learning a lot more! Very engaging!

Also included in each month are post cards which are exactly that. Postcards with the State Name very large, a picture representing the state, the State Motto and the words Greetings from on the top…because your friends Sam and Sophia are sending it to you.

At the beginning of the Activity book on both sides is a note from your friends telling you all about their trip to that State. Each letter is different and tells a LOT about the State before you even dive into the actual activities. Which I will talk about now..I know you were dying….here goes.

We always start with the map. We open it up and make sure the kids know where WE are…cause yeah they forget what our state looks like…and then we find the States that we are learning about. There are little pin stickers include to mark each State on the map! Once we have determined how far it is from our state (far, really far or wow that’s really really far are our measurements) we can begin with the fun stuff!


We always start with the paper crafts! They are so much fun to build and the kids LOVE them and cannot wait…seriously they try to do them before we do ANYTHING else and are usually trying to pop the pieces out while we are looking at the map…they are fun though.

Missouri came with a build your own Gateway Arch! It was super cool to build and talk about but Idaho came with a build your own paper ski lift! It didn’t move on its own but the kids had fun pretending…once it dried. Do NOT use a glue stick for these…we did…and regret it. I recommend hot glue really. Small amounts would be perfect. I am sure regular glue would be fine and a glue stick DID work but it was harder than it needed to be.

After paper crafts we do the Activity Book. Inside the Activity Book the first thing you see is the State shape as it would appear on a map. The State Flag is also there along with a map legend for the State Capital, Cities and Interstates. A few pictures are spread around on the image as well to show things that are well known…or should be…about the State.


The Letter from your friends is the next thing you see…and read. Then the actual activities start! Missouri has a Dot to Dot..err a shape to shape really as they use a different method from completing it. Next up is a Gateway Maze that has you following instructions to make your way through a number maze of sorts.

I don’t want to spoil it for you…but there is a puzzle, a word twister, info on famous events and the world fair and information about the Ozark caves! My son now really wants to visit these caves to study the animals there…we are looking into it.lpUSAIDaho (6)

There are a few more things including a Beeswax Candle instructional. How cool is that to make! We didn’t get to do that yet but we are planning on it soon! The Idaho side has it’s own types of Activities. We started in on THAT side when we were done with Missouri…no real reason for doing ether side before the other, it was just the side facing up at the time.

I will tell you a little bit about the Idaho side too to be fair. The inside is exactly the same…but with Idaho information and State picture instead…oviously…The activities are a bit different though, which is great.

There are Outdoor Sports Riddles, a Decoding puzzle, a Potato Chip Cookie Recipe (that we haven’t tried yet…yet) a Fly Fishing maze, a sort of Picture puzzle maze, information and map puzzle for Birds of Prey, a Math color by answer puzzle, Famous Events, a Lava Tube Experiment (we are currently prepping for this), information on Idaho’s park called the City Of Rocks and Potato Science!

There is an answer key at the end of each side so you can check your answers. The very center of the book has information on BOTH states and can be flipped upside down (and the book instructs you close the book and flip to begin another State adventure).

We love Little Passports and the USA edition has proven to be our favorite subscription and our favorite way to learn about the United States. My son just turned 7 and we have incorporated this into his homeschool lessons. We do a little each week in the Activity Book and add on to the lessons so that each State lasts 2 weeks. This way we are not waiting impatiently for the next month to come!

My daughter is 5 and also loves learning about the States! She can’t remember all the information just yet but she is learning the names of the States, how to read a map and all about distances…that is…uh..interesting to teach her…yeah interesting…

I cannot wait to share the next 2 States with you but if you want to start your own Little Passports USA adventure sign up here! —>Little Passports USA (affiliate link, Thank you)lpUSAMO&ID2Don’t forget to share your USA adventure with us! @MyGeeklings @littlepassports

“Not all those who wander are lost.”
~ J.R.R. Tolkien, The Fellowship of the Ring

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