Little Passports: Early Explorers – A Traveler Kit for the Diva!

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Early Explorers (Ages 3-5):1 Month - $15.95 + $3 shipping billed monthly
3 Months - One time payment of $95.70 + $18 shipping
12 Months - One time payment of $167.40 + $36 shipping
World Edition (Ages 5-10):1 Month - $12.95 + $3 shipping billed monthly
3 Months - One time payment of $83.70 + $18 shipping
12 Months - One time payment of $143.40 + $30 shipping
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3 Months - One time payment of $83.70 + $18 shipping
12 Months - One time payment of $143.40 + $30 shipping
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My son LOVES his Little Passports World Edition subscription but it was a bit more than my daughter was able to do…which is why I was excited to sign her up for the Early Explorers version which is meant for ages 3-5! She gets her very own suitcase and a map she can better understand and that is all her own. Each month she will learn new topics about the world like Landmarks, Oceans, and Music!

I am not sure but I think I was more excited to get the Early Explorers Traveler Kit than my daughter. I thought it would basically be the same as the World Edition kit but it was a lot different and a lot better for the age group. All items included are fun to do and perfect for her!

2015-05-03 21.25.29-2 copyHer suitcase (again the most important item in the kit) was Orange and not Blue…I LOVE that it was a different color. Just as durable as the other…I’m pretty sure they are the same just different color.

The metal clasp is easy enough for her to open but strong enough to keep it closed tight when she isn’t using it…and swinging it around. The handle is also metal and attached pretty tightly. Over all the whole suitcase is wonderfully made.

The map that comes with this kit is of the world but does not show countries. It only shows Continents and a few landmark type things for them. I like this as an intro map and it works well with the theme of the subscription.

The idea is get your child used to the idea of the world and I feel like too many counties with city names would be a bit much. I have told her that there are countries in each of the Continents but right now she is just happy to have a map.

The kit also comes with an activity book that has fun and again age appropriate things to do. Some she can do on her own and some we had to help with. It is called Passport to the World! and has a cute checklist in the front so you know and can check off (she is obsessed with checking things off so this is perfect) each thing to do in the kit.

The book introduces you to new friends Max, Mia and their dog Toby. There is a spot for Passport Stickers which are also included in your kit. They introduce all seven continents and we spent some time pronouncing each one and identifying the animal on the sticker.2015-05-03 21.17.28-5 copy

Preschool level activities like a simple maze, ordering 3 pictures in 1, 2, 3 order, matching colored continents with crayons, and even dot to dots are all easy enough for her to do on her own. There was an activity that used the map which was fantastic! They showed you three landmarks and you had to find them on the map and write their continent on the line.

There are 17 pages of activities for your child to do or for you to help your child with. All the activities are educational and fun and are things she is learning or has learned in preschool.

There is even an answer sheet in the back! She likes checking her own answers…and checking them off.

2015-05-03 21.29.30-1 copyA cute little suitcase tag is there but we don’t have a use for that yet…except to put on THIS suitcase…which she did. There were stickers for the passport pages but there were also stickers for the suitcase.

They were of the continents as well and were probably the favorite thing of both my kids. They even had stickers of new friends Max, Mia and Toby to put on there too.

One sticker we could use as it says is the wall decal. Our walls are not flat…they are slightly textured so stickers and decals do not stay on. We are getting a large poster board and putting it on her wall and she will put the stickers on that instead. It is a nice compromise and she can keep it longer.

Everything in the kit was perfect and she cannot wait to get her next package. I think I’ve convinced her it won’t be another suitcase. Just looking at the different themes has ME excited and she has yet to see or understand what is coming.

I can’t imagine a better way to teach my daughter about the world than this. It is extremely educational, perfect for her age and so much fun for her and me!


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“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.”
~ Benjamin Franklin

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2 thoughts on “Little Passports: Early Explorers – A Traveler Kit for the Diva!

  1. Hi! How old was your daughter when you got this subscription? Are you still enjoying it?
    I have a nearly-six year old son who I signed up for the World Edition, but I’m finding it a little too old for him. Wondering whether the Early Explorers would be a better fit, or if he’s kind of in between the two. The fishing game I saw on the website for the Oceans set does look a bit young for him.

    1. She was barely 5 and will be 6 this year and loves it still. We did have to cancel recently due to moving but will be getting it again as soon as we can! My son was 7 when we got the World Edition for him and he seemed to do just fine but we had also been learning where different animals live for over a year so he had a better idea before we got it. The young explorers is a great way to introduce the world though before going to individual countries. Or they have the state one which we also love =D

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