Luca Lashes Has His First Swimming Lesson!

Recommended Age:4 and under
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Luca Lashes Has His First Swimming Lesson is an adorable story app that helps kids work through their first time swimming. Water, especially the size of a pool or lake, can be scary for anyone who has never swam before but especially for children. My kids are both fish now but my son was afraid of the water at 2 years old…would have LOVED having this app then to help him!

If you are anything like me you love swimming or at least sitting in a nice cool pool while it is hot outside. When you have kids you want to show them the joys of summer and swimming, splashing or just playing in the water. I always wanted my kids to learn how to swim but wasn’t quite sure how to go about it. We found the local YMCA had swim lessons and when my son was about 2 and a half we signed up for the parent/child class.

2015-05-12 21.11.32-3 copyIf your child is still potty training or too young to do so they are still in a diaper and cannot join a swim class without their parents. I was ok with this as I didn’t know how my son would do anyway and it turned out…he was terrified of being in the water. I really wish this app was around before we signed him up as I think reading about it and seeing another kid be afraid but work through it would have helped.

My daughter was never afraid of water so it was easier for her but she does love this app. If she can’t swim she wants to read about it or play in water some how…including my sink when she washes her hands. This app is perfect for her but even more perfect for any child who is about to take their first swim lesson or might be afraid of the water. It is also a great way to introduce water safety to a child of any age.

May is National Water Safety Month and it’s important that parents introduce children to the water but more important to teach them about water safety. Not only are there rules for when you are IN the water but also rules for even before you get in. Luca Lashes touches on a few and explains what a first swim lesson might be like in a way kids can understand.

The app goes over what Luca has to change into and introduces the swim diaper. Kids who are not potty trained must wear one to swim (at least in any public pool area that I have ever known) so I thought it was neat that they showed he had to wear “something new”.

Luca’s dad goes over a few things so Luca won’t be surprised. He goes over getting his hair wet in cold water which is great! My kids tend to hold grudges about that sort of thing…I also recommend telling them they probably have to put their face in to blow bubbles…because they encourage that but usually are never pushy about it.

He also mentions holding his breath, smelling chlorine and why it is used, and rinsing off in a shower before going in the pool. All of which are very important things to mention. Important rules to cover are in a list at the end and are excellent.2015-05-12 21.12.09-1 copy

They go over things like not running near the pool, never going in a pool without your grown up and if needed to get your child a US Coast Guard approved personal flotation device…life vest basically.

Luca is a little nervous on his way to the swim lesson so he blinks those magical eyelashes twice but wonders if twice will be enough. After he blinks he feels better and more brave. I think this is just adorable as all kids can blink to be more brave when they are scared. It shows that it is ok to be scared or nervous but you can push through and “blink” away some of that.

The app goes into things usually covered in a first lesson and how Luca feels safe and secure in his daddy’s arms. My son was scared of the water at first but after reassurance that I would not let him go until he was ready he calmed down and had a lot of fun. I really wish we had this app…or book back then.

The app is adorable and the ability to interact with it are a lot of fun. You can touch anything in the picture and some of it makes noises or moves or sparkles. I think my daughter knows all of them by now as she touches every part of the pictures. She likes holding her breath when they mention it in the app and blinking with Luca.

Luca Lashes Has His First Swimming Lesson is a great app/story for any child who is going to have their first swim lesson or to just introduce them to the idea of swimming. It is cute story with interactive pictures and a valuable lesson. Water safety is something that all kids should know and this is the perfect way to introduce that!


“If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in water.”
~ Loren Eiseley

Author: sandyz