Lille Huset: The DIY dollhouse where your only limit is your imagination!

Cost:The Case Study 14 - Modern Dollhouse - $40.00 (Prices Vary depending on choices)
Notes:100% Made in the USA by Grow Studio LLC, Chicago, IL design for eco conscious modern living
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We discovered Lille Huset doll houses at ChiTAG last year when my son (age 6) and daughter (age 4) wouldn’t leave their booth after running to it to play. These incredible paper houses with little paper people inspire creativity and the limits are literally your imagination and they are so much fun to play with!

All of the houses and other items you can purchase are designed to encourage kids to imagine and create….literally create. These are fully hands on and kids can color, draw, tape (a specific type of tape is best for re-usability) and otherwise decorate and add to your house as you want to. You can even combine houses for a bigger crazy house or take them apart for small simple houses.

2014-12-21 15.57.52 copyThe materials for the houses parts are a strong 100% laminated recycled paperboard. They are pretty sturdy and that easy to bend which is nice. It also means you can use tape that is designed to be re-usable on them without damaging them. Kids can also draw or use markers on various parts of the house to decorate.

Everything else that comes with this house is paper. Simple cut it out yourself paper. You can color some things like the kids that come with it but the rest are colored and have outlines to cut them out. Each item has a thin white outline too so if you want you could trim them up completely but I imagine that is there as a buffer for kids….or people like me who cannot cut a straight line even when one is provided.

We only have the Modern Case Study 14 but my daughter is already wanting more and my son even wants his own to decorate and play with. The Diva won’t let him decorate her house…and she only wanted to add a “TV” that she drew the picture for. She just wanted the cut out parts and her daddy made her a table out of some of them which she flattened into a bed after a bit. It IS her house…and she loves it.

I am trying to convince her to make things for it but so far she just wants to play with it as it is. She told us where to hang the curtains, the clock and wall art that came with it and how she wanted it built…twice. First she wanted it stacked right on top then she wanted a balcony.

That is the beauty of these houses. You can make them simple or you can embellish them with anything you want and can think of. You can even print a picture of your kids or your whole family and cut them out and use them inside the house! I am going to surprise her with this soon I think and even print our guinea pigs! The website has suggestions and ideas for adding to your play…er your kids play.

2015-04-02 22.01.33-1 copyThe other beautiful part is the dolls come ready to color and you get a boy and a girl. I am not sure what comes with each house as they are all different but these are about as gender neutral as I have ever seen. I love that. There are equal parts pink as there are blue and my son (who believes all the colors are for everyone) wants his own house to decorate…with transformers. I might have to hunt down some paper or even thin fabric at a store.

Even adults will love decorating these houses…I might order one for myself…I mean for kids I babysit. I really wish they had these when I was a kid! I have TONS of decorative craft paper waiting to be applied to a house like this…or one of the other ones maybe. My Diva will have none of it though…”My house mommy, it’s beautiful already.” Well I can’t argue…guess I’m getting some more for the summer!

Here is a gallery of the Diva and her house.

Show us your Lille Huset houses and what you have decorated with! Then post on their website to get featured!

“Whatever you try, if it is giant or small, I know you can do it! No trouble at all.”
~ Dr. Seuss

Author: sandyz