KOR: Keep on Rollin…no really keep rolling, you don’t get to stop yet.

Recommended Age:8+
Play Time:25+ minutes
Company Site:talicor.com
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KOR is a fun dice game for 2 or more players that has you roll dice until the dice tell you to stop. That’s right you don’t get to choose when to stop and collect your points, instead you have to keep rolling dice until you can’t get more points. It is a lot of fun and pretty easy to learn to.

KOR is a dice game so there isn’t much to it but it comes with a pencil and a notepad for keeping score. The dice are regular dice material but the images are printed on so there are not stickers that can get peeled off. I like dice like that. The notepad is a standard paper notepad that fits in the box and the pencil reminds of a golf score pencil.

2015-01-24 16.52.02 copyThe box fits everything in it neatly which I like, but it tears easily. It tore when I tried to open it the first time but only the back part a little. Not the end of the world but I am not a fan of paper boxes.

I think a small tin or or something would have worked better. However, the box is my only complaint about this game.

My son is 6 and likes to play this with us but my daughter plays a some what adjusted version since she doesn’t fully understand the rest of the dice. Basically for her we play normally but we help her through the Dead End, U-Turn and Stop parts. Now for the How To’s and What Nots!


Open the box, pick a person to keep score and someone else to go first. Done! Easy set up! Love it.

2015-01-24 16.53.06 copyPlay:

Here is the fun part and it is fairly easy too! Roll all the dice. Choose ONE die that has the highest number which is either 25, 50, or 100. Set that ONE die aside an roll the rest again. Do the same thing again, and again, and again until you do not roll any 25, 50, or 100 OR if you roll 3 of the road signs.

There is a Stop Sign, U-Turn, and a Dead End and each mean something different, but not always bad for the person who rolled them. At any time in your turn if you roll 3 of one of these signs your turn is over and you have to do what the dice say.

Stop Sign: Rolling 3 of these means your turn is over and you get to bank your points. That’s it. Easy and harmless!

2015-01-24 16.49.17-5 copyDead End: Roll 3 of these and you lose ALL your points for that turn! Don’t do that if you can help it…it isn’t fun.

U-Turn: 3 of these in one roll will let you bank your points but you get to choose someone who will then have to roll to lose theirs! Bank your points and choose a player and they have to roll as if it were their turn but this time they are losing points. They have to roll until the dice say to stop and all points earned are subtracted from their score! This is great if you are the one who rolled it! (my son thought it was hilarious when he rolled it…it wasn’t so funny to me.

One thing to remember is if the person that was chosen to lose points on a U-Turn can roll a U-Turn and it WILL count! They could be losing points but if they get lucky they can cause you to lose them too! Beware the U-Turn!

Also, if you are lucky enough to roll 6 scoring dice in one roll you get to bank those points immediately and then resume your turn! It’s like a free turn! But…this works for U-Turn rolls too so be careful!

2015-01-24 16.47.08-4 copyWinning:

When one person reaches 6,000 (or a lower number if playing with younger kids) that becomes the last round of the game. Every other player gets one more turn to beat or U-Turn the points. The person with the highest score past 6,000 wins! If someone manages to U-Turn the leader then the game resumes as normal until the 6,000 mark is reached again.

If you are playing with younger kids you can adjust the U-Turn by either making it another players turn and forgetting the removal of points for now OR you can stop after 1,2, or 3 rolls so they don’t lose a LOT of points. This helps them get the idea without discouraging them from wanting to play.

You can always make it so all the signs equal simply stopping their turn for now until they get the general idea but it also depends on the age of the child playing.

KOR is a fun and somewhat suspenseful game or rolling dice. Great for any Game Night and a great game to get kids started on dice games. We bring it to Family Game Nights!


“Life is more fun if you play games.”
~ Roald Dahl

Author: sandyz