Help save the Digitalverse with Tube Heroes!

Recommended Age:6+
Our Recommended Age:4+ (With supervision as there are small parts)
Where to Buy:Target, Walmart, Barnes & Noble, and Toys R Us
Cost:Price varies depending on figure or plush and heroes.
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Tube Heroes plushies and action figures are now available to bring home so you can save the Digitalverse or at least your other toys. Laclan, Ali-A and a plushie TDM are among some of the fantastic figures and friends you can purchase and are perfect for your Tube Hero in training!

I admit I had no idea what Tube Heroes were until recently. I have finally found one thing that my seven year old son knows that I don’t about the world. I am excited…and terrified. I feel like that adult that you had to explain a Gameboy to…and I just dated my age…sigh…moving on.

jwtubeheroesreview (2)Tube Heroes are folks who have You Tube channels, aren’t afraid to record themselves and talk to the camera while playing a game. Yeah…they play a game for their viewers although some of them use mods to make them more interesting.

We received DanTDM in plush form…which my son ecstatic about. My kids watch his YouTube’s channel, Diamond Minecart, and try to recreate things of his in their Minecraft games.

If you have younger kids that play Minecraft DanTDM is a really good YouTube channel actually. He is family friendly and my kids (ages 5 and 7) love him.

Lachlan is also a Minecraft videographer (if you will) best known for his Pixelmon, “How to Minecraft” and Crazy Craft series. I believe my kids have seen one or two of those as well. In fact I am pretty sure that is how they know quite a few songs incorrectly…he parodies them and subs in Minecraft words to replace the real lyrics. Pretty funny and catchy actually. He seems pretty family friendly as well.

Ali-A is new to us (well they are all new to me) as he plays more FPS type games, well Call of Duty mostly. FPS = First Person Shooter…and apparently he is really good. My son is getting interested in shooting zombies in FPS games more recently so Call of Duty (the zombies part) is in his future I am sure. He did start a channel for other games including Minecraft which seems to be kid friendly.

jwtubeheroesreview (3)The Plushie is super soft. I mean I wanted to snuggle it type of soft material….I didn’t because my son claimed it and wouldn’t let me…he did instead…brat.

It looks like the Tube Hero version of him and aside from being super soft and snuggly my son likes taking him everywhere and using him to fight plushie versions of his Enderman and Creeper…sometimes he doesn’t win though.

The figures of Lachlan and Ali-A are made out of that not-so-hard plastic and resemble a Minecraft figure. They are not like them much other than the pixelish appearance though.

These guys have movable knees! Yep you can bend their legs at the knees…I’m excited because while accurate it is annoying not to be able to do that on figures.

My kids LOVE these videos and the figures. We now have to find the other guys…especially DanTDM…though I will probably have to get two of them.

Tube Heroes figures and plushies are perfect for your little gamer or Tube Hero in training. If you are looking for the perfect gift for any kid who likes Minecraft and watches (or wants to watch) YouTube channels about Minecraft these guys are a great way to start!jwtubeheroesreview2Show us your Tube Hero! @MyGeeklings @TubeHeroesUnite @Jazwares

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