Our Papercraft, Minecraft Adventure

Recommended Age:6+
Company Site:jazwares.com
Cost:$10.99 (Sets vary in price)
Papercraft Set - $10.99 (Sets vary in price) Action Figure set - $9.99 (Sets vary in price)
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Jazwares is the maker of the fantastic Minecraft papercraft sets as well as the toys and we just love them. We received the Utility Pack along with an Overworld Steve figure and when the kids can’t play the game they play with these toys!

Papercraft is basically pre-printed sheets of paper that you punch out and fold up to create something. In this case it is Minecraft items and more specifically in OUR case Utility items from the game. Technically that isn’t the exactly what papercraft is but it works…and is a form of paper art.

The Utility set comes with 3 Bookselves, 3 Chests, 1 Cauldron, 1 Enchantment Table, 1 Bed, 12 Fence Posts, and 10 Stickers of Diamond Swords and Diamon Pickaxes.

2015-05-07 20.32.30-3 copyThe items are printed on amazing quality paper and are pretty easy to punch out and fold. I punched out a Book Shelf easily and folded it without looking at the instructions. I mean the items are almost all box shaped so it shouldn’t be too hard.

If you aren’t sure there are instructions that are fairly easy to follow but I had to look at them for the Fence Post because it was put together a little different than I thought it would be. It was easy to put together after I looked though.

Except the cauldron….I am pretty sure that thing was meant to frustrate every adult on the planet…or at least those of us with little patience for this type of thing.

My 4 year old couldn’t do it really as she was a bit violent with the folding but my son could do them with help. Mostly he could do it on his own once he knew what folded where. I would say 8+ should have no problem putting them together.2015-05-07 20.41.32-1 copy

Be warned that the Fence Posts do not make a straight line and there are not enough bars for all the posts but other than that it is pretty neat and a great place for the animals if you get those sets…which we are of course and already have the figure sets of animals.

I was a little worried about the quality of paper but it is really pretty good. It’s a bit thicker than cardstock with a smooth matte finish. It looks exactly like the item in Minecraft! I mean it isn’t really hard to copy pixel art but still…great quality. I am in love with the quality of paper though…very well done.

Usually I can pop out perforated items easily but I occasionally (meaning mostly) tear one or two (meaning almost all) but in this case it was actually harder to tear one…and yet I did.

When popping them out go slowly…and not super fast thinking you are invincible and pop OUT as in away from you…now towards you which might be my downfall. In my defense I only tore 3 small parts out of all of them. When folding anything I almost always tear a corner or something but again due to the quality of the material I didn’t.

2015-05-07 20.57.00 copyThe size threw me a bit to be honest. We have the Steve from the Figure packs and he comes with a pickax and a coal block. He is a little…um..small for the items in the set. It works to play with him with the sets though and the kids don’t care. They think it’s awesome but the OCD in me doesn’t like that the coal block is smaller than the Book Shelf…I got over it though.

These toys are made out of plastic and are basically action figures for Minecraft…awesome. Steve can move his legs, arms and head…sort of.

If you move his head while his arms are out it won’t go far and if you try moving his arm while his head is turned…it pops off. Pops right back on easily though so no worries. I consider that good quality actually as I hate toys that come apart easy but are a pain to put back together.

He is a bit top heavy so he doesn’t stand on his own very well. This is easily worked around as the kids rarely let him go and when they do they lean him like he is in action…brilliant really so the not standing becomes a non-issue.

The coal block is literally just a plastic block that looks like the coal ones from the game. His pickax fits amazingly well in his hand. The pickax has the pixel type handle that looks like zig zags and his hand has a spot in the same shape so it slides right in and is tight enough that it doesn’t slide out.

Over all these are both great sets and we have been trying to find more of the papercraft sets…we have a lot of the action figure type sets and even the mini figures too. Each kid has their own special box for their Minecraft stuff and as soon as computer time is over they rush to play with these.

Check out the rest of the pics from our adventure!

They are very well made and, with imagination being the only real limit, hours of fun too. My kids go from pretending to be in a village to pretend to be in creative mode and building anything with whatever they want like Book Shelves and Chests.

If you have a fan of Minecraft (or are one and like to collect things) you will want all of these sets. Hours of non-electronic entertainment and they look awesome when built into something too.

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“When we treat children’s play as seriously as it deserves, we are helping them feel the joy that’s to be found in the creative spirit.”
~ Fred Rogers

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