Plants vs Zombies vs Geeklings!

Recommended Age:3+
Cost:$11.99 each (price may vary)
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I am sure you have heard of Plants vs Zombies by now unless you have been living under a rock or perhaps in a world with no technology. Plants vs Zombies is a fun game for various electronic platforms. Computer, tablets, phones and even consoles have the game which is admittedly fun and addicting. Jazwares makes toys and plushies from the game so your kids (or you) can take them home and play some more!

My kids have plushies of a few and they have battles with them all the time. My son prefers being the plants and has the pea shooter and a sunflower. My daughter prefers the zombies. She has one little zombie with a red coat, the one that gets thrown off the giant hard to beat guy…but she borrows her brother standard zombie for battle.

2015-01-18 19.55.59-2 copyThey make shooting noises, chomping noises and even groaning noises but some of the plushies actually make noise too! We have the standard zombie that does which is neat. My kids like to take them to cons along with their daleks. I’m so proud of my kids.

The plushies are very soft…snuggly soft…my kids snuggle them sometimes when we watch tv. Also, they are pretty well put together. The little zombie Imp has pants and a jacket that are a felt sort of fabric and I think his teeth are the same. His mouth doesn’t open up as much as I feel like it should but otherwise a good addition to any zombie army.

The pea shooter has a little ball in its mouth that actually comes out and is attached to a string. My son LOVED that part because it adds so much to playing with them when you can actually shoot a pea at a zombie. Though you can’t really squeeze it to get it to pop out fast. You have to move it yourself and hit the zombie with it which he does and has no problem. Wish it would fire the plush little ball out…that would be neat.

These Plants vs Zombies plushies are great for anyone who likes the game. Actually they are pretty much just great for anyone you might like zombies or plants. Snuggle up or have your own but the important part is…choose your side wisely.



“I don’t think anyone wants to cuddle a zombie.”
~ Norman Reedus

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2 thoughts on “Plants vs Zombies vs Geeklings!

  1. Instead of putting Xbox 360 at the top of the game, which is supposed to indicate what system can play this, it should say “Xbox gold live” as to make it very clear that is the ONLY way you will be able to play this game. No single player offline mode. No split screen local multiplayer mode. They expect you to pay a monthly subscription on top of the $30+ game just to play it. Pretty ridiculous.

    1. I agree and almost purchased it but caught that it required to be online and decided against it. This review is just for the plushies by Jazwares though and the app versions are still pretty awesome =D

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